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  1. Passing through Portland and needed a hotel for a quick overnight so checked out BB for past wins in the Moda Center area. I didn't want to be downtown and have stayed in the Moda Center area before, so targeted this location. I used the BetterBidding link and saw a Priceline Express for what seemed to be the Crown Plaza for $77. Over on Hotwire, it looked like the Crown Plaza was being offered for $79. I went into bidding mode and started at $68, was countered for $83 (like that made sense), added a couple of zones with known 3* or less, and ended up getting the hotel for $73. That seems like a lot of work to save a total of $8, but it keeps my BB skills up, and as we all know, it's partly the thrill of the chase that makes this kind of effort so enjoyable. Oh, the hotel assesses a $20 overnight parking, but there is street parking around. Thanks BB, and good luck to all.
  2. It's apparently Parent's Weekend in DC for a few of the universities, so hotels are at a bit of a premium. I did some research and found a 4* offer on Priceline Express in the DC Convention Center area. I used the BetterBidding PRICELINE links and started bidding for 4* with a starting bid of $99. I was countered by Priceline for a $37 increase for a 4* offer, but I passed on that and decided to keep bidding. I probably used a total of 7 re-bids before getting to $120 and winning the Renaissance. There might have been a 3* offering out there, but I didn't see any, and wasn't much interested. Thanks BB once again. - Seattle
  3. Checked out the Priceline and Priceline Express sections and saw 4* downtown Vancouver for $77 and a 4.5* for $94. Based on research on Better Bidding, figured that the 4.5* was likely the Hyatt Regency, with an outside chance of it being Pan Pacific. I've stayed at both, and like both. I clicked on the PRICELINE links at betterbidding, and then used a bidding strategy for 4.5* and started at $81. I was offered a counter by Priceline at $81 to go to $99 immediately, which I rejected. I kept increasing my free bids by $1 all the way up to $88 before finally winning the Hyatt Regency. Parking isn't cheap in downtown Vancouver, but for this price, we'll enjoy the weekend. - Thanks for the BB community over all these years. - Seattle Offer price:$88.00/night Number of rooms: 1 room Number of nights: 2 nights Room subtotal: $176.00 Taxes & fees :$39.56 Total charged today: $215.56
  4. Used the Priceline links and took the Express Deal offer of $205. Amenities described were Outdoor Pool, SpaNon-Smoking, Gym, Restaurant, Casino, Handicap Accessible, Business Center
  5. Shoot...I wish I could figure out how to do that.....the Zone was LAX Airport. Sorry about that....out of practice.
  6. Headed for a very quick trip and need help identifying these two options on Priceline Express, which appear to be identical (even in the property description and fees), but have different prices: 4* Hotel - Indoor or Outdoor Pool, Casino, Restaurant and it has a $22pp resort fee - listed at $205/night 3.5* Hotel - Indoor or Outdoor Pool, Casino, Restaurant and it has a $22pp resort fee - listed at $175/night Both descriptions fit the Melia All-Inclusive at Cable Beach which used to be the Sheraton. I'm wondering if one price is the all-inclusive rate, and one is without. Appreciate your thoughts
  7. It's been awhile since I've been on the board, so a "shout-out" to all of you. Needed a hotel for a quick trip to LA area....will be in the hotel for about 7 hours, so didn't require anything fancy. Checked Hotwire, and checked the BetterBidding board and identified one of the two 3*'s as the Holiday Inn. At this price, it worked for me. Thanks BB community. - Seattle
  8. Used the PRICELINE links from BetterBidding and scored on the first try....means I should have paid less, but a last minute business trip, so no complaint. W Hotel Chicago City Center 4 star Millennium Park, Loop & Grant Park Area 172 W Adams, Chicago, IL 60603 Check-In: Thu, Oct 9, 2014 / After 03:00 PM Check-Out: Fri, Oct 10, 2014 / 12:00 PM Rooms: 1 room / 1 night
  9. Used the HOTWIRE links from the board and booked 2 rooms for the night of the 28th. Lots of extra fees, so total was: Rooms - 2 Rooms (1 night) $169.00 per room Subtotal - $338.00 Taxes - $35.50 Occupancy tax - $25.54 Fees - $28.20 Total price - $427.24 Thanks BB Community....been awhile since I've booked, so glad to be back. - Seattle
