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  1. I used the express deals with this rather than bidding because price was already low. Knew it was this hotel due to listed customer rating and 3 stars. Great part of very neat town.
  2. Too tired and lazy to bid via priceline tonight for tomorrow and wanted a suites hotel. However, this hotel should be good enough except for having to pay for parking. One note - price was dropping a few dollars in last hour.
  3. The bottom was either 55 or my win at 56. Little further north than I wanted but this is a large priceline zone (tech center).
  4. Followup. Good hotel and they didn't charge for parking. Not sure why not but I didn't bring it up.
  5. Follow-up on my stay here. Room is really too small for two people. Upgrade to room with king or two doubles was 50. Add parking at 40 plus taxes and my cost to stay here doubled. Be prepared before you bid in this zone.
  6. I went up $1 increments having tried with another account so I know this is the bottom for this date.
  7. Unable to extend my stay in Westin Waltham, I started with 4* in the Financial district at 80, 85, then clicked on Theater district with entry of 86.
  8. I was a little quick on this 4* with bids of 60, 70 and 80. Property could be had for somewhere between 70 and 80 but not many rebid zones to play with.
  9. My wife reports that this was not such a nice hotel. Little rundown and smelly. Good location wrt Brown, however.
  10. Winning bid with two tries - 60, 65. Hotel is downtown in hopefully good location. I expect parking will be expensive as there is no mention of it on their website.
  11. Winning bid was 55 and was first try. Not sure if I could have gotten lower as I was out of time and this was a tough region to bid given the zones and time of year.
  12. I need to book some hotels for a college touring trip, starting with Waltham area on 8/5. Question is, based on my limited time, should I go hotwire rather than priceline. I tried to get a 4* in Waltham via Priceline and was rejected with top bid of $70. Need to ID Hotwire hotel has a 3* at $61, 90% recommended with: Smoke Free Rooms Fitness Center Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Business Center High-Speed Internet Access Golf Nearby
  13. Started at 75. Next highest bid was $88, so $90 is probably the bottom.
  14. Oh - and I booked a full size car through priceline after biting on an offer after a purchase (Hertz). $11 bucks a day compared to triple that for a compact car.
  15. Using the results of others, I started with 71 and ended with $73. I stuck with the top intown zones which all have 4* but knew I was going to get the Hyatt in the end. With that booking that makes 4 hotels via Priceline today for our trip in March. All great prices - Thanks BB.
  16. Started at 51 and ended at 53. Hoped for Hilton Garden because it has two queens but got Courtyard with two doubles. We will make due.
  17. Started with 61 and ended with 75 to get the 4* Marriott. Used all but one free bid zone.
  18. I am about to do that too if you want to wait and see what I come up with.
  19. Thanks to the other posts I started at 51 and ended with a win at $52 at this hotel. I selected Princeton East then Princeton West. Both have 3.5* hotels.
  20. Hotel stay followup. The hotel was fine albeit creepy to have a view at the apartment building directly across from the room. Very nice lobby. Two smallish but comfortable beds. Parking is $36 per day. If you find this pretty steep you can try parking at Bayfront Park lot right next to hotel. Pay for parking till 2am (5 hours max) and make sure you get out to car before 7am. I didn't see any tickets on cars that were not as prompt as I was in case you like living on the edge. Total parking cost $12. Free coffee downstairs only before 7am (for runners, early exiters and parking cheapskates like me).
  21. Using free bids on Priceline, I won the Intercontinental for $100 for Friday night (2/10). Hotwire had a 4* downtown today for $120. Reviews are a little sketchy for this hotel so will repost my impressions.
  22. This was tough bidding due to Seafair event this weekend. Went from 90 to 140 for 4* in Pikes Place by using all the areas. I skipped from $130 to $140 in last bid since I was out of areas and patience. Got Monaco Seattle.
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