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  1. Tried a zillion times and added a bunch of non 4* zones (which SD has a lot of) and finally won with $88. Was hoping to get it for less or a different location, but still a great deal considering booking direct was $199 - So I am happy. Anyone have tips on a cheaper place to park considering its $22/day at the hotel?
  2. Well not sure if you want this post here or if you want to move it... I ended up going with Priceline - here's what I did. $120 bid - no go $130 bid - added a region without a 4* $140 bid - added another region without a 4* $145 bid - accepted - Westin! I'm really happy with this win - came out cheaper than the W on hotwire. Seattle is a great place to use priceline for because there are a lot of zones without 4* hotels. So if you want to stay downtown and stay in a 4* then thats the way to go. Thanks again!
  3. ok cool. I know I have read on other threads that if Hotwire is a good deal, then you could possibly get an even better going with Priceline? I am not set on the W (although that is a steal for that hotel) and would be happy with any of the 4*'s already identified on the priceline board... thanks for your help!
  4. Just wanted to get another opinion on my trip..... Hotwire for 8/24 - 8/27 in Downtown Seattle - Pikes Place has a 4* for $166 / night Boutique, Restaurant, Internet, fitness and business center Judging from the Hotwire list - It is the W hotel? If it is the W it seems like a great deal. Could I get a better deal going through priceline if this is the starting rate on hotwire? Also, does anyone else agree that this is the W? Any help would be appreciated, thank you!
  5. In response to Thereuare for follow up: I ended up having 0 luck going through priceline and stuck with my backup of Luxor (they had no rooms left when we checked in so we got a jacuzzi suite - it worked out pretty well :-) )
  6. Anyone have any idea what a good bid would be for a 5* on the strip for 6/18-6/20 would be? I made a backup res. at Monte Carlo for about $280 for both nights.... You think I could do better on pl for a 5*? Thanks in advance!!
  7. You mentioned checking rates. Are you referring to hotwire and priceline? or just going direct to the hotels websites. I have been searching with no luck for something better... I am looking to stay at a decent hotel on the strip... I am afraid to bid on priceline for a 4* for fear of getting the westin.... Thanks!
  8. ok I am kind of still new to Priceline bidding... but I am trying to get a 5* on the strip (hopefully venetian) at a good deal. I made my backup reservation at Luxor for about $160 a night and am looking to spend about that on a 5*. Heres how my bidding went on Priceline with no luck Bid $100, Added a zone Bid $115, Added a zone Bid $130, Added a zone Bid $145, Added a zone Bid $155, Gave up. Any other tips? should I wait til the date is closer? Thanks!
  9. kinda new to the site, but I see you are checkin out the same dates as I am for a 5* in vegas.... let me know how the bidding goes.. as will I! Thanks for all the tips!
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