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  1. I went with the Priceline Express deal. It was the Embassy Row Hotel. Looks decent but not as nice as the Palomar. It was $134/night plus $9.95/night per night in "hotel fees". So it wasn't that great of a deal but still not a bad price for a 4* in that area. thanks for your help!
  2. 4* Dupont Circle PRICELINE EXPRESS Hotel I'm hoping you might be able to help me guess at a Priceline Express deal that I found thru the Bidding Helper. It's a 4*, Dupont Circle, $135/night. Dates of travel are 5/24 - 5/31. The only amenities listed are "indoor or outdoor pool" and "pet friendly". The pet friendly is making it sound like the Palomar?? thanks!
  3. Thanks. The Dupont Circle Hotel would be a great location! Rooms seem a bit small and I might keep looking for a hotel with a pool--but it's hard to beat this location. I will keep you posted!
  4. Help ID 4* hotel in Dupont / Embassy Row Area Dates of stay are 5/24 - 5/31. One adult, one child. 90% recommended, 4.5/5 guest rating. Price is $182 which is getting a bit high for what I wanted to spend, but the kid might like the pool. Amenities: Pet friendly Smoke-free rooms Fitness Center Pool(s) Restaurants Business Center Internet access Spa Services Accessible for hearing impaired accessible path of travel In room accessibility accessible bathroom roll in shower Thanks for your help identifying this hotel. And I used the Hotwire link!
  5. 4* hotel in the Capital Hill area. Dates are 5/24 - 5/31 for one adult and one child. It's a Hot Rate boutique hotel with a rate of $120. 90% recommended and a 4.5/5. I can't get any amenities to show--is that because it is a hot rate? thanks!
  6. Can you help me identify this 4.5* hotel in the Dupont Circle area? Dates are 5/24-5/31 for one adult and one child. 95% recommended. 4.5 / 5.0 on Trip Advisor. Showing a price of $147. Amenities: Free internet Smoke Free Fitness Center Restaurant(s) Business Center Accessible for visually impaired, hearing impaired and accessible path of travel Accessible parking Accessible bathroom In room accessibility Roll in shower Thanks!
  7. Started with bidding on a 4.5* but stopped at $100. Then started over with a 4* at $80 and got the Silver Cloud for $95. Looks like an ok place but the location is kind of far from Pike Place. Do you know if this is a new hotel to Priceline? I haven't seen it before. And I used the PRICELINE link from your site.
  8. I'm going back and forth between HOTWIRE and PRICELINE--using your links, of course. I tried to find your $115 rate on HOTWIRE. I got a $114 rate if I said just 2 adults. When I put in 2 adults and 2 kids, no 4 stars show up with a similar rate. Should I just say 2 adults when booking the hotel, if I were to go with HOTWIRE? Thanks for the help!
  9. I'm willing to take my chances on PRICELINE. If we end up with just one bed, I can make it work.
  10. Hello- I'm looking to spend a day and a half in Chicago before flying home from our midwest tour. I'll have my 2 kids with me (6 and 8) so I'm thinking the NMA-River North area would be a good bet to be near the heart of things. I'm willing to spend up to about $120. Looks like the big conventions will be over by then. What star rating do you think I could get and any guesses on what hotel it might be? Thanks for your help!
  11. Started bidding at $42, added Des Moines and bid $47. (thanks to a reported win I was able to zero in pretty close!). And I used the PRICELINE link from that reported win!
  12. Started bidding at $80 and added the following zones, increasing bids by $5 each time: Bothell, $85 Des Moines, $90 Kent, $95 Took a break and tried again a couple days later. Started at $95 Downtown: Bothell, $100 Des Moines, $105 Kent, $110 Kirkland, $115 Renaissance is a pretty nice hotel but I always hope to get something closer to the shopping areas. Still beats the Edgewater for location though. And yes, I used your PRICELINE link.
