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  1. Thanks Yellowdog for your willingness. Yes, I know specifics would help - here are some:

    Dates: April 12 - 19 (a day before Easter).

    Budget: Maximum of $1000 for accommodation, which breaks it down to about $80 max per room.

    Downtime etc: Sure, we will spend sometime at the hotel, maybe about 3 hours per day, and we would at least need a fridge and a microwave so we can heat / prepare some light meals.

    Preferred Areas:

    -- Yes, close to Downtown Disney area would be good since we will spend most of our time - about 3 days visiting Disney parks;

    -- and we will have a car, so visiting other attractions like Universal Orlando too

    cheers, Noela

  2. Hello Fellows:

    I plan to visit Disney with my family (5 in all: 2 adults, 2 teenagers and a 9 yr old) later in April.

    We will stay for 1 week, and need two rooms, with a star rating of about 3* to 3.5*

    We want to stay as close (approx 5 miles) to the Disney resorts as possible (maybe within 5 miles).

    I know we have a choice of on-site versus off-site accommodations. We will be driving in, and would therefore have access to our own car.

    Generally, what are some of the things to consider as far as accommodation is concerned? What should I realistically budget for a room / night?

    I know some of the questions are rather general at this time, but hopefully, with some input, I can re-focus and come back with more questions.

    cheers, Noela

  3. Hello,

    I am visiting the area American University, DC (4400 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington, DC ‎).

    I am trying to bid for two rooms.

    I am not sure what area to select for bidding: is Bathesda (zone 4) the most appropriate, and given that American University seems close to Baltimore area, would it be better to bid in the Baltimore region, if it would save costs?

    Thanks - Noela.

  4. Hello Folks,

    Once again, thanks for an useful site.

    Started bidding $70 for 4* hotel in Arlington. Rejects and gradual increases to $85 got me The Westin Arlington Gateway Hotel.

    And the icing on the cake is that my meeting is being held at the same hotel, at a blocked room mate of approx $200. So, a good savings for me.

    Thanks again, and of course, I used our associated PRICELINE link.

    Cheers, Noela

  5. Hello, I have to be in Manhattan area (Columbia Univ) for Friday night (9/13).

    we are a family of 5, so we need 2 rooms.

    my price range is no more than $100 per night per room, 3* or 3.5* preferred, 4* would be an icing on the cake.

    any recommendations for places or areas within 30 minutes of NYC ..we thought of Jersey City but will welcome other suggestions.

    cheers, Noela

  6. Visiting Hershey Park with the family and needed two rooms to house the 6 of us.

    Bid 3.5 from $50 to $70 no luck; reduced star level to 3.0.

    Rebid from $55 to $60, and was offered a deal to increase my bid to $76, which I rejected.

    Rebid from $65 to a winning bid of $68.

    Only catch is the 20 - 25 minutes drive to the park - - probably not a bad deal.

    Of course, I used the Betterbidding PRICELINE links.

    cheers, Noela

  7. Hello,

    Tried this one yesterday, starting from $80 to $100, using all 8 rebid zones without success.

    But then tried again this evening, starting at $81.00 and was successful.

    Offer Price: $81.00

    Rooms: 1

    Nights: 1

    Room Subtotal: $81.00

    Taxes & Fees: $18.97

    Total Charged to Card: $99.97

    This looks like a steal around this time ----

    Thanks for the board, and of course, I used the associated PRICELINE link.

    Rgds, Noela

  8. Hello,

    I need to be in Arlington, VA to attend a meeting: need to stay close to the National Science Foundation, hence Hyatt & Westin's should be okay.

    I believe there are 8 rebid zones, so I tried bidding from $80 through $100, exhausting all the rebids without success. I need to try again tomorrow. Can you please suggest a bidding strategy to help me here.

    Of course, I used the PRICELINE link here.

    thanks - Noela.

  9. Hello,

    Was planning for a conference scheduled in Riviera Hotel and Casinos.

    Began with a 4* bid at $60, and got rejected

    Bid 3.5*, and bid 55 and got rejected

    Bid 3* @ 40 and got accepted in Stratosphere Towers. Location is about 5 minutes (by car) from my conference venue, so I can manage that.

    Summary of Charges

    Room Cost (avg. per room, per night): $40.00 (USD)

    Number of Rooms: 1

    Number of Guests Per Room: 2

    Number of Nights: 2

    Room Subtotal: $80.00 (USD)

    Taxes and Fees: $17.92 (USD)

    Total Room Cost: $97.92 (USD)

    (All prices are in US dollars)

    Used PRICELINE link here. Thanks for an excellent service.

