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  1. Yes, I tried USE, USW, Financial District and Wharf for 3* and above with starting bid of USD 95. I prefer a lower priced 3.5*. Currently, I need to have a hotel on 14/15 Aug and 16/17 Aug. I shall be in Sacramento on 15/16 Aug and don't need a hotel. Any helps are appreciated.
  2. It seems I am not getting anything at all. Yes, I would like to start with the Embarcadero area hotel, either 4* or 3.5* would be fine for me. I would consider USE and also Fisherman Wharf also, if that would help reducing the cost. Do you suggesting me to bid on the weekend nights and weekday nights separately?
  3. I have one additional question, if I am booking for multiple days, should I bid them one by one, or put in the whole range all at once?
  4. The price quoted were supposed to be the starting bids. I would like to combine zone(s) in order to get the lowest price. What would be a reasonable 3.5* starting bids. Can you advise a strategy for bidding? (I never bidded for downtown hotels before.)
  5. Thank you very much for reply. My travel dates are 14 through 16 August (3 nights). I wonder if you could advice a bidding strategies to Embarcadero, would a starting bid of USD 125 for 4 stars and USD 80 for 3 stars be reasonable. (Do you know if hotels in Union Square East or Fishermans Wharf are of similar rates or not?) Thanks.
  6. Thanks for replying. I had been reading for different neighbourhood. I guess I did not make my point clear, is there any areas other than Civic Centre would be considered sketchy/dangerous/unsafe, especially in the evening. That was indeed what I meant by Michigan Avenue/Water Tower Place, unlike the Loop, which pretty much a ghost town filled with houseless people after business hour. I have not seen much discussion on this, evening safety is of big concern as we do not drive and have heard that downtowns in US cities can be very dangerous (probably because of misperception) in the evening and sections of Chicago do give me that feel. By the way, would USD 100 be a reasonable starting bid price for a 3* hotel in Nob Hill or Union Square? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. This would be my first time to San Francisco. I wonder if anyone can kindly suggest a bidding strategy (I prefer area that would be comparable to Water Tower Place / North Michigan Avenue in Chicago). What would be a fair starting bid price? My travel dates is 13 to 16 August. Thanks.
  8. Thanks tilepusher for replying. Yes, it is the one that I saw. I got the Delta Vancouver Airport for USD 65.00, amounted to USD 82 after taxes via PRICELINE. (How come taxes are different for downtown and airport hotels?)
  9. I saw the following 3.5 stars hotel at Vancouver Airport listed on Hotwire, for 2-3 April, with: Airport Shuttle, Fitness Centre, Pools, Restaurant, Business Centre and High Speed Internet Access. I wonder if anyone could try identifying it. Thanks.
  10. Yes, I bought the booking through PRICELINE, think I clicked the link somewhere on this page. It shows as a 4 star on the regular Priceline page.
  11. I got the Delta Suite (a nice hotel, I think) for USD 65.00, amounted to USD 84 after tax.
  12. The max. bid amount would be USD 75.00. I saw the following on hotwire.com: 4-star hotel in Downtown Vancouver Entertainment District, with suite, fitness centre, restaurant, business centre and high speed internet access for USD 75.00. I suspect it is Delta Suite. Would you think I could get a better deal through Priceline?
  13. Yes, that is correct. One thing I would like to clarify, though, USD 90.00 is TAX INCLUDED (I usually paid that amount for 3.5 star in Toronto, somehow, Vancouver hotels seem to be much more expensive). Thanks.
  14. Thanks for the information, especially on the hotel ratings between the two websites. I intend giving Priceline a try as the hotels listed on Hotwire seem to be on the much higher end (than what I usually paid for trips in the past). (The bus system in Vancouver and Richmond are both excellent. Any hotel in downtown core will be close to a bus line, that say as long as I do not get a hotel on Granville Island or City Hall area. I can work through it on city buses, especially I do not have much luggage on my way home, in the case if an airport hotel does not provide shuttle.) Please advice a strategy (and starting price) for bidding.
  15. I am new to Priceline and would appreciate any advices. Currently looking for 1 nights in Vancouver on 2-3 April, close to Vancouver Airport (I am en route back to school (in Chicago) after vacation at home (Asia), and shall have MANY luggages). I prefer something like 3 or 3.5 star (as long as I do not get Comfort Inn Airport) or above. I wonder if USD 85 per night (obviously the cheaper I could get the better) a good starting point to bid. Can I safely assume that airport area hotels WILL provide complementary shuttle? (I have to be at the airport at 5.30 am for early morning departure on 3 April.)
  16. Thanks thereuare for responding. I assumed Hotwire and Priceline have the same hotel ratings -- bought a 3 star hotel at the airport on Hotwire last summer and ended up with Comfort Inn with totally inacceptable service. My absolute maximum budget per night is USD 85 - 90, I prefer 3.5 star hotels or up. However, since hotels in Vancouver are more expensive than Toronto (seems to me as so), I would take 3 star hotels if necessary. For the 20-21 Mar stay, I would rather stay close to the airport, although anything in downtown core will also works. (Is it safe to assume all 3 star hotel around airport will provide complementary shuttle?) I am on my way flying home, and Air Canada does not provide hotel accomodation for overnight connections. I do not have much luggage on my way home, a downtown hotel will work as long as it is close to bus routes. Any advice will be appreciated. Can I post two stay simultaneously or I have to do so one-by-one? Thanks.
  17. I am new to Priceline and would appreciate any advices. Currently looking for 2 nights in Vancouver (20-21 Mar and 2-3 Apr), with the Mar. one in airport or downtown, and the Apr. one in airport. I prefer something like 3 or 3.5 star (as long as I do not get Comfort Inn Airport) or above. I wonder if USD 85 per night (obviously the cheaper I could get the better) a good starting point to bid. If anyone would suggest a bidding strategy, I greatly appreciate.
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