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  1. Free Internet (in Public Area) Indoor Pool Outdoor Pool Shuttle Non-Smoking Gym Restaurant Handicap Accessible Business Center
  2. Started bidding $125 for 4* hotel in Downtown. Added Hollywood and increased bid to $135. Added West Hollywood and increased to $140 and was successful for the Hotle Indigo. Used the Better Bidding Quick Quote feature...thank you!
  3. Amenities: Pet friendly, Smoke-free rooms, Fitness center, Pool(s), Restaurant(s), Business center, Internet access, Golf nearby Thank you again BB. LA area rates seem to be high the weekend of May 3 but we were able to find this deal using your Quick Quote feature!
  4. Restaurant, Pool, Fitness, Smoke Free, Free Internet, Hi-Speed Internet, Business, Tennis, Blind Accessible, Deaf Accessible, Travel Accessible, Room Accessible, Bathroom Accessible, Handicapped Parking, Roll-in Shower Used BB Quick Quote feature which is a great tool...thanks!
  5. Bid $70, PL wanted a $16 raise to rebid. Added Phoenix North-Desert Ridge as and increased bid to $79 with success.
  6. Made a last minute Memorial Day weekend reservation. Started with 3* category, bid up to $116, adding multiple zones with no 3* properties. Went for 2.5*, a category still not available in the other zones and got $100 on the first try. Thank you for this service!
  7. FULL AMENITIES: Free Internet, Boutique hotel, Pool(s), Restaurant(s), Business center, Self-service laundry, Internet access, Golf nearby, Tennis nearby, Spa services, In-room accessibility, Accessible bathroom, Accessible parking
  8. Used your Bidding Helper for the past several days bidding in the $115-$125 range. Finally was accepted at the $125/night price. Same hotel on Hot.wire at $122 night but the total cost is higher than the Price.line total cost. The Bidding.Helper tool is terrific...thanks!
  9. Hotel Amenities Pet friendly Airport shuttle Smoke-free rooms Fitness center Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Business center Self-service laundry Internet access Accessibility Accessible for hearing impaired Accessible path of travel In-room accessibility Accessible bathroom Accessible parking
  10. Unsuccessful naming price on Price.line. They had a 4* property listed as LAX under PRICELINE EXPRESS Deals but it did not show an airport shuttle so went with Hot.wire. Amenities: Pet friendly Airport shuttle Smoke-free rooms Fitness center Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Business center Self-service laundry Internet access Thanks again for your service!
  11. Started out at $110. Raised to $120 and added Santa Monica. Then tried, Westwood, then W. Hollywood and Beverly Hills. Increased to $124, declined. Increasted to $125 and accepted. Thanks again for your service!
  12. Took me a couple of days but finally got a hit under $90.00 on first try this morning. Looks to be a decent hotel.
  13. Started at $180, added Lakeland and bid $190, added USC and bid $200 and bid accepted. Hotel quoted $329. Thanks BB!
  14. Used BB link to PRICELINE.... First bid of $65 for 3.5* in FLL (downtown) rejected. Added FLL ( airport north) for free second bid of $75 and rejected. Add FLL (beach area) and increased to $85. Hyatt Pier 66 awarded. Was very flexible where I stayed, happy with the results. Thanks for maintaining this board...it is very helpful!
  15. Used the BB link for PRICELINE and started at $100, bid denied but PL came back with offer to rebid same zone at $125. Opus (not on the hotel list btw) confirmed. Looks like nice hotel in the Yaletown area. Thanks for your board...it is very helpful!
  16. Have been trying for several weeks to get a 2.5* under $60 with no success. Finally hit for $59 on first try today and looks like decent hotel. Thanks for your maintaining this board, it is a great travel planning tool!
  17. 3/19 - 3/20/20111 Used your link to PRICELINE...was shooting for Hollywood but went as high as $135 with no luck. After several re-bids, added Beverly Hills/West Hollywood and got the IC @$115 on first bid. Not quite the location I wanted but the price will make up for it <G> Thank youf or your service!
  18. Bid 3.5* @$65, rejected. Added Kearny Mesa Area (no 3.5*) and upped bid to $71. Accepted. Note - did not go down to 3* as I did not want to end up at the Town & Country.
  19. Started bidding at $69 based on Hotwire/previous posts. Went up to $75, then $81. Paid $100 this time last year. Great hotel, wonderful location. Thanks for keeping this board alive!
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