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  1. Got Vdara for $175/nt. for 7/21-7/23/17. It's not a bad deal. I bid up from $100 and hoping for Strip-SW. My last bid I included Central West and won Vdara. Thanks BB.
  2. Sorry, that would equate to $27/day before taxes.
  3. Looking for a convertible only if it's less than $250, otherwise will just get an economy. Haven't bid yet, but will soon after reading responses. Lowest price I found was on southwest.com for $250 with tax for economy through their special with budget.
  4. Need help finding car rental for 7/29-8/5 in maui. Any suggestions?
  5. Bid $95, then $100, and won $110. Went through PRICELINE link. Thanks.
  6. Bid through PRICELINE. Accepted 1st bid at $65 for Delta Suites. Should have started lower! Anybody know about this place?
  7. i don't want to go over $125. I'd appreciate a good strategy for this. Thanks guys.
  8. Has there been any other reported hotels via priceline at a 5* level. I don't mind staying at other places, but what else is available at a 5* on the south strip?
  9. Anyone have luck with TheHotel suites? Is this the only 5* hotel on priceline for the south strip? Any advice? Want to stay under $125 a nite?
  10. 1st bid for $38 rejected for milpitas. 2nd bid for milpitas and san jose south accepted for $40. Use PRICELINE link. Thanks again.
  11. Thanks guys! Just scored $95 this morning for Mariott for tonight.
  12. Used PRICELINE link and scored $84 at the Hilton for one night. Bid USE-Nob Hill rejected $70 add rebid zone 1 for $75 rejected add rebid zone 2 for $78 rejected Bid USE-Nob Hill and rebid zone 3 $80 rejected add rebid zone 1 for $82 rejected add rebid zone 2 for $84 accepted Thanks.
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