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  1. gotcha. So, aside from their willingness/ability to accommodate more beds in a room, if we just cram 4 people in a room (assuming it's not against fire codes, etc), will hotels ever actually stop you from doing that? Like, will they ever stop the 4 of you from walking across the lobby towards the elevator? Have you ever heard of that?
  2. I'd rather not specify what exact booking this inquiry relates to - shouldn't matter, anyway.
  3. I ended up not getting any room, and just winging it once I got there. That was a mistake. ;-)
  4. Haha - that's great! You beat my priceline hotel win at this same property by $1! :-)
  5. Hi there, I have a priceline room in which I'm hoping to fit my entire family of 4. I read the FAQ about double occupancy, and I've already called and made sure we have two beds in our room. I asked about getting a rollaway, and they said it might be possible albeit cramped. So, they don't seem fazed about putting more than 2 in there. I'm wondering about the rules surrounding this. Is the priceline reservation legally for 2 people only? Should I be a bit surreptitious with the kids, and not have them march up to the front desk with us when checking in? Sounds like it's mostly up to the hotel's discretion, eh? That is, they could refuse to allow 4 in the room if they wanted to? Finally, how often do you hear stories of hotels actually being proactive in refusing more than double occupancy for priceline rooms? Thanks a bunch! :-)
  6. Tried 4* at $83 with no success, added White Hall location, then got a deal at $87. Thanks! Surprised to get such a good price during this time of the year. I made sure to use the PRICELINE link here. Thanks!
  7. Wow, your Priceline Maps are awesome! I didn't know you had that on your site - thanks so much! While it true that many properties go for more than $100, it does seem like many have gone for $80 in the past during July. So, do you think I should wait to see if they go down, or is that unlikely? I'm just not sure what hotel pricing trends are on priceline - i.e. if they tend to lower prices as the booking date comes closer. On BiddingHelper.com, $154 for a 3.5-star (Hotel Deca) on PRICELINE. $144 for the same property on HOTWIRE.
  8. Hello Folks, I'm trying to book 2 rooms in Seattle Downtown (pike's place or space needle), 3.5 or 4 stars for July 23rd. I've gotten my bids up to around $100 per night per room, and still no joy. These prices are above many of the successful bids I've seen on this board already. My question: is it just that the time I'm booking for is high season and hence expensive, or will prices go down as we start to approach the July 23rd booking date? The answer has implications for my next action: do I just raise my bid up until it gets accepted, or should I wait a while to see if rates go down at some point? thanks!
  9. Amenities: Shuttle, Restaurant, Pool, Fitness, Hi-Speed Internet, Business
  10. I just got the MCO Hyatt as well! $54 4*, 4/25 - 4/26/10. I didn't see any tripadvisor ratings on what I thought was the detail page, but the hotwire recommendation rating was 90%, which made me think it was the same one as above. And it was! thanks a ton! i had been using the PRICELINE link from here, but then went over to hotwire on my own (without thinking about it). I'll make sure to use the link here next time - sorry bout that.
  11. thanks aaron, and i did remember to use the PRICELINE links here this time. so, i guess i should have tried the 4* first at $50, then the 3.5* if that hadn't worked out, eh? Nothing to lose...
  12. Got it on the first bid, day before the stay. Tripadvisor says they charge for wireless internet. A bit surprising given the 3.5*, but then again, I've stayed at a Ritz Carlton before where they charged for internet access too... Question - if you bid $50 for a 4* and don't get it, can you then make another bid at $50 for a 3.5*? Thanks!
  13. ah! forgot to use the links here - sorry about that. next time i'll be sure to.
  14. Had tried 3.5* for $48, $49 and $50 in SFO, SFO North, and San Francisco South. Then tried $40 & $43 for 3* in SFO and SFO North. Finally got a 3* SFO North for $46 when bidding in SFO, SFO North and San Francisco South.
  15. Just to let everyone know, this holiday inn stuck me with a smoking room and refused to change it, claiming they were totally full (yeah, right). So, beware. The room doesn't smell too bad, but I'd still rather not be in a smoking room.
  16. thanks again. turns out they have shuttles 24 hrs, every 20 minutes.
  17. thanks for the tip! i'll just be taking the airport shuttle I think. I have a morning flight the next day - hope they have early shuttles too!
  18. 11/16/09 - 11/17/09 Your Offer Price Per Room, Per Night: $40.00 Subtotal: $40.00 Taxes & Fees: $12.65 Total Charges*: $52.65 great! good reviews on tripadvisor. used the link here to get to priceline. My bids for 3.5* at $40 at MIA and one area north were rejected earlier. Modified to 3* and got accepted.
  19. Just got my $40 bid accepted for a 3* SEATAC hotel from 11/8/09 - 11/9/09. Ended up being the Holiday Inn at SEATAC, which seems to get mixed reviews on tripadvisor - we'll see. I had tried a bid of $37, but was rejected. $53 total. Thanks, betterbidding! I tried using the PRICELINE link from this site, but due to a bid being rejected and then having to use a different credit card, etc, i don't think it went through here after all. i'll make sure it does next time.
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