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  1. Crowne Plaza Houston West

    Houston West

    14703 Park Row

    Houston, Texas 77079


    I also thought this would be Omni Westisde...a bit of a surprise.

    50.00 is the lowest bid accepted.

    Price at hotel web site is 85.00 . not a major savings here. :)

    Your Offer Price Per Room, Per Night: $50.00

    Subtotal: $50.00

    Taxes & Service Fees: $15.81

    Total Charges*: $65.81

    Crowne Plaza only gets better with age. This Houston Hotel was built in 1983 as a Crowne Plaza and re-flagged as the Holiday Inn during the Mid-80

  2. well,,, I tried for the Austin South Omni , got moldy Austin Hilton Airport instead, when I check in im asking for a non-moldy room :) .... Not thrilled with this win, I felt it was a dump when I stayed a few months ago, oh well, this is the nature of priceline, win some lose some, hopefully they have at least one room without mold.

    I called Hilton Guest assistance , 800 # let them know of the mold problem, since Im a priceline customer im sure they wont rush out to buy tilex or anything. Last time I stayed there called front desk about the problem, teenage girl at front desk answered and when I told her about the mold she said.." like...ummm really? like...thats not too good huh?"

    sooooo no offer to change rooms with less mold ..or like...nothing ya know? ahh well.

    Your Offer Price: $50.00

    Extend Your Stay

    Number of Rooms: 1

    Number of Nights: 1

    Subtotal: $50.00

    Taxes & Service Fees:


    Total Charges*: $64.97

    Net rate on Hilton.com

    Rate (USD) 142.00

    Taxes 21.30

    Total 163.30

    Total For Stay

    163.30 USD

  3. Needed two nights in Austin 04/21/ 04/22 Tried many times over a few days with both nights and was denied up to 75.00 in Airport, Downtown and North areas for 3* and 4 * I dropped the Saturday, went for just Sunday and was accepted at Omni Southpark for 48.00 Glad I didn't receive the Austin Hilton airport, got a win there last time and was not clean, mold problems in the bathroom among other problems. (Needs refurb) Anyway, looks like the Saturday night check in was a problem, I will try up until my departure date to try and win something else for Saturday, hopefully same hotel, if not no big deal. Rather stay downtown but haven't seen any *4 accepted for less then 85 , 95 dollar range if your lucky, bit more then I want to spend.

    Omni Austin Southpark

    Number of Rooms: 1

    Number of Nights: 1

    Subtotal: $48.00

    Taxes & Service Fees:


    Total Charges*: $62.63

    Best Room Rate for same night online at Omni

    Net Savvy Rate 04/22/2007 1 night 199.00 USD

    Subtotal (1 night):



    Total for Room:

    199.00 USD

    29.85 USD

    0.00 USD

    228.85 USD

  4. I have stayed at both, bottom line is Sheraton has better beach, Hyatt better service. Rooms about the same although Hyatt's might have been a bit bigger. I liked them both. Self parking at Hyatt is horrible, not enough spaces. Sheraton parking , plenty of spaces but you park far from your room. Hyatt has much better pool, but not much of a beach. These are both nice hotels, but 100 more for Hyatt is a bit much. You will enjoy either one, but if being close to a nice beach matters, go with Sheraton.

  5. Im trying to rent a vehicle myself, and got the same message. I waited until the 4th day and it seemed to accept my bidding. Just give it another day. I did notice however the prices for cars right now are high. I did better with a coupon code. I have a car on hold and contiune to bid until the day I rent , that way I still have a car if the bidding falls through. With coupon code I recived one day free which is about 28.00 off,(midsize) priceline has not come close to accepting any bids near the price I recived thorugh rental car website with coupon.

  6. Well, after a round of calls to Continental, they tried to make it right. I understand their point of view, but I explained to them I was promised things at the airport and later was told a different story. We have reached a compromise that I feel is fair for both parties. I will now continue to fly Continental and although I didn't appreciate the run around and feel they could have made it right the first time, they did however try to make it right in the end :)

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