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  1. Amenities - free parking, free internet, free breakfast, smoke free rooms, business center, fitness center, self-service laundry, internet access, in-room accessibility
  2. Not sure on the amenities - these were the ones on my confirmation - free internet, free parking, pool, smoke free rooms, fitness center, restaurant, business center, handicap accessible.
  3. Amenities - free parking, free internet, beachfront hotel, indoor pool, restaurant, business center, self-service laundry, internet access, golf nearby, tennis nearby Accessible Path or Travel, in-room accessibility, accessible bathroom, accessible parking. There were several quality inns in Ocean City - this was the one on 54th street.
  4. Early reports from my family on this hotel were great - the breakfast buffet even had caviar. I'll have my wife write a review when she gets back.
  5. Amenities - Free Parking, Free Breakfast, Free Internet, Pet Friendly, Smoke-Free Rooms, Fitness Center, Pool, Restaurant, Business Center, Self-Service Laundry, Internet Access, Golf Nearby, Spa Services
  6. Amenities - free parking, free breakfast, free internet, pet friendly, indoor pool, pool, business center, internet access, self-service laundry, airport shuttle, smoke free rooms, fitness center, golf nearby Accessibility - In Room Accessibility; Wheelchair Access, Accessible Bathroom; Accessible Parking
  7. Amenities - free parking, free breakfast, free internet, pet friendly, indoor pool, pool, restaurant, business center, internet access, self-service laundry
  8. Amenities - Free Breakfast, Free Internet, Pets Allowed, Free Parking, Indoor or Outdoor Pool, Non-Smoking, Fitness Center. Prices a bit high this time of year. Had a bed selection option as there are 2 adults and 2 children, so I was able select 2 queen beds at the same price.
  9. Wife and kids starting a driving trip out west starting tomorrow. Likely a different destination each night. I'll post whenever I get their room through Hotwire or Priceline. Amenities - Free Parking; Free Breakfast; Free Internet; Suite; Indoor Pool; Smoke-Free Room; Fitness Center; Pool; Business Center; Self-Serve Laundry; Internet Access; Kitchenette Accessible for Visually Impaired; Accessible for Hearing Impaired; Accessible Path of Travel; In-Room Accessibility; Accessible Bathroom; Accessible Parking; Roll-In Shower.
  10. Amenities - free parking, free breakfast, free internet, indoor pool, smoke-free room, fitness center, pool, business center, self-service laundry, internet access, accessible for visually impaired, accessible for hearing impaired, accessible path of travel, in-room accessibility, wheelchair accessible, accessible bathroom, accessible parking, roll-in shower. I obtained this for my wife and her sister - tried to get for two adults and two children, but was not available. This was the Hampton Inn at 8000 Eagle Creek Blvd.
  11. Zone was actually Erie South Amenities - Free Parking; Free Internet; Indoor Pool; Airport Shuttle; Fitness Center; Pool; Restaurant; Business Center; Self-Service Laundry; Internet Access Accessibility - In-room accessibility; Wheelchair accessible; Accessible bathroom; Accessible Parking; Roll-in Shower.
  12. PRICELINE EXPRESS. Free breakfast; free internet; free parking; indoor or outdoor pool; fitness center & business center.
  13. I found them - Accessible for Visually Impaired; Accessible for Hearing Impaired; Accessible Path of Travel; In-Room Accessibility; Accessible Bathroom and Roll-In Shower.
  14. Amenities - Free Internet; Oceanfront Hotel; Indoor Pools; Fitness Center; Pools; Restaurant; Business Center; Internet Access; Golf Nearby; Tennis Nearby; Spa Services 95% Hotwire Rating Purchased for 2 Adults and O Children, but would have preferred a room with two beds guaranteed. The price for 2 Adults and 2 Children, for what appeared to be the same hotel, was running in the $ 200 to $ 220 range. I did some bidding on Priceline, but was not successful. There is a $ 35.00 resort fee, which was noted on Hotwire prior to bidding. This includes self-parking. Resort and/or parking fees in this range seem the norm for the higher end hotels in Newport. This was one of the 4 or 5 hotels was hoping to get in Newport. I was pretty sure this was the Hyatt because of the Oceanfront amenity.
