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  1. I saw the Hilton does but couldn't find if any others do. We will be staying up there for about 2 weeks with our 2 very small and spoiled dogs :-) So any advice would be greatly appreciated. Want to stay at places that are 3.5 or above and if you know of a hidden gem, please let us know. Thank you all so much
  2. If possible, avoid their parking. The charge is $35 plus taxes. Ended up being $43.84 for one night parking when our friends stayed there
  3. Woo Hoo...thanks everyone. Saved $30 I'm so excited. And full size too. Wonder what their full size are on this island.....ahh.heck...who cares...I saved $30. Thanks so kindly Melanie
  4. No worries. I'll use those links religously. Promise :)
  5. Does Priceline allow you to bid on a Stay and park package at any SeaTac hotels? We want to stay down there the day before flight. Just using parking lot is about $100 but one hotel has a stay and park package that's $149 total (and that includes taxes and fee's) Thought I'd check to see if I could get it lower. Save a fun bucks for my trip. Thank you kindly. Melanie :)
  6. I did $12 for the full size, the site said $14 might be "good", but I tried $12 any way. Didn't take. Is it safe to assume that the "good" rate is generally accepted? I realize the $14 is a big savings and a great deal but something about just getting $1 off feels like you've won the battle, know what I mean? This site is interesting. Your all pro's at this and I'm just learning. Thank you kindly. Melanie
  7. Thank you kindly. Actual dates are Sept 7th thru 14th. I tried a full size last night for $9 but it didn't fly. The site said $14 would be a "good price". Thought I'd try $10 or $11 after my 24 hours. We could go smaller, like to a standard car or maybe even a mid-size if their midsize is truly a mid. :) We already have a res for a full size at $191 total (includes all taxes and fee's) And yes, when I made our bid last night, I went thru your site PRICELINE links. I'm a loyal customer. :) Thoughts on what I can do to improve my bid? $14 is great but like everyone else, I want to go lower.
  8. Sorry, I thought using the airport code, KOA, might help. I guess I should've posted the Big Island. Sorry. I'll start low like $8 or $9 and see if I get a bite. Any other suggestions? Thanks kindly Melanie
  9. By the way, We are going in Sept, if that helps. Thank you kindly. Melanie
  10. I am elderly and have never used PRICELINE to bid before. We are going to the island of Hawaii and when I did a search using PRICELINE, it said the price should be about $14 a day for a full size. That is a great price. I thought maybe I'd put in $12 and see if I get a bite?? I'm very nervous about doing this. Is there anything I should know or worry about beforehand? Has anyone done this thru this airport and had a bad experience after using PRICELINE? Questions for me? Please ask. And thank you kindly for all your help. Melanie
  11. I'm confused and need help then. I put in my search, choose the area nearest Port Everglades, choose 3.5 stars (the max allowable) and it showed this place for $102 and then when I clicked "amenities" this was the list it showed. I didn't see anything orange. What did I do wrong? Melanie
  12. I was trying to follow the board rules and placed this in hotwire section (since it was hotwire) but now you've moved it here. Did I violate a board rule by doing that? If so, I am sorry. Was just trying to find out which hotel this was using the great people here. Melanie
  13. Date is Nov 14th to 15th 3 1/2 * Fort Lauderdale/Port Everglades iD help requested Ammenities are: ■A well-known, on-site restaurant ■Large, quality rooms ■Room service ■Health and fitness center ■Business administrative center These properties are frequently located near convention centers and attractions. Thank you. Melanie
  14. I have spent the past few days reading as much as I could on this wonderful website. You kids (I say kids because I'm 91 years old) are pro's at what you do and so slick, I love reading all you do to get deals for you and everyone else. I stand and applaud all of you that help others here. :) Now, on to my business, I am confused by the priceline map. I'm trying to find the best hotel/resort by the Port Everglades. My husband and I are taking a cruise in Nov to celebrate our 70th. Yes, that is not a misprint, our 70th. I want to stay at the most glamourous place down there the night before
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