    Rgds, Noela

  10. Hello:

    Got this property after several attempts - luckily there are multiple rebid zones:

    Began with $35 all the way up to $65 for a 7-day stay, but was not lucky !.

    Then I split my reservation into two, bearing in mind the inconvenience of moving from one hotel into two.

    Then I tried again and got the hotel - for $65, first for 3 days.

    I tried bidding on another 3.5* hotel in the same area for the additional 4-days, but was not lucky -- even bidding all the way to $60. So, I went back through priceline, and realized that I was offered the chance to extend my original stay, which I did successfully.

    Price breakdown for 2 rooms:

    Room Cost (avg. per room, per night): $65.00 (USD)

    Number of Rooms: 2

    Number of Guests Per Room: 2

    Number of Nights: 6

    Room Subtotal: $780.00 (USD)

    Taxes and Fees: $120.12 (USD)

    Total Room Cost: $900.12 (USD)

    But a question: How do I get a discount on the $12 night wireless internet access rates?

    I used BB travel PRICELINE links ....

    rgds, Noela

  11. Hello,

    I am planning a trip to NYC/Newark on Sat June 4 - Sun-June 6. I really would love to stay in the 4* Hyatt Regency On The Hudson for one night.

    What bidding strategy will you suggest to score this one. I know all the ones in the area are free rebid ones, but there are 2 other 4* hotels and I want to weed those out as much as possible.

    I would appreciate any help to score this one. My max bid should be about $100 (about 60% off listed price of $280)

    Thanks - Noela

  12. Hello,

    I changed my travel plans to Chicago, arriving two days earlier. Decided to book again, hoping to get the previous Doubletree Hotel.

    Started bidding with $45, went through all rebid zones until $52 was accepted.

    2 rooms for 2 nights came to about $242. Average cost of room direct from the hotel is $136 / night.

    Used PRICELINE's link here...Thanks for a great resource !!

    Rgds, Noela

  13. Aaron,

    thanks - here is the address for the property:

    Doubletree Hotel Chicago - Oak Brook

    1909 Spring Road

    Oak Brook, IL 60523


    So, I guess it is the Doubletree -- Oak Brook

    Rgds, Noela

    Congrats on your success. :)

    Fantastic deal for a 3.5* in this area! Can you confirm which Doubletree property (there are 2 in this area) you did get? Thanks.

    Thank you for sharing your win and using the site's PRICELINE link.

    Enjoy your stay.

  14. Thanks for your help.

    I got the 3.5* Doubletree in Oakbrook:

    Bid at 40, was rejected; added 2 rebid zones and $45 was accepted.

    Total cost 2 room for 2 days = $211 (tax and fees included).

    Thanks for all your help, and of course, I used the PRICELINE link here for the booking.

    Please, also edit the title to reflect the changes.

    Cheers, Noela

    I think that sounds like a good plan. :) Please keep us updated and let us know if you have any questions.

    Thank you for using the site's HOTWIRE or PRICELINE links to start your purchases and searches.

  15. Thanks very much -- I will shoot for the Oakbrook-Downers Grove area. Indeed, more choices there, with more rebid zones (1 - 8, 11, 13, 15, 17). Given the choices available, I will go for a 3.5*, starting from $40, and work my way from there.

    Thanks - Noela

    Good evening. :)

    I will say that there's a bit of a wider selection of hotels in the nearby Oakbrook-Downers Grove area. While there could be others not yet reported to the board, the only 3* in the Bolingbrook zone that has been reported to the board is the Holiday Inn. In terms of bidding for a 3* for these zones, my thought would be to start at $35 and work up by $5's.

    Additionally, I'll note that Brookfield Zoo and Morton Arboretum are sights not too terribly far from this area.

    Adjoining rooms is usually not a problem if you request it with the hotel after purchase on PRICELINE/HOTWIRE, but it isn't guaranteed.

    Thank you for using the site's HOTWIRE or PRICELINE links to start your purchases and searches.

  16. Hello,

    I need some help in bidding for 2 rooms in Bolingbrook, IL

    I will be travelling with my partner and two kids (14 and 12yrs), hence I would ideally want two adjoining rooms since the kids are young.

    The Bolingbrook area has a maximum of 3* hotels, with 2 rebid zones (Algonquin and Lake Zurich). I want to bid between $40 - $50 for each room.

    I would be very happy if you could hep me with a bid strategy.

    Thanks - Noela

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