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  1. Amenities: Beachfront Fitness Center Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Business Center Laundry Facilities High-speed Internet Access
  2. Amenities listed as Boutique, Fitness, Restaurant, Business and Internet. I was very happy to get this hotel. Great price!
  3. I just got the W Hotel for $249 on this night via HOTWIRE. Not sure if that would interest you or not... W Hotel New York
  4. Have been bidding for few weeks on Priceline with no luck. Since I was able to identify this hotel as the W, I pulled the trigger. Hotel was identified with Fitness, restaurant, Business, High-speed Internet, and Spa.
  5. Last night, I bid up to $270 in MTW, UM, and TS zones for 4* and up to $235 for the same zones for 3* with no bites. I was close with the 3* - got an offer to up bid by $25 when I bid $220, but I decided not to go any higher. Seems like a really tough night. I'm kicking myself for not booking the W Hotel last month for $250 conventionally when it was available.
  6. Hotwire was $29/day and best available traditional rate was $37.
  7. I'm sorry. I meant to post this in the Priceline forum. Thanks
  8. Got this for a relative tonight.... Best available rate through hotel (prepaid) was $139. This is a decent alternative to the aiport zone hotels when rates are high as the hotel has a free shuttle. Radisson Denver Southeast 3200 South Parker Road Aurora, CO 80014
  9. Booked this for some family members traveling to MSU for the weekend. Best available rate = $79.
  10. Looks like a new hotel for the list. InterContinental Madrid Paseo De La Castellana 49 Madrid, 28046 Spain 011-34-91-700-7300 Amenities: Fitness Business Spa Restaurant High-Speed Internet Tripadvisor 4.0/5.0 Based on 20+ reviews Best Available rate - 229 Euro ($308 USD)
  11. Got this on the first bid. Hotwire was $26.95 and National's website was $45.16. Total inc. taxes/fees was $326.
  12. I just got back from a Priceline stay at the Doubletree and was very happy with it. Sure, I'd rather have been in the city, but at 1/3 the rate, it's worth the 20 minute hassle. The suites were large and the beds were great. Parking was also a steal at $15/day including in/out. Be sure to take a PATH train schedule with you into the city. It's not fun missing a train at 2am when they run on a 30 minute schedule! :) Also, some of the PATH stations are adjacent to the NYC subways, some are not. I made a late-night mistake of transfering off of the NYC subway at Christopher street thinking that the PATH Christopher street station would have been directly connected....but it's not - you have to walk several blocks down the street. Had I not had the PATH schedule that listed the cross street of the PATH station, I never would have found it.
  13. Rejected at $81. Seems like a good alternative to NYC this weekend as rates were very high. (bid up to $180 for 3* and $230 for 4* in all Manhatten zones (except UES/EWS)) Hotel is showing no availability so I was a little surprised to get the Doubletree.
  14. Rejected at $135 for MTE,MTW,UMT/CPS until finally getting the Hilton Times Square at $140. Rate through the hotel's website was $199. I was hoping to get these dates for a little lower, but am happy with the hotel.
  15. Very pleased with this. Best price for same class at Avis.com = $68/day. Best price at other agencies - $54.
  16. North Strip 4* Hotel This Hotel features the following amenities: Casino Property offers a full-service casino accessible from the lobby. Restaurant(s) Property offers at least one restaurant on the premises; hours and days of operation may vary. Pool(s) Property offers at least one pool area; hours and dates of operation may be seasonal. Fitness Center Guests have access to exercise equipment; an additional charge may apply. Spa Services Guests have access to a spa facility or spa services; an extra charge typically applies. High-speed Internet Access Guestrooms are equipped with high-speed Internet access; an extra charge may apply. Golf Nearby Property is located within walking distance or a short drive of at least one golf course; an extra charge typically applies. Tennis Nearby Property is located within walking distance or a short drive of at least one tennis court; an extra charge typically applies. Business Center Guests have access to business equipment and services; an additional charge may apply.
  17. We are moving to Syracuse and had to make an emergency house-hunting trip. First Bid of $46 was rejected, $47 accepted. We were happy to get this hotel as we stayed here (through Priceline) in January and liked it very much. It has a nice, central location and free garage parking. The rooms are a little small, but very well appointed for a 3*. Hmmm...now that I think about it....it would be cheaper to live in this hotel at priceline rates than paying a mortgage!
  18. Won this on the first bid, so it may be available for less. Hotwire wanted $25.95/day and best available rate through conventional means was $47. This is the first time I've used PL for a car rental because I can usually get a better deal using coupons, but this time, the PL rate saved me at least $100 over the best coupon rates I found.
  19. I don't think this hotel has come up before. I believe it used to be a Radisson. Reviews are generally positive on Tripadvisor. Free garage parking and free high-speed internet are a big bonus! Best available rate was $124. Won on the first bid, so a lower price may be possible. http://themarxsyracuse.com/
  20. Won on first bid. Have been bidding this every 72 hours for several weeks. I bid up to $110 three days ago with no bites. I saw that the Caribe Hilton popped up today on Hotwire for $114, so I guess that they just released some inventory. Best available rate at hilton.com was $235.
  21. Bid this for a friend. Saved about $10 total after taxes/fees over the best available rates.
  22. Bid this for a friend. First bid rejected at $42...second bid of $46 accepted at Marriott (downtown). Friend was thrilled since she had booked a 2* Ramada through AAA for $80.
  23. Just bid this for a friend. Got it on the first bid. Best available rate via hotel's website was $199.
  24. Looks like it has decent reviews on venere.com. http://en.venere.com/hotels_rome/prati/hot...tel_suites.html On what grounds do you want to dispute your credit charge? It's not a great deal, but it's a risk you take with Priceline. You still saved money over booking conventionally.
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