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  1. This hotel shows as a 3* on the Priceline list. As nice as it is, I would assume the 4* is correct and the list is not updated. Can someone please confirm this? I'd like to bid this hotel for Saint Patrick's day. Thanks!
  2. Went back to a 4* bid and was successful at $195 using the following strategy: 1. Bid 4* $160 - Loop/Grant Park - rejected 2. Priceline offered free rebid to $185 - rejected 3. Added NMA - $195 - Won the W Hotel - City Center. I used the PRICELINE link on this website for my purchase. Thanks for the help.
  3. Yes, at this point our preference would be a 3* NMA hotel with a max bid of $150-$160. Thank you!
  4. I guess at this point we'd prefer NMA 3* if we thought we could be sucessfull in the $150 range. if not, We'd go back to loop and raise bids to $175 with our backup plan being the HOTWIRE (Hampton) offer at $200. What would you suggest for a 3* NMA strategy with a max bid of $160? Thanks much!
  5. I had included the loop in previously unsuccesful bids. No reason I left it out this time other than I was quickly approaching our max and began to think about a new strategy for 3* in the same zones in hopes of keeping the price under $150.
  6. Thanks, I'll take you up on that offer. Using your price.link link I tried another time and failed with the following: 1. NMA - $155 - rejected 2. Added Lincoln - $165 - rejected 3. Added Midway - $175 - rejected I stopped there for the time being as this is approaching our maxium ($200) we'd spend on a 4* hotel. Again, we'd prefer 4* in either NMA or Grant Park/Loop. If we had too we'd go down to a 3* hotel to stay in these zones but I wasn't having much luck there either (see above). So, if you have some ideas I'd be grateful. Thanks again! Tim
  7. We wanted to be in either NMA or Loop/Grant park and looked like 4* hotels (last bid rejected at $140) were going to be out of our priceline so we downgraded to a 3* (by using PRICELINE link from this site) with this strategy: 1. NMA - $85- rejected 2. Added Lincoln - $105 - Rejected Looked like Lincon Park was the only other zone without a 3* so we started over with: 1. Loop/Grant - $105 - Rejected 2. Added Lincon - $125 - Rejected We really would like to stay under $150/room and stay in NMA or Loop/Grant Park. In the past I have been able to get 4* hotels in these zones for under $100. Not the case, even with 3* on these dates. Anyone know what's going on in Chicago this weekend? Anyone have any other ideas? Thanks!
  8. We are going to Chicago on September 12 for two nights. We want a 4* hotel in either the North Michigan or Loop/Grant Park areas. I used the PRICELINE link on this site and had the following bids rejected: 1. I started with NMA $75 - Rejected 2. Added Loop/Grant $85 - Rejected 3. Added Midway $95 - Rejected 4. Added Lincoln $105 - Rejected Any other ideas? I'm assuming Lincoln has no 4* hotels but I'm not sure I can confirm that? Cann I add Skokie? the list on this site shows a 4* in that area so I'm nervous about adding that area as it's not one we want to be stuck in. Thanks!
  9. Began with Copley Square 4* at $130, rejected Added Financial District, increased bid to $145, rejected Increased (after adding a non-4*zone) to $160, rejected Increased to $175, rejected Increased to $200 and was given the Westin Copley Place We will check in September 18 and check out September 21. Thanks!
  10. We are planning a trip to Boston September 18-20 and would like to stay in a 4* hotel in either
  11. When I clickon the date we want it gives me a Saturday night price of $429 before the promo price kicks in.
  12. I think you mean $269/night?
  13. Looking to stay at the Venetion on April 29- May 2. Since our stay includes a Snuday and Monday night I was hopeful we could get a reasonable price. Our max would be about $250/night. Could you please let me know if you think that'd be enough? Thanks!
  14. Last week I was finally able to get a hotel! The Barclay Intercontinental. I got the hotel at a rate of $210/night with the following bids Select 4* MTW... Bid $175, rejected add re-bid zone... Bid $195, rejected add re-bid zone... Bid $205, rejected close browser and re-access priceline however you did previously. Select 4* MTE... Bid $180, rejected add re-bid zone... Bid $195, rejected add re-bid zone... Bid $210, won The Barclay. Thanks again for the help!
  15. Well, I didn't think so but I guess I must have added it by accident.
  16. Well, still no luck. I was not able to complete the bidding however. I used Upper East and Upper West side as my two re-bid zones. Yet when I went to bid with Upper Midtown, they said I had duplicate bids. Not sure what I did wrong. At the 4* level you have two re-bid zone, as the 3* you only have one. Select 4* MTW... Bid $160, rejected, added re-bid zone Bid $175, rejected added re-bid zone... Bid $195, if rejected close browser and re-access priceline however you did previously. Select 4* MTE... Bid $165, rejected added re-bid zone... Bid $185, rejected added re-bid zone... Bid $205, if rejected close browser and re-access priceline however you did previously. Selected 4* UM/CPS...told me I had duplicate bids. I guess I'll wait three days, raise my bids and try again. Unless you have another idea? Thanks!
  17. We don't want to split so I'm going to try raising the bid. I can't get on the Savings Barn website. Any idea what's wrong?
  18. We'd probably look at booking the Ramada Time Square for $211 thru Expedia unless you have any better ideas?? Thanks!
  19. I went up to $170 at 3* with no success. Any ideas. Thanks for all the help!
  20. Thanks for the help. We got the Palmer House for $85 with the following approach: Select 4* Loop... Bid $70, if rejected add NMA zone... Bid $76, if rejected add re-bid zone1... Bid $79, if rejected close browser and re-access priceline however you did previously. Select 4* Loop and re-bid zone2... Bid $82, if rejected add NMA zone... Bid $85 and got Palmer House Hilton. Thank you!
  21. I think the Palmer House would be great. Or 4* in the loop would be fine too.
  22. Thanks! I should have been able to figure that out! Thank you. I'll report back in three days!
  23. Point well taken. I think we'd rather try another close neighborhood first, lower the star level second. Thanks!
  24. HI, I was unsucessful and din't get too far. I wonder if the reason was I used MTE as a rebid zone in my attempt. I couldn't find another rebid zone other than Upper East Side. Anyway, i got this far (see below) and it told me they were unable to process my request because I have already made a request for the same trip. Any ideas?? Thanks so much for the help. Select 4* MTW... Bid $145, REJECTED Added Upper East side, Bid $155, REJECTED Added MTE, Bid $165, REJECTED Select 4* MTE...We were not able to process this request since our records indicate you have already made a request for this same trip
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