  10. The American Assoc of Cancer Research is in DC the 6th - 10th and I've had the most difficulty ever finding a room(s) for my trip 6th - 9th. Rooms in the DC proper areas (Downtown, Whitehouse, Foggy Bottom etc.) are all running $300 - $600 per night. And anything near Reagan for the same time period was running $225+ for 3.5 star on both Hotwire and Priceline. Finally, at last minute while I'm sitting here in the Delta Lounge at JFK, and 4 hours before I arrive, I saw a fare on Hotwire pop-up for a 3.5* in Crystal City at $141. I quickly used PRICELINE links and started at $100 for 3.5* Crystal City and was countered at $124. I added Downtown and went to $110 and was accepted. I had to over-pay for one night in Crystal City on Hotwire, but the net/net is bearable. I'll have a hotel change tomorrow, but they're both close to one another, so not a big deal. I've never run into a situation like this before, but it's nice to know that even at the very last minute, with a big convention in a city, some inventory can suddenly pop-up in the last minute as late cancellations come in. Thanks to the BB Community, and for ThereUAre...congrats on seeing your MI Wolverines in the Final Four. My BlueDevils lost out....again. - Seattle
  11. Will be in London on a mix of pleasure and business, and need 3 Rooms for the dates above. I've noticed the great success in Westminster for the Marriott and DoubleTree and so was bidding around that...for up to $100 but no luck. I think I see the DoubleTree Westminster on Hotwire for $132. I tried to follow Valencia's strategy below, but can't figure out how she moved from 4* to 4* property in the same sessions...am I missing something? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks - Seattle
  12. Posting this post-trip. Was in a hurry so probably could have gotten this hotel for $5 - $10 less, but still happy with location. Used the PRICELINE links of course, and the Priceline Maps. A couple of notes: - self-park is $16/day and valet is $21 with unlimited in/out. - used to have a free shuttle to Disneyland but now charge $4/person. Shuttle runs twice an hour from the hotel and park with unlimited rides per day. - Hotel is 1.3 miles from Disney entrance so if you're going to be walking in Disneyland all day, plan accordingly. Hotel is a straight walk to entrance gates. - Seattle
  13. Reporting this win post my trip. Used the PRICELINE link from this board, and the new Priceline Maps and made a couple of bids. Got this wonderful property for $70 and had a terrific stay. Lots of shopping and restaurants in the area and the hotel is nice. They even bumped us up to the Executive floor. Thanks BB. - Seattle
  14. Used the PRICELINE links and started at $65 for downtown. Worked through a couple of other areas using extra bidding strategy and working up in $5 increments. Added San Diego Coastal and got Paradise Point at $80. Only thing I should have done different was to start with downtown and then added Coastal at $70 on my second bid. Might have saved $5 or $10 per night. Thanks BB...btw- I'm loving your new BB Priceline Maps...it's a fantastic visual and way easier to search for hotels and where to start bidding. Great job on those....worth a WEBBY Award in my mind. - Seattle
  15. Used the PRICELINE link off this board and started at $90 and was rejected with a counter-offer of $106. Added "Northlake" area and rebid at $95 and won the Intercontinental. It was undergoing some renovation when I was there three months ago, so we'll see things are on this trip. - Seattle
  16. After reviewing bid history here on the Board, I used the PRICELINE links from BetterBidding and started at $95 in Buckhead (where I need to be). Was rejected initially and offered to counter at $120. I turned that down and used rebids until I won at $105 at the JW Marriott, which is a fine establishment in Buckhead. Lowest posted rate on the hotel website is $229, so a good savings. Thanks BB Community - Seattle
