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  1. Used the HOTWIRE window from Better Bidding. I was looking for a hotel fairly close to the boardwalk for a quick one-night trip to Ocean City. This was recommended by 80% of guests, 3*. Listing included: Complimentary: Free Internet Free parking Amenities: Fitness center Indoor pool(s) Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Self-service laundry Smoke-free rooms I have stayed at this hotel before. Its location is excellent, right on the boardwalk with large rooms and views of the ocean. This will be a great base for a quick getaway with our two teenagers. Its separate listing on HOTWIRE under its own name was $331 and it was $290 on hotels.com. Very pleased!
  2. Yes, on PRICELINE EXPRESS, the amenities showing are Free Internet/Bed Choice/Business Center/Fitness Center/Non Smoking/Restaurant/Swimming Pool I see I mis-typed above, though. It should have read, "After two days of this, I went to PRICELINE name your own price and snagged the same hotel." Sorry about that!
  3. I tried to book this hotel on Priceline Express, where it showed up for $58. However, every time I tried, the request would come back: oh, sorry, you waited too long! That deal is gone. But when I refreshed the hotel list, there it would be again. After two days of this, I went to PRICELINE EXPRESS and snagged the same hotel. It's a really nice place and very convenient to our daughter at Rutgers. :-)
  4. Was able to use PRICELINE this time since only my husband and I will need the room. We wanted a spot relatively close to Rutgers to help our daughter pack up for the year. Got this nice hotel right downtown on my first bid—very pleased! Thanks!
  5. Looking for a hotel in convention center area, Capitol Hill N., or downtown, preferably for less than $100 a night, for combination convention/my birthday. Very pleased!
  6. Wanted a nice place in the city as 10/12 is our anniversary and 10/11 we'll be in town for a play. Bid $70, added zone, $80, added zone, and hit at $90. Very pleased with this well-reviewed property close to Georgetown, Dupont, and Metro. Started with a Better Bidding [url=http://www.betterbidding.com/clicks/click.php?afsrc=1&id=40]PRICELINE[/url] link to search!
  7. Very happy to get the room we needed for a great price. Heated indoor pool, free wifi, hot tub.
  8. I checked all over the web and it seemed as if prices were really good for that weekend, so I started out at $110 for a 4-star . . . and got it on the first bid. It's a 3-minute walk from my husband's conference hotel, and at less than half the price! Leftover $ for fun in New York! Clicked on the PRICELINE link here. Thanks, BetterBidding!
  9. Booked using betterbidding's PRICELINE link. I have been trying for a week or so to get a 3-star in the Poughkeepsie/Fishkill area with a pool for the best price possible. Had tried various other websites as well as hotels' own sites, and occupancy seemed very high—prices as well. Ended up with the Courtyard, which will be great for our purposes, and which is showing at $209 on own site. Hotel is just 3 miles from an event we're attending at Vassar, so we are delighted!
  10. Had bid as high as $106 a few days before using re-bid zones (after accessing PRICELINE through Better Bidding site). Started this round of bidding at $110 and won hotel on first try. Very pleased with location. We are just in for a night from Maryland while our kids are away at camp—wahoo!
  11. First bid accepted. Boutique hotel right on King Street previously unlisted as a 4* Priceline hotel in Old Town. It looks fantastic! Clicked on PRICELINE link in Better Bidding. :)
  12. Let me stop you before you spend any more time. . . Just stumbled on a deal through Hotels.com that quotes 2 double beds at the Travel Inn near TImes Sq for $135. I got a coupon code, and the total after taxes came to $136.06. Thank you so much anyway!
  13. For each of the two stays, I'm interested in getting the most bang for the buck, of course, but will pay the prevailing rate for a room for 4; that is, I'd rather pay closer to 150 than to 200 (before tax) but will do what's necessary. I have a backup reserved at the Radisson Martinique on Broadway for 164.
  14. Hi, Yes, still interested in continuing the discussion. Still wondering how far out we can stay and still be able to do a little touring & get to Penn Stationin the AM. Thanks.
  15. Thanks for your help on the quotes. What I'd really like some insight on is how far out can we stay and still be able to get back & forth to the train station & touristy stuff? Thanks.
  16. Hi, Night of Friday, July 30 and night of Saturday, August 7. We'd be looking at Hotwire because of the 4 in a room situation. Thanks.
  17. My family (hus, wife, 2 kids 8 & 11) is taking the train from Balt. to Montreal this summer. If we go straight from Baltimore, we'd have to leave at 2:15 AM, so we're staying in NY overnight for a more civilized 8:30 AM departure from Penn Station. My question is, how best to get in some sightseeing, not bust the bank, and stay close enough that we can reasonably get to the train station on time? We're traveling with another family of 4 who'll be facing the same quandary. Thanks for any insights!
  18. Either Chapel Hill or Durham would have been fine. Bid 4* Chapel Hill at $50 for Saturday night. Added Durham for re-bid @ $60 & got it! Then added Sunday night successfully.
  19. First bid accepted -- I had expected to receive the Holiday Inn, which is ranked #1 on Travelocity, and I was somewhat concerned when I saw the ranking of the Residence Inn. But after reading the recent reviews, I am convinced they've worked out their problems. They have an outdoor pool, but guests may use the Marriott's indoor pool next door. There are extensive kitchen facilities.
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