  15. Amenities - free parking; free internet; indoor pool; fitness center; pool; restaurant; business center; internet access 95% Hotwire Rating
  16. If you bid on Priceline for a 3.5*, I'm not sure how important being in downtown is to you. The Priceline downtown zone does extend across the Mon river into station square and the Sheraton in station square is a possibility. Not a bad hotel, but it is not in downtown. If you bid for a 4*, you should be able to avoid this possibility.
  17. A bit far off - but seemed like a good price for a beach hotel for part of an early summer New England trip. I will finalize the rest of the trip a lot closer to the travel dates. Amenities are free parking; free internet; indoor pool; fitness center; pools; business center; internet access; accessible path of travel; in-room accessibility; wheelchair accessible; accessible bathroom; accessible parking; and roll-in shower. Had a t/a rating of 4.0 and a 95% hotwire rating.
  18. Not normally a good price - but for a football weekend, it's OK. There really was not anything available in State College for as long as I was checking for this date and most hotels require 2 night stays on football weekends, but sometimes in the week preceding the game there are cancelations and there may be listings on Priceline or Hotwire. Rates can be crazy high for football weekends - $ 250.00 to $ 400.00 a night. I have stayed here before, it is a very nice HI Express. I had a back-up room in Clearfield
  19. Limited in my bidding options since I needed a Minivan and had a drop off at a different location. I saved about $ 90 total from a back up I had through National with a Car and Driver code. Other retail prices were crazy high. The Hotwire price at the time I bid was $ 138; and, most of the time I went on Priceline, the recommended bid was over $ 100. I did not know what to bid other than trying to beat my back up by about a $ 100. Most of times I bid, Priceline gave me a 2nd bid after the 1st bid failed without changing anything.
  20. I don't normally target a specific hotel but I did in this case. I wanted a hotel close to Universal as I also have a room at one of the Universal resorts which I got so that the people in our party of six that ride would have express passes for the Universal Parks. I only needed this room for two people, but a different hotel was showing when I ran for 2 adults only - it was a dollar cheaper and had resort fee of $ 15 noted on the purchase page. I suspect this other hotel may have been the Wyndham Orlando Resort even though it is currently listed under Sea World-I Drive Zone. I'm not sure how precise the Zone maps are, but there is a small drop (depression) in the map for the Universal zone below Sand Lake Drive which would appear to include the area where the Wyndham Orlando Resort is located. The amenities for the Doubletree are: Free Internet Fitness Center Pool Restaurant Business Center Self Service Laundry Internet Access Accessible for the Blind Accessible for the Deaf Accessible path of travel In-Room Accessibility Accessible Bathroom Handicapped Parking Roll-in Shower At one time I saw a tennis amenity on the listing, but it was not there at the time I made the purchase. Used betterbidding HOTWIRE link to make the purchase.
  21. Made the purchase with the biddinghelper link. Sorry I originally posted on the Hotwire page. The zones are very tight together and it looked like the Embassy, Fairfield and Hampton may have been in other zones, but very close to the Downtown zone. I thought this was probably the Residence Inn, with a chance of the Homewood - either would have been fine as I was hoping for a suite room and the free breakfast is an added plus. Amenities were free internet, free breakfast, business center and fitness center on Priceline Express.
  22. Any idea what a 3* in the Downtown Zone would be for 6/27/14 to 6/29/14, at $ 75 night with Free Breakfast, Free Internet, Business Center and Fitness Center. There are no 3* reported on Priceline Express list, and the only 3* reported on Name your own price are Courtyard, Holiday Inn and Residence Inn. I would assume Residence Inn is a possibility because of the free breakfast. There also appears to be a Homewood Suites in this zone which has a free breakfast and is likely a 3*. Is there any other possibilities for a 3* with a free breakfast in this zone?
  23. Cheaptickets and Orbitz have promocodes on their sites homepages that should work for these Universal resort hotels. Cheaptickets was 20% discount, but needed a 3 day stay. Orbitz was 15% with no minimum stay.
  24. Penguin playoff game on Saturday and University of Pittsburgh graduation are couple events which may be effecting hotel rates.
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