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  1. I ended up booking directly with the Red Lion hotel for $89. I didn't use HOTWIRE for this trip.
  2. Trying to figure out what hotel this might be. 4* 85% recommend Xpu Ha, riviera maya. 1/13 -1/16 $447 2 adults 2 children. $447 per night 4-star All-inclusive Hotel in Xpu Há area 5.7 - 10.5 mi | Map 85% recommended Great! Free parking, Free breakfast, Free Internet, Resort, Suite, Beachfront hotel, Free food and drinks, A la carte dining, Free water activities Bed choice available
  3. AND of course THANK YOU BETTERBIDDING!!! This site has such good info!!
  4. If you see a cute short blond girl in the lobby you can by me a beer! Enjoy Jazzfest!!!!
  5. I bid $61 and had $10 in bonus cash that was added to each night. Search the internet for bonus cash offers. $71 total bid plus additional taxes and fees. Very happy with win as this is an excellent price during this very busy time in the city (Jazzfest).
  6. Started at $40 asked to rebid now at $48. Total with tax $59.60. Won this hotel last year when it was a Wingate. Lovely, Clean hotel.
  7. Sept 2 - 5 Stapelton 3* $45 Amenities Shuttle, Fitness, pool, Rest, Business C., Laundry(self Serve), Internet
  8. Please help identify this property. Stapelton - Northeast property 3* $45 9/2-9/5 Amenities: Airport Shuttle Fitness Pool Restaurant Business Center Laundry Internet My guesses: the Holiday Inn Courtyard
  9. Bid Aquarium zone $120 several days ago... rejected. Added rebid zones up t $145....Rejected. Bid again today $130 and offer to increase by $20 came back. Used the PRICELINE link and rebid adding free rebid zone accepted at $135. Thanks for all the great info on this board!
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