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  1. Yes you are correct. Just booked. It was the above amenities. $63.00 one night plus $14 taxes. I am thinking this was a good price and also I checked and they do have a shuttle even though it was not shown on the amenities. Thank you for your help. I used the HOTWIRE link on the board.
  2. Yes, that is what I am seeing. I am searching 1 room for 2 adults and 1 child. Any clue which it could be?
  3. 2.5* Seattle (Seatac) - $63 ( 162757 ) Free Breakfast, Indoor Pool - any ideas Dates 8/10/12 for one night at Seatac. Any ideas what hotel it would be? I have tried PL upto $55 for this date with no luck. The only thing is it does not state airport shuttle which seems odd to me. Any help before I take the plunge!
  4. Used your PRICELINE links of course. Have tried the last few days starting at $150 and working up. Kept getting counter offer for $35 more on each bid I made, so it was like a moving target. With that in mind today I started low again, but when I hit $150 I got no counter offer. Bid in increments of $5, until $170 being my final bid and I got The Palazzo! I am excited. We did have The Aria on hold for roughly the same price but of course this will be a suite! Thanks for your help again. Rates on Expedia etc are close to $290.
  5. Update! So I bid again today and started at $155. Got a counter offer saying offer $180. Decided to bid a little more and did $160, which came back counter offer $185! Bid $165 and again got a counter offer for $200!!! Has anyone come upon this situation where when you don't take their offer the counteroffer just keeps increasing??? Bizzare......so still no luck and will try again tomorrow. Any help on a bidding stratergie. Dont really want to go above $165.....
  6. Always choose the wrong weekend!!! Wondered why I am not getting anything. At least i do have the Aria on hold so I am thankfull for that as now its sold out! May be that we end up there although I see mixed reviews on TA. Will update if I ever score a deal!
  7. Grrr...now its not there! I guess if its comes back up I just have to take a chance as to which one it will be. I am not very successful right now on PL for the same time. Up to $140 with no luck!
  8. Update! Still trying each day with all the free zones. I am upto $145 with nothing. Not even a counter offer. This really is my max. I do have Aria on hold for $199 for 2 nights and $109 for 3rd night. I was hoping for a better deal!
  9. This is what I am seeing for dates of 9/24 to 9/27 for $176. Says the hotel has a resort fee. I have been unsuccesful on PL upto $140 for the same dates and thinking shall I keep trying PL, or just go for this. I am thinnking it maybe the Venetian but would love some help. Recommendation was 95%... Casino Property offers a full-service casino accessible from the lobby. Fitness Center Guests have access to exercise equipment; an additional charge may apply. Pool(s) Property offers at least one pool area; hours and dates of operation may be seasonal. Restaurant(s) Property offers at least one restaurant on the premises; hours and days of operation may vary. Business Center Guests have access to business equipment and services; an additional charge may apply. Golf Nearby Property is located within walking distance or a short drive of at least one golf course; an extra charge typically applies. Tennis Nearby Property is located within walking distance or a short drive of at least one tennis court; an extra charge typically applies. Spa Services Guests have access to a spa facility or spa services; an extra charge typically applies.
  10. Tried using the PRICELINE links on the site for 5* North or South and used some free rebid zones with no luck. Started at $85 and now the last bid was $125. Am I being too low for a weekend, or should I persevere? Whats a guesstimate for how much I am likely to be accepted on PL - (On HOTWIRE there is a 5* for $165 which I think is the Wynn, but I was hoping to get a cheaper rate on PRICELINE). Any advice. Thanks
  11. Bid $55 for 2 rooms for 4/6-4/9 and was rejected but had a counter offer to add $15 per night. Decided to do my one free bid zone and added in Marina and went to $60 and got BW Tuscan Inn. Started my bidding through your website. Looked at other website and it was running at $99 per night, so I think thats a pretty good deal. It seems to have good reviews. Now I have to ask for a double double room!! Hopefully this will not be a problem. Thanks for your help on this board.
  12. Thanks Aaron For the same dates there is another listing for a 3* $88 but only lists Business Center and WiFi. I was hoping you may have a clue which one this would be??? Many thanks....
  13. Dates are 4/6-4/9 for 2 rooms, 4 adults and 2 kids. I am thinking its the Sheraton, but when I put those dates in on say Travelocity it says there are no rooms avaialble?? Any help appreciated. Smoke Free Rooms, Fitness Center, Pool(s), Restaurant(s), Business Center, High-speed Internet Access
  14. Arriving 3/13 to 3/18 4* $159 Fitness, Restaurant, Bus center, High Speed Internet T/A Rating 3.5 out of 5 based on 360 reviews I thought this maybe Millenium Broadway but the TA ratings dont jive with the ratings on the TA website which is listed as 4 out of 5 based on 549 reviews. Any help would be appreciated on this one. Booking for brother in law who has never been to NY. We have only being once to NY and stayed at Millenium Broadway.....We loved the location.