  17. I used the PRICELINE links. We'll be in London in August for 4 nights, with a group of 6 and I've spent an astounding amount of time looking at apartments, b&b's, vacation rentals, and Priceline and Hotwire. I was almost going to book an apartment, but spent a fair amount of time researching London on this board, and came to the conclusion that something in the mid-80's might get me the Hilton Paddington. I really wanted to be in the Hilton Paddington as we need ready Heathrow access as we have a guest coming in from Paris via Heathrow, I'm headed to France via Heathrow, and the rest of my family is headed home via Heathrow. With Paddington being a 15 minute train ride from Heathrow, this made the most sense. So, my strategy going in was going to be: - $85 with bid in Notting Hill/Bayswater. If rejected, add Westminster, if rejected add Bloomsbury, if rejected add Mayfair, if rejected add Hammersmith (no 4* in Hammersmith), if rejected add Wembley (no 4*)...and going up by $1 increments. Wouldn't you know it, starting at $85 and I got the Hilton Paddington on the first try. I'm not sure if having 12 room nights helped or not, but I'm not complaining. Best apartment deal I could find in London in August was in the same area, but $250 for the same stay, and only had 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. It would have worked, but this will be better. Best hotel rate on the Hilton Paddington web site that I could find was $234 + tax. Room Cost (avg. per room, per night): $85.00 (USD) Number of Rooms: 3 Number of Nights: 4 Room Subtotal: $1020.00 (USD) Taxes and Fees: $222.60 (USD) Total Room Cost: $1242.60 (USD) Thanks Betterbidding.com and to Thereuare for all the years of this board. - Seattle
  18. Used the PRICELINE links on the board this morning to book a quick hotel for a colleague who was in town and needed a room for one night. Started at $80 and was accepted immediately, suggesting there was some inventory for tomorrow :-). Ah well, it's a good price...rack rate is $179. Thanks Board and BB Team. ---Seattle
  19. Did some research on BB, used the PRICELINE link, and accepted on first bid....probably means a little high, but price is still 50% of rack rate. Great location for my meetings in the area and looking forward to trying out this property. Intercontinental Buckhead Buckhead Area 3315 Peachtree Rd Ne Atlanta, Georgia 30326 404-946-9000
  20. Used the PRICELINE links (PRICELINE) and started bidding at $65 (rejected), $70 (rejected), and $75 before being awarded the Lucia. Was offered at $70 to increase bid to $90 and I'm guessing the Hotel Benson would have come up...ah well, will be the first time in the Lucia so we'll see what it's like. Thanks Better Bidding. - Seattle
  21. Have a business trip and used the PRICELINE links. Couldn't really tell what the ideal starting point would be, but figured $100 would be a good place to start. Was accepted immediately by Grand Hyatt Atlanta (Buckhead area) at $100....room rack rate is $289. Thanks BetterBidding. Grand Hyatt Atlanta Buckhead Area 3300 Peachtree Road Atlanta, Georgia 30305 404-365-8100 See Hotel Website View Map and Directions Check-In Date: Wed, Jan 19, 2011 / After 03:00 PM Check-Out Date: Thu, Jan 20, 2011 / 12:00 PM
  22. Looking to save time, and some money, so didn't use any aggressive bidding strategies for this one. I perused the Board, got a sense for price and bid $95 and 4* for the 10/01 - 10/03 period in the downtown market. Judging by other winning bids, it seemed low for the Westin, so I wasn't sure what would pop up. I used the PRICELINE links and got it on the first attempt. Yes, that likely means I could have shaved some dollars, but maybe that will help you with your bidding. I stayed in the Renaissance many years ago when it was a different brand. The upgrade/updating under Marriott sounds like it has gone well, so I expect the stay will be just fine. - Seattle
  23. Meant to post this before the trip. Going rack rate was $140 and got it for $89 on first bid. When we arrived at 9pm that night, the hotel had one suite left, which filled with the couple in front of us. Decent hotel, not far from Silverwood, and of course, the standard breakfast in the AM. Used the PRICELINE link of course. - Seattle
  24. Chase - I'm from the Seattle area and I can assure you that you'll be very pleased with the Westin. It's a nice hotel, and at that rate, at this time of year, you did very well. We have a lot of cruise ships that leave out of Seattle during the summer and early fall months, so hotels tend to be at a premium. To get a quality hotel like the Westin at that rate is a terrific win. Enjoy your visit.
  25. I'm pretty sure it was MTE, but possible that in my rush I'd added CPS. Just not 100% positive.
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