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  1. I'm curious from what price you started your bidding on this???

    Just for future reference, sometimes Marriott runs special promotions. I found for your dates 179.00 a night with Free Daily Breakfast buffet , free self park (15.98 a day value) 25.00 dollar nightly resort credit and upgrade to Lakefront room upon check in.

    I love priceline, but sometimes it pays to look other places as well....only reason I found this promotion was Im thinking of staying here myself and wanted to see whats out there price wise. This offer is good only for online bookings,,,I called them to book and they had no idea what I was talking about but the code worked like a charm online and can be used by anyone,,no restrictions.

    By the way this hotel charges: On-site parking, fee: 15.98 USD daily

    Valet parking, fee: 21.3 USD daily

    Last time I was here self parking was free. This hotel is more for buisness travelers as I remember...so I guess when a company is picking up the tab 16.00 to self park not a big deal but its a killer for familes that want to stay here.

  2. Homestead Houston-Willowbrook

    2 Star

    Im posting this for a friend that won this bid,,I helped but I may have hurt more then helped... :)

    Priceline price for this "hotel" was 49.00,,the bid was won at 40.00 for a whopping savings of 9.00

    Come on PRICELINE, calling a Homestead a *2 is stretching it a bit dont ya think?

    Sometimes it better to settle for HOTWIRE,,even with their inflated star ratings they had a *3 for 49.00 same location.

  3. Received this hotel on first bid... I didnt necessary pick this section of Austin.

    I picked all areas of Austin while bidding as I was under the gun since my stay is tomorrow, I couldnt be picky.

    I have been here before; its ok, old hotel... nothing to write home about but will serve its purpose for one night stay.

    Free parking,,I like that about this hotel. Seems rare these days at *3 and above level of hotel. There are a few that still offer free parking but not many.

    Not thrilled with the sleep number beds,,last time I stayed here I couldnt stand them,,Uncomfortable. Not sure why hotels desire these beds so much...to me not a plus.

    Priceline Offer Price per Room, Per Night: $35.00

    Subtotal: $35.00

    Taxes & Service Fees: $12.51

    Total Charges*: $47.51

    Best online rate was 107.10 with tax is $123.16

    Although I have to wonder, how low would they have gone?

    35.00 is a steal for a *3 :)

  4. Well, one thing they can do is take Hilton Austin Airport off *3 1/2

    I dread it when I win this hotel. Its a *3 at best and beleive me,,that pushing it,,my last stay I had issue with all the mold in the room.

    I reported it , (and changed rooms) they didnt seem a bit surprised about the mold. Thats just one of many issues I have had with this hotel.

    One good thing is, you can hear a pin drop in the hotel..always seems deserted.

  5. Trying to book a room in Austin for 11/07 ..so far its a no go.

    Bid up to 68.00 in areas Downtown Austin and Austin South Airport (*4 *3 1/2)

    Old faithful Hiton Austin Airport is sold out, leaving the Omni South alone at 3 1/2

    Guess they are counting on last second walk ups Friday for the UT Game on Saturday...

    Oh well,,,no big deal, was just trying to get away for the weekend...

  6. Hi,

    I want to bid on a resort in San Antonio for 10/11/08-10/14/08. The current room rate is $550 a night with third night free. Last week the rate was $275ish. I would like to know how much I should bid? I think it is the only resort in SAT, based on Pricelines Map and Star Ratings. I think it is the Westin La Cantera, but not positive. I am looking for something with a great pool, near SeaWorld and has free parking. What is the lowest amount to bid? Is 50-75 to low?

    Thank you,


    The two resort hotels nearest sea world are, Resort Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort and Spa, and Resort Radisson Hill Country.

    Westin La Cantera is more towards Six Flags Fiesta Texas.

    If you bid for a Resort in area San Antonio (West) where sea world is located, a winning bid will get you either Resort Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort Spa, or Resort Radisson Hill Country.

    I have bid on this area many times and I have never won the Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort , not saying that you wont happen to get it in a bid but since the Resort Radisson Hill Country is a lesser property and seems to come up in winning bids much more, I wouldn’t over bid in this area. I would start at $65 and work up in $2 increments with free bids.

    If you don’t get a winning bid, wait 24 hours and raise the bid slightly, start bidding at $75

    I know Resort Radisson Hill Country has free parking and a free shuttle that runs quite often to sea world. The pool is on the small side but it is nice, surrounded by a relaxing courtyard with fire pits though out the area, where families were sitting together having S'MORES while watching a family type movie projected on the side of a wall outside. The hotel also grills burgers and such in the same area in the early evenings

    Good Luck.

  7. Email from Hotwire......

    We have been informed of a change regarding your upcoming stay at Sheraton Cable Beach

    Resort. The hotel has changed their name to Sheraton Nassau Beach Resort. Please be

    assured that the star rating and amenities are the same. The hotel still holds your

    reservation and your original Hotwire Itinerary Confirmation with the Sheraton Cable

    Beach Resort.

    Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience this may cause you. Our

    customers are very important to us, and we would like to ensure that you are provided

    with the best possible experience.


    Hotwire Customer Care

  8. Hotel Amenities are as follows.

    Resort, Fitness Center, Restaurant(s), Golf Nearby, Children's Activity Program, Beachfront, Pool(s), Business Center, Spa Services

    Note: This hotel typically charges guests a resort fee of about $15 per person per night, regardless of how the room is booked. The hotel collects the fee directly from you, so it won't show in your Hotwire

  9. I apologize for my delay in a speedy response, I am working this weekend and it’s difficult to get to a PC.

    It’s at 129.00 now and the full amenities are as follows:

    Resort, Fitness Center, Restaurant(s), Golf Nearby, Children's Activity Program,

    Beachfront, Pool(s), Business Center, Spa Services

    It’s either the Sheraton or Wyndham Nassau Resort and Crystal Palace Casino

    Here is what’s throwing me off; The Sheraton has a golf course, but does not have a spa…

    Wyndham...has a spa, no golf course…..but…they are located right next to each other…

    The golf and spa amenities informs,,, Golf Nearby

    Property is located within walking distance or a short drive of at least one golf course; an extra charge typically applies.

    Spa Services

    Guests have access to a spa facility or spa services; an extra charge typically applies.

    Could be either one….hard to read this one. But this listing does not list a casino, so I think it may be the Sheraton? Wyndham has the casino.

    How are you leaning on this? Thanks

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