  15. 3/2-3/5 $109 plus taxes Following facilities and 4.5 TA rating (1460+ reviews) Casino Fitness Center Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Business Center Golf Nearby Tennis Nearby Spa Services Booked through the links on this site for support of such a great website! Thanks :)
  16. Thanks everyone. I will of course use the links form this website. Looking for NY and LAs Vegas for him so I will be busy!! Happy New Year.
  17. Hi Did not know quite what to put in the title but my question is this. I am trying to book a hotel room in Ny for my brother in law who lives in the UK. Can I go ahead and try PL or book through Hotwire and use my credit card???? Should I book it in my name or his? And do they ask for the credit card upon check in as I will not be travelling with him? Any info would be appreciated.
  18. Aaron for your info: travelzoo posted a promo today for The Millenium Broadway Superior Room for $199 which included our dates. Called and they even let me have it on hold! i thought this was a great deal, with a superior room with 2 double beds!!
  19. Hi Aaron! I bid on PL through the links here with no success. I bid over 3 days. First time was just 4* MTW upto $200 which was rejected. The next two lots of bids I added in MTE, Times Sq + MTW and all the free bid zones for a 4* upto $190 with no success. I am still looking out for any 'deals' which I now think are a lot higher above what we originally thought. I do now have a 'backup' which seems a good deal. It is the Wingate, has very good reviews on tripadvisor and I was able to secure a double/double (so sneaking in!! and we all have a bed!) with free high speed internet access ( a plus with a teen) and also breakfast for $240 each night. The link you originally gave me for Starwood is working again and the Sheraton Towers is about the same price, but very mixed reviews, no free internet or breakfast. We must be coming at a very expensive time!! I feel a lot happier that we now have a backup at a rate that is reasonable........I will report if I am successful on PRICELINE or if something comes up on HOTWIRE. Thank you so much for your considerable amount of help! Happy Halloween!!
  20. Thanks Aaron. I only focued on Times SQ thinking that it was central for getting aroundvia subway and foot. I am truly swaying with the idea of just doing PL or HW for 2 people, and then calling and trying to get 2 beds, or worst case scenario 1 person sleeping on the floor!!! I did see some hotels on HW for 2 adults which I would like your opnion on, and what you think they are: 4* Times Sq $234 - fitness, bus center, restaurant, high speed internet (could this be Millenium?) 4* MTC same as above but with Spa (could this be Le Parker Meridian?) 4* MTW same as above with Spa ( could this beW New York?) Yes we indeed plan on a museum visit and that sounds great that you mentioned. My husband wants to do Top of the Rock, Statue of Liberty, Staten Island, city tour, Brooklyn bridge and walk around CP, Ground Zero....Hoping the weather will not be wet!!!
  21. Aaron - I had not considered bidding in other areas, and maybe that is where I am going wrong. Having never been to NY i was worried that if we were not in MTW/Times Sq then we would have a lot of extra walking to do. Is MTE still very close to the main things? Also forgive my ignorance here but why is it on HW that there a much bigger selection of hotels available if we only put in 2 adults and no kid? There was a 4* in Times Sq for $235 earlier today and I was thinking maybe it was the Millenium. Then checking their website I see that they do have rooms with 2 doubles in them. I think I will try PL again but as you suggest a lower bid and include MTE. If that does not work then I am seriously thinking of doing HW with just 2 adults and hoping that I can call and get 2 beds (sneak my daughter in) and then if they dont have 2 beds then we just have to have her sleep on the floor!! Not the greatest idea really but we are still reeling from the per night rates!
  22. Yes I checked the starwood promo and seems not to be working! Just our luck. As an update I bid $200 on PL for 4* MTW (in a hope to get the Hilton) with no luck and not even a counter offer. I must be way off with $200 then, do you not think. So I am left at this point with HW 3.5* Times Sq (Crowne Plaza) for $249. i am really surprised that $200 bid was not accepted. I am wondering whether to give it one last shot and go to $210, but its getting closer to the bid on HW where at least I know I have a room that is based on 3 people sharing and not 2! Please let me know if you see anything else, I think I should book by tomorrow as time is ticking away!
  23. Hi Aaron - Grrrrr- tried on PL upto $180 with no luck (just thought give it a go). So then went back to the link for the Sheraton and its not active anymore....so assuming the 'deal' is gone.......I was hoping to get on PL the Hilton as then I could 'negotiate' a room with 2 beds (hopefully)...but no luck. Any educated guess on what rate I would have to bid on PL......So right now there is still the 4* showing on HW which you think may be the Crowne Plaza....I do have a Mastercard and so that other offer woud work...... Trying now to be a huge pest here!!!!
  24. Thanks soooo much for all your help and suggestions Aaron. There is the 3.5* Suite back on hotwire and I am thinking it is the Doubltree? I have still not booked anything as yet, but I keep checking every few hours in a hope that something comes up cheaper (trying to get more bang for the buck, but I dont think that is going to happen!!). We will definately be taking the plunge and booking in the next 2 days as its driving me crazy!! Still, so far the link you gave us for Starwood seems the best price.....Sheraton Towers, although it has mixed reviews. So if you do see anything please keep me in mind for the next couple of days. Once I have booked I will post on here and of course I shall use the links from here.........:)
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