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  1. Kate, thanks for sharing you experience. You mentioned that you know something about shopping in London and that Mayfair-Soho area is not your favorite. May I aks you what is your favorite shopping area in London? I am taking my wife to London for the first time this summer and she loves shopping. She doesn't usually go to really upscale places, but doesn't like dirty cheap places either. What would you recommend?
  2. Thanks! I was happy to contribute to this great community and I hope someone can use my info just like I relied on somebody else's info before me. As an FYI, the cheapest rate from the Hyatt's website was $170 (with AAA card)
  3. Just wanted to share my winning bid with the community. I was aiming at this particular hotel (Hyatt at MCO) because ot its location -- right inside of the main terminal building. I have a very early flight from MCO that morning, so I really wanted to stay as close to the airport as possible. Well, you can not get any closer than Hyatt! I know that I could have got a comparable quality hotel in the airport vicinity for $20-$30 cheaper if I bid on priceleine, but I opted for the on-site hotel instead. I looked up the hotwire hotel guide/reviews prior to pulling the trigger and was reasonably confident that I was getting Hyatt. The listed amenities from my bid match to the amenities in the guide: Restaurant(s), Pool(s), Fitness Center, Tennis Nearby, Business Center. Got it for $97 + fees for the night of 3/5. Edit: oops, I made a typo in the title. It should be 3/5 (not 3/4)
  4. Thanks. I am still in the dark on this one. Both Westin and Fairmont would fit based on the listed amenties, but I can not imagine any of them being rated as 3.5*. I stayed at Le Westin in Tremblant couple of years back and by my standards it was "up there." I am sure any (normal) travel site would have rated it at least 4*-4.5*. I heard that Fairmont is even more upscale than Westin. Country Inn Suites would fit under these amenities too (not sure about hi-speed internet though) but somebody already got them through Hotwire at 2.5*. (It can not jump by 1 full star in ratings this quickly, can it?) So, the logical choice would be either Hilton Homewood Suites or Marrott Residence Inn. But none of these places reports on their website such amenity as hi-speed internet. There are bunch of other hotels/condos in the village but they all are owned by Intrawest, which is not a major hotel/resort chain...
  5. I tried several date combinations hoping for more choices. One of them I think was 3/23-3/25.
  6. Hotwire shows this 3.5* resort property in March. Here are the amenities Hotwire provides: Selected amenities include: Resort, Slopeside, Restaurant(s), Pool(s), Fitness Center, High-Speed Internet Access, Golf Nearby, Laundry Facilities (self-service). What could this be? I guess the key here is it is listed as slopeside (or within easy walking distance to the slopes.) It can not possibly be Le Westin or Fairmont, can it? (Both are too upscale for Hotwire 3.5* rating.) My next guess is Hilton Homewood Suites, but the problem that these units are all suites (1+ bdrms) and Hotwire does not mention it. What else could this be?
  7. Unsuccessfully tried bidding on VB - Pembrooke area for 2.5* hotels for Saturday stays in August. Used surrounding areas as free rebids to up my bids to $66. No luck so far. Not ready yet to include downtown area (where I think the lower bid would have been accepted.) Hope this info will help somebody determine a bidding strategy for future bids...
  8. I just registered and I wanted to start contributing to the growing community. During the 4th of July holidays my family stayed at Sheraton Waterside in downtown Norfolk for $45/nt which I booked through PL in the middle of June. (BTW, the fireworks over water were amazing!)
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