  13. Tried repeatedly to get a 3.5* in the Wauwatosa zone for 7/27/12-8/2/12. Started bidding at $40 and added rebid zones of Germantown, North Shore, Milwaukee West, and New Berlin and bid over several days. Finally gave up when my bid of $70 (may have even been $72 or $75) was rejected. Added the Brookfield zone and got the Sheraton for $60. I'll start a new thread with that win information. And I did use the PRICELINE link!
  14. I followed up on the Seattle trip. Sorry about that. Hope you can help me with the Wisconsin trip!
  15. Sorry for the delayed response. My sister actually booked the reservation. We got the Olive 8 for $95/night. GREAT hotel, fabulous location so we were very pleased!
  16. I'm looking for a hotel in Wauwatosa and don't want to get as far north as the Priceline boundary goes for Northwest-Wauwatosa. Any idea what hotels are in the north area of the zone? The 3.5* looks like it is the Crowne Plaza in Tosa. Are there other 3.5* in this zone? thanks for the help!
  17. Hi- Looking for a 4* in downtown Seattle for 12/9/11 to 12/11/11. Would really like to avoid the Edgewater--it's just too far away. Looks like a lot of people have been having success with the Westin or the Sheraton--or even the Hyatt at Olive 8 (would love that!) but the Edgewater shows up every now and then. Any advice on how to avoid the Edgewater (use Hotwire?)? Ideally, we'd like to keep it under $90 per night and need 2 rooms. Thanks for this site! Love it and the upgrades are great!
  18. Looking for a 4* in downtown Seattle for 12/9/11 to 12/11/11. It's a girls shopping weekend and we do not want to be down at the Edgewater--that was the hotel we got last year thru PL and it's just too far. I have't seen any Edgewater wins here with Hotwire. What I am seeing with Hotwire for those dates is $92 for a 4* with the following amenities:Smoke Free Rooms, Fitness Center, Pool(s), Restaurant(s), Business Center, high speed internet. Westin or Sheraton would be perfect, but this could also be the Renaissance, right? Any ideas/suggestions? Love the upgrades to this site!!
  19. Started bidding last week and bid up to $102 with no luck. Started over today. Bid $90 in the strip north condo area, then added strip north at $95 then added strip south at $100. I know it wasn't the smartest bidding strategy but I'm happy with the price and the hotel. Love the upgrades!!
  20. I didn't think I was low balling it--I had changed to Crystal City and expected the rooms to go for less. I kept adding downtown zones so that I could keep re-bidding in Crystal City. I think I got up to $155 for a 3.5* in Crystal City, that was rejected. Went to 3*, in Crystal City but when it got to $100, decided to go back to the more central zones and ended up at the 3* Holiday Inn Central for $175. Not too excited about it but I'm sure it will suit our needs. Bummer that the prices were so high during these days. thanks for all your help. I love this site and always use the PRICELINE links!
  21. Thanks again for the advice. I tried Crystal City and did a lot of rebidding by adding zones that I knew would be out of my price range for the bid! Here's what I bid: Crystal City, 3.5*, $75 rejected Added Capital Hill/Convention Center, $80 rejected Added White House, $90 rejected Added Dupont Circle, $100 rejected Added Mt. Vernon (no 3.5* stars in this zone), $110 rejected Added Georgetown, $120, rejected Stopping here for now. May go up to $150 for 3.5* or might start over with only 3*--gotta look into that difference more. Thanks for the tip about the Newseum--I hadn't even thought of that but just yesterday someone else mentioned it to me as a must see!
  22. OK Cheapdigs, you got me thinking. I'll try Dupont Circle, 3* for up to $175 and then I'll try Crystal City. Any advice on what to bid for a 3* and a 3.5* in Crystal City? If I am unsuccesssful with Dupont Circle at $175, can I rebid right then for Crystal City? Will I need to close my browser? thanks for all the help and the PRICELINE link!
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