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  1. Thanks -- it was quite a deal ... for this property, do I still have to pay the daily $25 resort fee or is it included in the Priceline fees? rgds, Noela
  2. Hello all: I tried my bidding today again for a 4* St Petersburg-Clearwater (Pete Beach-Treasure Island) Tradewinds Island Grand -- started with $95, with $3 increments to about $100: I was then offered an increase of $25 which I rejected -- continued until my bid of $110 was accepted. Your Offer Price Per Room, Per Night: $110.00 Subtotal: $330.00 Taxes & Fees: $052.95 Total Charges*: $382.95 Of course, I used the PRICELINE link here. Thanks for all your support and input. rgds, Noela
  3. Cardsfan, thanks very much for your input. I will check it out. rgds, EK
  4. Thanks, Thereuare. I intend to keep my price (a max of $100) and start with 3.5*. I agree a price increase could result in an overbid for a 3 or 3.5*. Kind regards, Noela
  5. Romelle, thanks for the input. I will take note of that. rgds, Noela
  6. Thanks for your replies: Given that 4* has failed, I will like try a strategy for 3.5* Here are the rebid zones for that strategy: 1. Belair 2. Clairwater-St.Pete North 4. Clearwater NE 5. Dunedin 6. Largeo 9. Northeast Please, let me know if I am mistaken... rgds, Noela
  7. Thereuare, thanks very much for the bid strategy. I went through it all, but none of them was accepted. The zones i excluded (ie, not rebid were: Clearwater-St. PeteNorth, because it has a 4* , and the PalmHarbor-TarponSprings - because it has resorts). I guess I will have to wait for 24hrs and try again. Would it be possible to try a 3* with the hope that it get upgraded to 4*? thanks - Noela
  8. Thereuare & Others, please ignore my previous reply, and stick with this one: - I decided to increase my star rating to 4* minimum, instead of 3 Thanks very much for your input. Yes, I do NOT want a hotel in the Palm Harbor-Tapon Spring zone. I am willing to accept at the minimum any of the 4* hotel in the St. Petersburg - Clearwater (St. Petersburg Beach - Treasure Island) area.
  9. Hello, I am attending a conference hosted at Tradewinds Island Resort, St. Petersburg, FL between 2/10 - 2/13. I am willing to try a minimum of 3* hotel at a cost of about $80 - $100 per night (The cost for a standard room is $160 / night). I noticed there are 4 rebid zones (#s: 1, 6, 8, 9) for the St. Petersburg - Clearwater (St. Petersburg Beach - Treasure Island) area. What would be the best bidding strategy to get a hotel as close as possible to the Tradewinds Island Resort (of course, it would be ideal to land the conference hotel itself, but i know it is a chance with name your price deals). Thanks very much for your help -- rgds, Noela
  10. Yes, the zone is correct. Indeed, it is the HI @ 3845 Veterans Memorial Highway @ $127; I was also surprised they are giving me that option, but I asked politely, and they would allow the option but punish you with cancellation fees of $25 + a portion of you offered bid, should you fail to win a rebid. So it is indeed punitive, particularly if you decide not to bid again. Since I am considering rebidding, all i would lose is the $25, assuming I get a successful bid. I will consider it carefully. thanks - Noela
  11. Sorry, AaronJB -- it was from 9/3 - 9/5. Something must definitely be playing with my fingers today .. I ended up clicking 3* instead of 3.5*...ohhh welll.. rgds, Noela
  12. Yeah, I was looking for a 3.5* but ended up just booking this property for the upcoming labor day weekend. I think this is an over-bid.... customer service is willing to cancel the reservation and refund the cancellation fee, minus $25. I would consider that. What would you advice... cancel, pay $25 for the cancellation, and then start all over again for a 3.5*? Anyhow, I use betterbidding's PRICELINE travel links. rgds, Noela
  13. Well, I tried this hotel on the first bid of $36 (plus $12.11 tax/fees), and it got accepted. I used the BetterBidding Travel Links for PRICELINE. Thanks for the great resource... Noela
  14. Thereuare, Thanks very much for all the efforts spent trying to help me. I realized it is important for me to stay at the conference hotel (instead of commuting daily to it) so i would have to manage and get a rate there. The best rate I am coming up with now is $93/night + tax. I will have to see if I can get some discount codes to book it directly. Thanks again for your help.... rgs, Noela
  15. Thanks very much and I understand your caution. I will note that for the future. That property may not work for me -- so I want to increase my bid to a max of $60 for a 3* in Marietta -- i think this may be an over-bid, but i want to try. Thanks in advance for any suggested strategies rgds, Noela
  16. Thereuare, thanks very much for the suggested strategies. I tried all the rebids and it didn't work. I will wait till tomorrow and try again. In the meantime, I checked Hotwire, and there is a 3.5* Hotel with the following amenities: 3.5-star hotel in Marietta This hotel features the following amenities: Smoke Free Rooms: Guest rooms at this hotel are always smoke-free. Fitness Center: Guests have access to exercise equipment; an additional charge may apply. Pool(s): Property offers at least one pool area; hours and dates of operation may be seasonal. Restaurant(s): Property offers at least one restaurant on the premises; hours and days of operation may vary. Business Center: Guests have access to business equipment and services; an additional charge may apply. Laundry Facilities: <amenity names only please... not descriptions> High-speed Internet Access: Guestrooms are equipped with high-speed Internet access; an extra charge may apply. Would it be possible to identify this hotel based on these specs. I think it is one of the CrownPlaza's in Mariettta Thanks in advance, Noela
  17. Thanks. My max/night = $50 & preferred star rating = 3* rgds, Noela
  18. Thereuare, thanks very much for your reply. Yes, I am ok with any hotel within the Marietta zone. Thanks - Noela
  19. Thereuare, thanks very much. Since I need to be certain on my travel times, I will try and book conventionally. Thanks again for all your help, but I am have another question about bidding for a hotel room in the Hilton Atlanta/Marietta Hotel & Conference Center or one of the hotels close to it. I would appreciate some thoughts on your bidding strategies. warmest regards, Noela
  20. Hello, I am attending a conference at the Hilton Atlanta/Marietta Hotel & Conference Center between April 7 and 11. I want to either stay at the conference center or as close to it as possible. What other hotels are close to this property (i am still trying to find out), and more importantly, what bidding strategies would you suggest to locate me either in this hotel or as close to it as possible. thanks in advance, Noela
  21. Hello, Good evening to you all. I am looking for booking advice on a trip from Philadelphia to Atlanta between April 7 to April 11. I use the airfare checker and most prices are around $184 ($164 + fees inclusive). I tried booking starting at $60.00 and got rejected. What bidding strategies would you suggest? Thanks in advance for your assistance. rgds, Noela
  22. Hi all, its been a while. I made a reservation for Wyndham Mt Laurel for one night (12/26-12/27). First bid for 2.5* @ 40 was rejected, and PL requested an increase of $12. I declined, added a re-bid zone, increased my bid to $45, which was then accepted. Thanks for BB, I used the PRICELINE travel link. Happy holidays to you all, especially Thereuare who has been of most help. rgds, Noela
  23. Economy preferable, but nothing more than compact -- just basic. thanks - Noela
  24. Hi, I plan on renting a car from Buffalo Airport and driving it to Toronto, Canada between Feb 16 and 18. PRICELINE is quoting me $42/day, but wondering what bidding strategy would you suggest for a lower rate? thanks very much - Emmanuel
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