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  1. Looks like PRICELINE may have adjusted their areas. The city zone I reference is the one on the website currently. All in $117.83, and I think the same hotel in HOTWIRE is going for $134. I only bid in this area using free re-bids. Previous bid was $93. Used the PRICELINE link. Thanks Betterbidding!
  2. Previous bid was 135. Did not try include any other area with 4.5* when bidding. Used PRICELINE link.
  3. Previous bid was $119. Pleased with result; saved $35 (after tax) compared to hotel site. Now I just have to find a cheap place to park. Used the PRICELINE link.
  4. The only 5* in portland, used many free rebids by adding other areas Last unsuccessful bid was @ $141. Used the PRICELINE link.
  5. Started bid @ $15. Received a free re-bid by priceline, and won @$16. Used PRICELINE link.
  6. Started @ $70, bidding for 4* Bellevue, Seattle Downtown Pike Place and Space needle. Was counter offered @ $86. Used free rebids until I was able to get the room for $75. Used PRICELINE link.
  7. Bid for 4* hotel the last few days, using free rebids (Toronto Downtown South being the only location that actually has a 4* hotel), and last unsuccessful bid today was @ $102. Used PRICELINE link
  8. Started bidding for 4* at $150 and increased bids by $10 increments. Used up free rebids while including all 4* areas in San Francisco excluding Union Sq. East, SFO Int'l Airport, and San Mateo. Started using smaller increments at $250, and last bid was $267. Used PRICELINE link.
  9. Tried unsuccessfully bidding up to $140 for *4 Seattle Center - Space Needle. Didn't want to stay in the heart of downtown. Changed bidding on 4* in Bellevue only, and added free rebid areas, last re-bid was at $118. Used the PRICELINE link.
  10. Started Bidding at $85, went up in increments of 2-3 dollars until won the Benson. Received a counter offer after the first bid for $112. Hotwire was showing what I think was the Benson for $120. Used the PRICELINE link.
  11. Was bidding space needle and DT-Pike Place as the only 4* areas, adding free re-bid areas (I love how Seattle has so many!) in $1 dollar increments, as the express deal had a hotel in DT-pike place for $96, and was getting close. Used PRICELINE link. Thanks for the parking suggestion from my previous priceline post. Hopefully have time to scope out cheaper parking near the hotel. Cheers.
  12. Started bidding at $65, and went up by adding $5 increments. Starting by adding all 4* areas (we didn't really have a preference): Bellevue, Redmond - Kirkland, Seattle Center Space Needle. We seem to end up with this hotel 50% the time we ever bid in the Seattle area, which is disappointing, but... Hotwire had 4* Pike Place @ 130/night, and Kayak showed 189/night. Should probably find better parking alternative this time around. Anyone know of any closeby? Used the PRICELINE link. Thanks to the Admins and all the fellow contributors.
  13. Had enough Hyatt points for 5 nights and needed to tack on a couple more nights. Tried for a week, increasing bids up by $5 a time, using the free re-bid by adding Princeville. Quite a bit more than what many others have been able to get in the past, but I'm okay with paying less than retail. Hotwire shows what looks like the same hotel for $229. Cheapest rate found is $330. Rooms: 1 Nights: 2 + Add nights for the same rate! Room Subtotal: $450.00 Taxes & Fees: $75.46 Total Charged to Card: $525.46 Used PRICELINE link. Thanks again betterbidding, and to all the others that contribute to this site.
  14. Started bidding at @$20/day, and raised by a $1/day. 7 Days subtotal: $168 Taxes and Fees: $101.91 Total Charges: $269.91 Used the PRICELINE link from BB.
  15. Tried yesterday up to $95 with no success (counter offer was at 120). Also tried 4* in Seattle Bellevue up to 140 with no luck (counter offer was 160). Decided I didn't want to continue with Pike Place, but would go for the Pan Pacific instead. Tried Seattle Space Needle up to $97 (counter offer at 130), then as I exited the site and reentered through the PRICELINE link to try another combination using the free re-bids, I made a mistake by choosing a recent search which was Pike Place and got the Monaco. Hope it's good. It had decent reviews, and was hoping not to get the renaissance or edgewater again.
  16. Intercontinental Los Angeles Century City 2 rooms: 3 nights Room Subtotal: $846.00 Taxes & Fees: $144.66 Total Charged: $990.66 Started bidding 4* properties at $125 in Beverley Hills-West Hollywood added Westwood-Century City, Santa Monica MDR, Culver City, and Inglewood @ 130, 135, 138, 141 respectively. Used the PRICELINE link.
  17. Included a $3/day Bonus Cash offer emailed to me today, so it worked out to $119 for the three days. HOTWIRE currently showing $32/day. Been bidding unsuccessfully over the last few days, up to $25 for this class, and $29 for Standard SUV. Didn't want to lose out on using the bonus cash so I went higher, given the free money. I don't know if there would have been success bidding a little lower, also not sure if bidding two months out is too early. Lowest price I could see on Kayak a couple of weeks ago, all in was $152, which I reserved as a backup plan. Used the PRICELINE link.
  18. Was offered $5 bonus cash to be used within 24 hours. Bid $100 (including $5 bonus cash) Cost to me: avg. per room, per night US$95.00 Rooms: 1 Nights: 1 + Add nights for the same rate! Room Subtotal: US$95.00 Taxes & Fees: US$23.31 Total Charged to Card: US$118.31 Used the PRICELINE link to start bidding
  19. Forgot to mention, used the PRICELINE link. Cheers.
  20. Your Offer Price Per Room, Per Night: US$73.00 Subtotal: US$73.00 Taxes & Fees: US$18.21 Total Charges: US$91.21
  21. Been bidding for weeks in the 110-135 range. Still early, but got tired of trying every day. For reference, the Marriott is showing $215/night currently on Kayak.com. Used the PRICELINE link.
  22. I've bid on this location for the last couple of days including now and "Resorts" category along with 5* and 4* are all available.
  23. Started bidding at $120, raised bids by $5 increments with the following areas: Union Square east Soma-Moscone Center Union Square West Used the PRICELINE link.
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