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  1. glen falls-lake george hotels two and a half stars ($93.00) (other sites $215) Amenities:indoor pool,fitness center,restaurant,high speed internet,handicap parking, free parking,acessible path of travel,in-roomacessible. what hotel is this? glen falls - lake george hotels three stars (142.00) (other sites $179) Amenities:indoor pool,fitness,business center,free breakfast,high speed internet,free parking What hotel is this?
  2. special deal - 99 for 2.5 star hotel (don't want this if it is the lynn aire) would like it for the georgian resort. many listed for 3 star - which hotel?
  3. used the SavingsBarn.com link to connect to priceline and bid on a full size car for 4/6 to 4/7. Bid 14 dollars and won! The total was a little over 26 and change for the day and the will be a buick regal or something similar. I asked for a full size car. Thanks for the advice and the car on Hertz would cost over 42 dollars. This is the company they gave me. Super!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
  4. When you bid on priceline for a car rental for one day ( 24 hr. per. ), is there a certain time that you will be required to pick up the car at the airport? We are arriving at 10 pm and returning the next day. Would like to bring the car back by 10 the next day. Do you have the full 24 hrs. of that day to choose what time you will get the car? :)
  5. clicked on your support link which brought up many of the hotels on the strip. Clicked on the luxor and for the dates i want ( 4/3 to 4/7 they quoted an internet price of 85 a night (INCLUDING TAX) and you had to pay in advance and there was no refund. What a bargain! I booked this hotel after using your support link. I hope you get the credit as this forum is extremely helpful to all. Thanks for getting me to the support link and finding this hotel. After reading some of the reviews, I hope all goes well. THANK YOU AGAIN1 :)
  6. This is our first time to Las Vegas in 25 years and things have changed immensely. My choices seem to be between the Luxor, Monte Carlo, Paris, and Bally's. They range in price from 375 to 520 for the 4 nights. Which one would you pick for 2 middle-aged school teachers. :)
  7. yes - that's what brought me to the site where they offered the promotion for 4/3 to 4/5 and another promotion from 4/5 to 4/7..This included all the coupons i stated before. Is this the best deal i can make or should I try PL. What are your thoughts? :)
  8. I just made a reservation at the monte carlo hotel ( I can cancel withing 48 hours of arrival). The price was 109 ( including tax) for each night from :) 4/3 to 4/7 The total including tax was 436. They give you 2 free buffet dinners, one buffet dinner and the second one free, passes to their spa, 2 free beers and 10 dollars for gambling in their casino. What do you think of this deal? any thoughts? it was on their official website.
  9. now that a 5 star hotel is out of my price range, what 4 star hotel is available and at what price range? Can you help me? :)
  10. Would like to stay on the strip in vegas in a 4 or 5 star hotel. What's available and at what price/ I need some help. Is is possible to get a 5 star hotel ( the venetian?) for 150 or less on the dates of 4/3 to 4/7..What other hotel comparable to it is available and at what price? Any good 4 star hotels cheaper and a good place to stay. Any suggestions? :)
  11. bid 95 dollars for these dates in downtown Quebec and was accepted for these dates. This was a wonderful hotel with a heated pool and bathrobes in your room. A tip to the check- in person put me on the 22nd floor with a magnificent view of the St Lawrence and the walled city.
  12. we want to stay in the same room ( 2 adults and 2 children) (10 and 14) AT 150 a night, what is available and what would be best for the kids? I would be making my bid on Hotwire so the four of us could stay together and save on another room. Any suggestions? p,s. They are 11 and 16 (sorry)
  13. 2 adults and 2 teens - I am looking for a hotel to accommodate them and ourselves. Willing to pay up to 150 a night for the pleasure of it all. What can i get for that and what hotel would be appreciated by all! (total of 5 nights)
  14. I would also like suggestions as to what hotel would be best for an 11 year old boy and a 16 year old girl.
  15. my family is also planning a trip to vegas and my question is ---- When you bid on a room, how many people can stay? We are a family of 4 ( 2 adults and 2 children) Is there a charge for more than 2 people? We want to stay from 9/3 to 9/8. any suggestions? 4 star hotel would be fine!
  16. Joel - Thanks so much for the info and suggestions. All is appreciated :)
  17. Thanks for the info. Now how about Tele Aviv. Any suggestions for a hotel there?
  18. The answer is no. I had the same problem. I found the lowest rate at a web site i think is called octopusy or something like that for the Mt. Zion hotel. any further suggestions? Thanks for responding/
  19. Sorry for the misstake. You have to go to a shared site with priceline called lowestfare.com. It says you can bid on certain hotels. They list the Mt. Zion hotel. Any suggestions on bidding?
  20. I checked priceline and they offer quite a few hotels. any advice on what to bid on and how much/
  21. to zebnye - sorry for the spelling misstakes.
  22. Thereuare- would like to spend about 100 a night. any suggestions/
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