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  1. Thanks for the quick reply...nothing like a bit of pressure eh?!


    Haven't even booked my flights yet as prices still high but think i will take a risk on this as the price is same for first week in december which is when we actually wanted to travel (hotel prices were v high so then looked at late nov), so don't want to miss out as this price for Dec is fab.


    With that in mind, I don't suppose there are any current hotwire discount codes doing the rounds?




  2. Hi there


    Quick question. I know it's very early to secure a good deal on hotwire / priceline for dates at end November / early December, but I thought it would be worth taking a look now to get some guide prices.


    For 25-29 November, Hotwire is giving me a rate of $139/night for a 3.5 star hotel in Chelsea / Greenwich Village, which includes breakfast. The tripadvisor score is 4.5.


    It gives me a list of four hotels, one of which is guaranteed to be the blind hotel. When you refresh this page, the list of four hotels changes each time, with only two constants and only one of which appears to offer complimentary breakfast.


    The one it would appear to be is the Hyatt House New York/Chelsea, but I wondered if someone else could look at this? It seems like this would be a great price for a hotel which seems to score so well.


    NB this is for two adults only.


    Many thanks

  3. That's fab - thanks so much for looking into this!

    I've never heard of that other website Quikbook or whatever it is, so will definitely check it out as the Tudor is a good choice.

    I've been reading all about the current friends and family offer at Fairmont hotels and am gutted that you can only book 90 days in advance, otherwise I'd be blowing the budget and booking us into the Plaza for $220/night or whatever it's currently available for!

    Thanks again


  4. Thanks Aaron - I'm bearing this in mind and that's why $160 or so is my cut off point.

    There are actually very 4* options coming up on hotwire - do you think it would pay to wait a bit longer if I'm not having much luck with priceline?

    I wouldn't normally book this early, but it's part of my honeymoon so just want to get it all in the bag as soon as possible really.

    Also, I know the hotwire hotel is most likely to be the W and am actually ok with this - when you read the reviews on TA, most of the complaints come from those who have paid high prices and have high expectations, or those complaining about the rooms being small.

    If I get it for $160-ish, I'm quite sure it will exceed my expectations and in any case, I'm from Europe and am used to small hotel rooms! That's the way I see it anyway.

    Shame about the Jumeirah - I quite fancied that...!

    Thanks for getting back to me so quickly anyway, will carry on and see how it goes.


  5. Hi there

    Thanks for all your help on this - have bid up to $135 at the moment but am having no luck. However, I've also been taking it slowly as I've been really chicken about adding the rebid zones in case a 4* magically appears in Brooklyn etc!

    I have another question: I was primarily looking at MTE in the first instance but then quite fancied CPS too. The more I look at it, the more CPS seems like a no-brainer (if I can get it for the right price).

    The choice of 4* hotels in MTE is bigger, therefore more risk of ending up in one of the ones with mediocre reviews, whereas the two 4* hotels in CPS (Jumeirah and Le Parker Meridien) seem to have really good reviews.

    Am I getting confused or is it really as simple as that?



  6. Hi everyone

    While I've used hotwire before, I'm a newbie to Priceline, although I can't wait to get started.

    In the next couple of days (after doing a bit more research!) I want to start bidding to win a 4* hotel in either MTE or MTW. I know it's against all the rules and stuff, but I have my eye on the Sofitel, Benjamin or Waldorf Astoria in particular. Yes, I know the Waldorf doesn't get great reviews but I like the old-fashioned splendour of it and if I get it for cheap enough on Priceline I'll be happy.

    Anyway, I was wondering whether you have any particular strategies / tips to maximise my chances of winning these particular hotels, since I haven't seen a lot of other wins on these properties?

    Of course before I start bidding I'll do lots more research to make sure I'd be happy with any of the results, but any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks


    PS my dates are 15-19 December

  7. Hi all

    I was looking for some assistance in helping to identify a hotel on Hotwire. I've checked all of the usual routes, but can't find anything listed which matches the description.

    The hotel is $159 / night for a four-night stay 15-19 December 2009 and it's described as:

    4-star hotel in Midtown East


    Fitness Centre, Restaurant, Business Centre, Internet and Spa

    I've looked on the list of likely hotels and the one which looked most likely was the W New York but this now has a score through 'spa' so I wasn't sure what this meant.

    Any ideas / help much appreciated.



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