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  1. Thereuare, first I want to commend you for your pleasant, easy to talk to attitude, unlike some other sites. We just got the Marriott San Juan Resort for 1/31/06 to 2/4/06 for $100 and are thrilled. We had reserved there for $228 months ago and that was the best deal we saw. But thanks to your postings decided to try Priceline for the first time. 2 Questions- since we have a reservation we need to cancel, is it appropriate to ask if we could get the same type room ( ocean view ) or do the hotels feel that they don't want to give any perks to Priceline customers? Also, the price we paid doesn't include the resort fee, or does it? Thanks again for your help.
  2. Thanks,Thereuare, with that rebidding site I think I finally understand how the game is played.I will keep you informed.
  3. Hi, THEREUARE, my preference would be for a 3 or [ doesn't have to be] 4* downtown location at , hopefully under $100. When you bid on Priceline do "they" track how many bids you make to determine if you are ripe to pay a bit more or are a certain # of rooms given them weekly so it's best to bid early in the week? Or is it purely chance? I guess the fact that mid Feb. is prime season and Valentine's day might have something to do with it. Thanks for your help.
  4. I've done 3 rounds of bidding for above city and dates. Started at $55 for 4* then 3*for each zone ,denied all. On 3rd time I went up to $75 again denied. I'll have to wait another 72 hours but does anyone have any advise? Thanks in advance. Lorian
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