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  1. I noticed betterbidding has Resort JW Marriott Grande Lakes Orlando (Universal Studios - Sea World) area listed as a Resort and the Resort Renaissance Orlando Resort 4* , Im a bit confused here.. Is it possible when bidding for Resort in Orlando (Universal Studios - Sea World) area you can get Renaissance Orlando Resort 4* ?? Im not sure how how often the page is updated but from what i can tell Priceline has both hotels listed as Resorts. Is it recent that the Renaissance was downgraded to 4*status?? Which would make the JW Marriott Grande Lakes Orlando the only Resort in that area for priceline, which i didnt think was common at all...thanks for the help on this one.

  2. I recently had a two night stay at the La Quinta Inn & Suites San Antonio Airport location. First off, the location is about 20 mins drive time to the river walk and about 30 mins to Sea World, Fiesta Texas. I really liked the location since it was close to several restaurants and there is a Wal-Mart about a 5 mins walk across a parking lot away. This hotel/motel is ideal for families on a budget, in fact on my stay that

  3. There are only two resorts on St John, The Westin and Caneel Bay Resort, The Caneel Bay Resort has not been a priceline hotel in the past and far as I know never been won in a bid. And considering thier rates start at 450.00 to well over 800.00 a night for Caneel Bay Resort your bidding would have to start way over what you would for the Westin. But im sure Caneel Bay Resort is not included in priceline bidding. I feel you can bid resort in St John with confidence knowing its The Westin.

  4. janitor's closet is the first thing i check out when I decide on staying at a fine hotel..

    on a serrios note....San Antonio is booked full on these dates 3/18/ 3/20

    I honestly never have run up against someting like this before,, I called a few of the sold out hotels and all they would say is someone, maybe a company.. bought a block of rooms, and may release later if not used or needed,, although the hyatt riverwalk was kind enough to tell me they could fit me in on 3/18 for one night at the low low price of...345.00, for that price they might throw out someone to make room for me. Hotwire maybe my only option here on these dates, but with thier tendancy towards libreal * ratings , i may wait and see if something on priceline might open up. Gave priceline a try and bid up to 105.00 for a 4* in downtown riverwalk area and denied and tried 70.00 for 4* in northwest area, hoping to bag the Omni.or Westin ..no luck, my dates are a few weeks away so will try later and post my results..thanks one again for all your help

  5. Yes I promise I will do that. I enjoy this site and I travel quite a bit for buisness I will start posting my results here from now on.

    Im kinda stumped on my dates 3/18 3/20 to San Antonio, after not being succsessful with priceline bidding up to 70.00 for a 4* I assumed most hotels must be sold out. I went to most of the 4* hotel web sites in downtown riverwalk area and comfirmed most are sold out for these dates. I checked San Antonio tourist web site, nothing special is happening on these dates for hotels to be sold out, unless maybe a convention I dont know about. Im not giving up hope but might have to settle for a 3* which I havent tried for yet.

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