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  1. Hi, wanted a 3-night stay around Cherry Hill area. First Bid2.5*: $35 rejected. Counter offered $15 increase. I rejected it Second Bid 2.5*: Added rebid zone (Deptford Area), increased bid to $40 -- it was rejected. Third Bid - dropped zone to 2.0* and increased bid to $45 (desperation setting in). It was accepted, and upgraded to a 2.5* property (Hyatt Place in Mount Laurel) -- really nice property -- free WIFI, parking, etc. Of course, I remembered and used our built-in PRICELINE link from this page. rgds, Noela
  2. Thanks..I started the bidding process and finally a bid of $45 was accepted. Here are the details: Your Offer Price: $45.00 (per day) Total Rental Days: 4 days(3 days and 6 hours) Subtotal: $180.00 Taxes and Fees: $66.83 Total Charges: $246.83 Lowest Published Price: $371.96 Total Savings:* $125.13 (You saved 34%) Thanks again - saving slightly more than $100 on some of the best deals around....
  3. Szymon, thanks for the suggestion -- I don't have AAA. I tried the Alamo site, booking from May 23 (12 noon) to May 26 (6pm), and got a base price of $284.17 (with the $15 discount). Adding a $75.14 taxes and fees, shoots the price up to $359.41. Did you do something different to get eht $265.03 rgds, Noela
  4. Thanks -- I started today....and would see how it goes within the next 10 days. rgds, N
  5. HOTWIRE is showing me $55.95 per day... rgds, Noela
  6. Hi, I intend to rent a minivan from May 23 through 26 from Philadelphia Airport. I tried booking direct with most of the major rental companies but the rates are quite high (around 300+ - taxes/fees included, even with coupons) I want to try bidding....what would be the best strategy. HOTWIRE is giving me $273 approximately. What can i expect from PRICELINE? thanks - Noela
  7. Forumers, I am at the hotel right now, and I am amazed by the facility -- it is really awesome...I am surprised it has a 2* rating. Maybe, after Holiday Inn takes over, it will increase...but it is a pleasant place (free parking, free WIFI Internet, heated indoor pool, etc)... I am pleased.. regards, Noela
  8. Hi, Just got this hotel on the first try...was going to shoot for a 2.5*, but my blurred vision could not escape the 2* check button. ----------> Las Palmas Hotel And Suites West Ft. Lauderdale - Plantation 3003 North University Drive Sunrise, Florida 33322 Check-In Date: Fri, Aug 3, 2007 / After 03:00 PM Check-Out Date: Mon, Aug 6, 2007 / 12:00 PM Your Offer Price Per Room, Per Night: $45.00 Subtotal: $135.00 Taxes & Service Fees: $24.47 Total Charges*: $159.47 ----> Though I may have overbidded for this hotel, I think this is still a good deal since their standard internet rate is $120 per night. Of course, I booked through Savingsbarn link. thanks Noela
  9. Thanks for all responses. I might have to call DavesLimos .. Yes, Hertz has cars, but only smaller ones: I need a larger car (that can carry about 5 -7) and I have 6 large suitcases.. My other option is to take Greyhound from Philly to Port Authority, and then take one of Airport shuttles from there.. thanks again - MN
  10. Hi, I am flying out of JFK this weekend (17 June), with my family overseas. We were planning to rent a car from Philly/Cherry Hill and drop it off at JFK. Currently, I'm unable to find any rental company allowing one-way for this particular weekend. What could possibly explain this? Is there any other way to travel from Philly area to JFK (with 2 school-age kids and 6 suitcases)? Thanks - MN
  11. Blindman, certainly, I have savingsbarn.com bookmarked. I will use that link or other related ones, if I should go that route. rgds, Noela
  12. Thanks very much - Blindman and Will - I am still trying to find cheaper rates through other alternative means. If all fails, I might still come here and bid by friday, after comparing costs of two separate reservations through PL versus direct booking with the hotel. regards, Noela
  13. Blindman, thanks very much for your cautions -- I am aware of the restrictions, and realize there are no guarantees, but I will still want to bid -- is it possible to do so through Hotwire -- none of the hotels listed have amenities that resemble those of Residence Inn. rgds, Noela
