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  1. trying to check prices on Kailua Kona, Big Island, Hawaii area on hotwire, the search brings up Waikiki and Honolulu areas even though you get a "Where would you like to stay in Kailua Kona, Big Island, HI? " I called hotwire to let them know of this glitch, they tried the search on their end with same results. They said they just upgraded their system and will be corrected at a later date, didnt seemed to concerned about their system bringing up wrong island.

  2. Hawaiian airlines, Mesa airlines, and Aloha Airlines, have specials right now to the neighbor islands. 39.00 one way, this is very cheap. i usually pay much more, usually 70.00 or more one way. This is somewhat of a fair war since mesa airlines decided to get into the inter-island air transportation. All Aloha and Hawaiian Airlines have matched Mesa Airlines 39.00 fare. I booked my tickets and was half of what I usualy pay.

  3. higest rejected bid 48.00

    update on parking at this hotel....16.00 self park, which is in a privite lot across the street or 21.00 to park in hyatt self park lot,,anyone familar with this area knows enough not to park in a open privite lot for the night. Hilton Americas in same general area charges 9.95 for their secure parking lot.

  4. bidding started at 41.00 in downtown Houston area, free rebids up to 50.00 and i recieved Hyatt Downtown Houston...Not overly thrilled with this...yes price is right...but I wanted the Hilton Americas, my favorite hotel in Houston...oh well...parking seems to be an issue with this Hyatt, self parking available but no one can seem to find it,,parking is 26.00 a night...little steep to say the least. When will Hyatt decided to remodel this hotel is anyones guess but seems over due. Hyatt rates 185.00 + 17 % tax for these dates

  5. Yes, I feel the Sheraton Keauhou Bay Resort is correct. I keep forgetting the Sheraton is there since its a "new" hotel in that area, they actually took over and renovated another hotel that was there. Since this hotel is not what I want I will wait before making the purchase through the appropriate link. Thanks again for your help.

  6. Dates September 8th thru september 15th 4-star hotel in Kailua - Kona price 166.00 (best Value)

    Resort ,ocean front, near beach,restaurant, pools,fitness center,golf nearby,tennis nearby

    Im ready to purchase now, but the "near beach" is throwing me off, cant be the Hapuna Prince as its located on the beach, this one stumps me,, thank for the help.

  7. This is a good deal... plus you'll most likely be getting a Chrysler Sebring through Alamo , which I feel Is one of the better converitables offered in Maui, the other being the Camero. I have rented both in Maui and was much more pleased with the Sebring, more room and better comfort.

  8. Bid 13.00 for an economy car, accepted first bid. Might have been able to get it for 12.00. Priceline sent an upgrade page for additional 3 dollars a day for midsize. I upgraded not wanting to be in an economy car. Best deal on the net was 17.50 for compact through thrifty. I am paying exactly the same price (with taxes and fees), for the upgraded mid size as I would my now canceled reservation for a compact with thrifty. So, it works out, I got a better car through priceline for same price.

  9. Received the Houston (West) Omni on my first try. I won a bid for this hotel few weeks back and already know accepted bid price for this hotel. My stay there last week was perfect, a recent remodel of this hotel might bring it into the *4 category very soon. Everything has been updated, carpets, bedding, furniture, fresh paint and new lighting. The restaurant in this hotel is excellent as well. Online price is 89.00 but since the remodel job is near complete, doubt it will stay this price long. Im very happy with this winning bid.

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