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  1. I agree with thereuare. I got burned once just like that. I was bidding on a 3* hotel and thought i was safe with a free rebid all the way down to a 1* To my knowlege of the city there were not any *2 or 1* in that area. Well, imagine my surprise when i won a 1* This "motel " was once a long stay property converted in to a 1*motel, very recent to my bidding. In fact still under renovation when my bid was won. (but thats another story) Im sure this property was just recently added to priceline before my bidding. Since this little mishap, im much more careful of what i think i know of zone bidding and the opaque experience.

  2. Started off bidding 45.00 for *4 rejected, added west *3 lowered my bid to 38.00 accepted for 3* Houston (West) Marriott Westchase .This hotel was previously an Adam's Mark that converted to a Marriot in July 2004. Im hoping for the best here, usually when I bid a *3 in west side I get the Hilton which is right across the street from this Marriott. Seems to get good reviews though which is promising.

  3. I didnt know there was a Marriott in St John. I thought the only hotels on this island were Westin and Caneel Bay hotel. I noticed in your post , you said St Johns, thats on the island of Antigua, maybe thats where you meant , not sure . The island in Virgin Islands is called St John....no (s) on the end, not a big deal but when i was there in St John ,the locals made a big deal out of it. Kinda confusing two islands in the Caribbean and one is St John the other St Johns, but you might want to check your airlines ticket..lol , no use going to the wrong island.

  4. started bidding at 40, went up 1.00 at a time with free rebids, won the 4* Renaissance Concourse Atlanta at 45.00 10/15

    Your Offer Price: $45.00

    Number of Rooms: 1

    Number of Nights: 1

    Travel Insurance: $5.00

    Subtotal: $50.00

    Taxes & Service Fees:


    Total Charges: $63.75

    was hoping for the hilton due to the reviews i read, but very happy with this hotel which also recieved wonderful reviews. I never considered this hotel would come up, I thought it would be between Westin and Hilton, once again priceline throws me a curveball but Im quite happy with this, lowest rate for this hotel is 99.00 113.00 with tax. Since this hotel is just about on the runway of the airport, will be nice to see the planes fly in and out.

    I did buy the travel insurance since im flying on delta, my dates are so far in advance that not sure what will happen with them.

  5. Need a room for one night , any suggestions on where to start my bidding? Here are the best rates available for *4 and *3 at Airport Hartsfield ATL for dates 10/15 10/16 thanks for your help.

    Westin net rate 89.00 *4

    Hilton net rate 79.00 *4

    Renaissance rate 99.00 *4

    Crowne Plaza no rooms available *3

    Holiday Inn Airport South Advance Purchase rate 81.00 *3

    Marriott Atlanta Airport AAA rate 80.00 *3

    Radisson hot Deals rate 64.00 *3

  6. Not sure what the major construction is about, but im surprised priceline would use this hotel in the condition it was in...it was in shambles.

    My "many" calls and emails to priceline, is at a point where they say I must talk to a Priceline specialist". I spoke to the specialist

    , and they say they must contact the manager of the hotel which they have tried to do but he never seems to be there. I am suppose to get a call back on Monday after priceline attempts to speak to the manager....again. Priceline says a assistant manager will not due...why? I have no idea.. all they need to do is confirm the hotel is under construction. I have never had a problem with priceline before, they can look at my past history, ive never had a compliant . I am tempted to drive to this "hotel" and take pictures to send them if i thought it would help. Will keep betterbidding informed.

    PS...yes i did call when at the hotel, the very same night. Priceline saw that I booked another hotel through priceline the for the same night.

  7. Sorry this post is so late, had a major problem with a hotel booked through priceline and had to rebook another hotel.

    The problem hotel was * Crossland Houston/Woodlands .

    i emailed priceline but have not recieved a response yet, below is my letter to priceline which details the problem.

    Upon arrival at the property,( * Crossland Houston/Woodlands) it was found to be currently under major

    construction renovation and is not in an acceptable condition. I spoke to

    the manager, Louis Figueroa, and he appologized for the extremely poor

    condition of the hotel and the inconveniences it presented; however, since

    the room was prepaid through Priceline, he said I would need to contact

    Priceline for the refund. The original stay was for May 13, 2005. The

    . Due to the major construction underway at

    the hotel, it did not meet the standard criteria as well as presenting

    severe safey issues. Therefore, I was forced to rebook at another Priceline

    hotel. (Holiday Inn Express Hotel )

    Not sure what priceline will do if anything, but this hotel was not fit to stay in due to the construction and was a serrious safty hazzard.

  8. dates are 5/13 5/14 yes, you are right. Im glad I was atleast able to identify the * star in this area for others. Wasnt a total loss, I called this property after winning the bid,,they have full kitchen, large frige, stove, mircowave, this will save me money since i can bring a few items and not have to eat out, Might have over bid for a one * but i can only blame myself for that, if you over bid priceline will be more than happy to accommodate you. :)

  9. Tried 36.00 first bid in a downtown Houston 4* just for kicks, free rebid went to 39.00 denied, free rebid 41.00 accepted . This is a huge hotel, its my personal favorite in downtown Houston. Very nice hotel. Hilton's web site had the hotel at 159.00 a night + tax Total for Stay: 186.03


    Your Offer Price: $41.00

    Number of Rooms: 1

    Number of Nights: 1

    Subtotal: $41.00

    Taxes & Service Fees:


    Total Charges: $55.16

  10. I finally recieved an email from priceline. They say The Renaissance Orlando was downgraded last year do to having the pool area closed. They have recently reopened the pool area and down have been listed back at Resort level. I called to confirm this with Renaissance and the pool area is now open Anyone bidding on Resort level (Universal Studios - Sea World) might win the Renaissance Orlando in bidding that level.

  11. I did not mean to upset anyone with my post, I was just wondering about the discrepancy since i have seen Renaissance Orlando reported as a Resort on other web sites and this is the only site I see it listed as a 4* Since I plan to bid in this area , was just checking to see if anyone knew more info on the subject matter. If I offened anyone with my question you have my sincerest apologies .

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