  14. Hi, I am planning on visiting Toronto area, with my partner and our kids (total of 6) between May 4 to 6. I am thinking of staying at a property like the Residence Inn for obvious (space) reasons. There are 2 clear rebid zones..(zones without 2.5*) - Toronto East and Scarborough - but they are far away from where I want to stay. But then there are two other rebid zones - Oakville & Toronto west that are closer - but they also have 3*s. If I chose any of these rebid zones, isn't it possible that I can be upgraded to a 3* ? I already tried to bid Toronto (Mississauga) 2.5* at $28 and was rejected. I want to go on and add a rebid zone, but I am not sure which would be prudent to ask -- those in the Scarborough & East end? What strategy would you advice? Regards, Noela
  15. Ohhh, it was he Clarion Hotel Conference ... maybe i should edit and include it in my post thanks - MN
  16. Hi, After discussion with my partner, we decided to stay in Cherry Hill area (her preference mainly -- she can't stand the busy Philly life) Yesterday, March 13, I bid 2.5* at $33 and was rejected. I was asked to rebid. Since I still have time, I waited till tonight and bid again 2.5@$35 and was accepted. The reviews are mixed. We will see how it goes. Your Offer Price: $35.00 Number of Rooms: 1 Number of Nights: 2 Subtotal: $70.00 Taxes & Service Fees: $17.44 Total Charges*: $87.44 I used the Savingsbarn link. Thanks very much - MN
  17. thats my instinct too.... what bidding strategy would you suggest to get the Hyatt..... thanks - MN
  18. Yes, thats my desire. I am planning a surprise get away for my partner and I. My partner lives around the Cherry Hill-Collingswood area. We (my partner especially) wanted to stay around the area just in case the kids need us in emergency. I thought of Hyatt in Pennslanding ....folks have had it for about $65 recently. So in the end, it will be a choice between the AmeriSuites (via Hotwire) or Hyatt Penns Landing (through priceline). Thanks -- MN
  19. Thereuare, you hit the nail right on the head....bidding is risky. of course, if the Cherry Hill 3* are ok, i would consider them...but i don't really know how bad they are. Whats your opinion on these 3*s? I want a good (clean, not dingy) and affordable hotel between 40 - 60 per night. So, I probably would go with Hotwire....is there any certainty that the $65 property is AmeriSuites? sorry, i am going in circles......but i'm sure I will make a decision soon. rgds, MN
  20. yeah, thanks -- i thought so...anyhow, I would love to risk it, and see and record my own impressions. So the minimum start level I would want to start from is 2.5.... I am thinking of starting bidding at $33.00 and go from there. Of course, I am open to any suggestions re bidding strategy. rgds, MN
  21. Thereuare, Thanks very much for the suggestion. I like the Amerisuites. If I decide to bid priceline, what are the risks...I guess it is a 2.5*. What other hotels are available in the area for this star level. I know there are no guarantees, but what bidding strategy would you suggest, if i decide to try and get the Amerisuites? Thanks and warmest regards MN
  22. Hi, Happy New Year !!! I am interested in bidding for a 3* hotel in Cherry Hill/Mount Laurel area from Friday April 6 through sunday, April 8. I've read the reviews on the two main 3*'s: Wyndham & Marriott -- and they don't seem to enthusiastic. I am hoping the situation has changed since then. Anyhow, I would want some bidding advice -- I am prepared to pay between 45 - 60 per night. Any thoughts as to how i should proceed? Regards, Noela
  23. Thereuare, Yes, it is from july 1 - 31st. I am comparing the hotel accomodation with renting a furnished apartment. thanks - Noela
  24. Hi, I would have to be in toronto for the month of July with my two kids. I have to stay for 31 days. All temporary accomodations exceed the $1000 that i budget. I need a suite with kitchen facilities, and the living room with sofa bed. I am thinking of staying a Residence-Inn kind of place. Can I book Residence Inn through Priceline ? I have a car, hence location is not so important. Regards, Noela
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