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  1. I went up to $26 today and my offer was rejected again and once again, I was advised to bid $54. Unfortunately, (well, unfortunately if you have your heart set on using Priceline), I can get a rental car straight from the brand companies ($33) for less than Priceline is offering. The taxes and fees on Priceline are higher as well. I was able to get my hotel at what I believe to be a great price, but the rental car didn't work out this time. Thank you for the help.
  2. I just posted a reply about the hotel. Are you willing to help me with my rental car question?
  3. I ended up getting the Radisson Albquerque for $40 a night on PRICELINE. The new dates are 9/19 to 9/24.
  4. I'm trying to rent a car in Albuquerque 9/19 through 9/24. I bid $30 a day and Priceline rejected that and suggested I bid $54 a day. I can rent a car for $54 on any website, but Priceline is saying I should save up to 40%. I don't understand where the savings is.
  5. Hello, I've never used PRICELINE before and would love some help with getting a rental car and hotel for the following: Albuquerque, NM Thursday, October 29 - Sunday, November 1 As for the hotel, I'd like 3*, but my problem is breakfast. Generally, we try to stay at hotels that offer free continental breakfast in order to stay on our tight budget. Is there any way to assure I'll get a hotel that has a free breakfast? If I save a bunch of money on my hotel, but then have to turn around and purchase breakfast every morning (McDonald's is out of the question) then I haven't accomplished anything. Also, I'd like to be at the north end of the city. I'm not picky about the car rental....least expensive with a reputable company is really all we need. Thanks in advance.
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