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  1. Bid 7 times, increased $1 each time since there are tons of free rebid zones, success at $105 there's a PRICELINE EXPRESS deal at $113 (with betterbidding 5% discount code it would be $107) - I'm pretty sure it's the same hotel.
  2. Hi, I am planning to bid through Priceline.hk for this trip because there are a lot more choices, and the zoning are much more specific. In Shinjuku area, there are only three 4* hotels: $693 (HKD) $931 $1366 I do not prefer the $693 one, so my question is: If my 1st bid is higher than $693 (say $700), is there any chance that Priceline would still give me the $693 hotel? I hope I can get a reply soon, cuz I need to start booking tix and stuff. Thanks a lot!!!