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  1. You are right. It is a 2 Star property. Sorry about that 13661 Indian Point Lane Fort Myers FL, 33912, United States
  2. First try bid of $49 accepted as PRICELINE EXPRESS had this hotel for $55. Total came to Room subtotal:$49.00 Taxes & fees:$11.73 Total charged today:$60.73 Hope you can make good use of this information. Used BiddingHelper.com.com link
  3. Room Price:$85.00/night Number of rooms:1 Room Number of nights:1 Night Room Subtotal:$85.00 Taxes & Fees:$22.97 Total Charged:$107.97 Accessible Room Accessible facilities Business Center Fitness Center Handicap rooms Indoor Pool Non-smoking Rooms Outdoor Pool Pets Allowed Pool Spa Pet Friendly Indoor Pool Outdoor Pool Spa Non-Smoking Gym Handicap Accessible Business Center
  4. Used the PRICELINE link from another post to start bidding on 3.5* in North Tempe at $49. Added West Mesa at $51, then East Mesa at $53. Then added Zone 1 (which currently has 3* as highest available) and bid $55. Offer price:$55.00/night Number of rooms:1 room Number of nights:2 nights Room subtotal:$110 Total charged today:$132.00 Thank you for this great website! And thank you to the OP who shared the above "deal" and the step by step procedure to help me win the similar hotel
  5. Won this PRICELINE EXPRESS deal 2.5* Bloomington Fairfield Inn By Marriott Bloomington $73 ... 8/13/17-8/14/17
  6. I am unable to identify the amenities and share as I did not save it before bidding. Priceline does not reflect it either. It offers a link to go back to Priceline website These are the top amenities but there are lots more when I click another link Free Internet (in Room) Pet Friendly Indoor Pool Non-Smoking Gym Restaurant Handicap Accessible Business Center
  7. I was almost certain that I saw 3.5 * when I booked the property couple days ago. I rechecked my account and the hotwire site. It's now showing 3*. It could be a typo at my end I am assuming as I cannot for sure remember if it was a 3 or a 3.5*. Sorry about that. Will change the heading the reflect 3*
  8. These are the amenities I see when I navigate to "My Trips" -> "View Trip Details" within my Hotmail account for this property Free parking Free Internet Pet friendly Airport shuttle Fitness center Restaurant(s) Business center Self-service laundry Internet access
  9. Booked Accent Inn at Vancouver for $68/night. Used the HOTWIRE link from BB site This is the list of amenities I saw while booking Airport shuttle Business center Fitness center Pet friendly Restaurant(s) Self-service laundry Free Internet Free parking Thanks
  10. Booked a night using the PRICELINE EXPRESS deal. Used the PRICELINE link from this site. There is a small hotel fee of $1.14 (CAD 1.50) for a total of $105/night Hope this helps others with their travel
  11. As other members I too manged to get Seattle Marriott Bellevue on my second bid. Started at $65. As always used PRICELINE link Thanks
  12. Selected in first bid of $55. Had opted for 2.5 Star but was upgraded to 3.5 Star
  13. Over a period of 2 days starting with $40 and adding 8 rebids yesterday and 2 bids today, finally secured at $77+tax service/night Here are my rebids $40,$44,$48,$52,$56,$62,$67,$71,$74,$77 Hope someone can make good use of this information Take care
  14. There is currently only one area in Branson with a 3 star hotel and the only PRICELINE 3 star hotel i know in Branson is the Raddison. First tried $40 no go, added an area went to $45 no go, added an area and increased to $48 and got it. Was asked to increase the bidding by $9 when I was bidding after $45. Increased by only $3 and got at $48. Hope this information helps others in their bidding strategy for Branson...
  15. Sorry for late reply. Here are the amenities icon listed with this property Smoke Free Rooms Complimentary Breakfast Fitness Center Pool Restaurant Business Center Laundry Facilities Hope this helps. And next time I will definitely use the PRICELINE / HOTWIRE link from this awesome site.
  16. Tried Priceline until $60 for a 2.5* hotel at Wisconsin Dells. Went for Hotwire offer of $63 + taxes Clarion Hotel 626 W. Pine St, Baraboo,WI,53913
  17. It says Ft Lauderdale (North) under the Hotel Name. It appears to be my mistake. The "North" is always confusing.. Thanks for pointing it out... Well have to make the best use of whatever happened. However would surely help to know about the area (safety etc) and the hotel reviews.. Its just for a night so I hope it should not be that of a deal.
  18. Have been bidding 3.5* Downtown Ft Lauderdale and/or 3* Ft Lauderdale Airport (FLL) zones for the last few days.. Yesterday selected 3.5* Downtown Ft Lauderdale and added Ft Lauderdale - Airport North (only 2* available) for $62. I was upgraded to 3.5* (in Ft Lauderdale - Airport North) by Priceline. I was not aware that Priceline could actually upgrade to a higher star rating though they show only 2* hotel availability for Ft Lauderdale - Airport North. I am not sure what to make out of it.. Did not see Westin as a winning bid in the recent past in BB. Always used PRICELINE link at BB for all my search and bids.
  19. Got it on my first try. So as the other post said, try it ASAP if you are in the market for a nice Orlando deal. Used PRICELINE link from BB. Have been reading the posts past few days... Its time to give back and share... I hope someone can make good use of this information and bid accordingly just as I did.. Thanks BB for awesome service. Your Offer Price Per Room, Per Night: $65.00 Subtotal: $195.00 Taxes & Fees: $35.01 Total Charges*: $230.01
  20. You mentioned taking a shuttle straight to the Miami Port from FLL? Are there hotel/(s) that offer shuttle as service to their guests?
  21. I am not particular about Airport Zone. Saw the $48/$50 winning bid for this area but I am willing to move around. My cruise returns back on 24th Dec morning and I have a day to spend in Miami/FLL. Will be driving back to Orlando the next day. My maximum bid for this stay is close to $60. With free continental breakfast for 4, Hyatt Place is quite lucrative for the price. I am open to North Miami as well if I could score a 3*/3.5*. Thats been my strategy. Have been bidding between $50 - $56 so far. Guess I will up it each day by a $ or 2. I get around 3 rebid zones since FLL North has only a 2*. No hotels have been registered in Winning Bids for Dec 24th-Dec 25 days.I think going until $60 would be my max $
  22. Please share the bidding strategy to get 3* Airport Hyatt Place or similar for the period 12/24 - 12/25. The area I am targetting is FLL Airport South or North. My past bids have been rejected for the range $50 - $56 so far in the last 2 days. I am aware getting Hyatt Palace could be a stroke of Luck... This stay is post Miami Cruise on Dec 24th. Any help is appreciated. Have been using PRICELINE link from the BB site.
  23. Please share the bidding strategy to get Hyatt Place for $48. I have been trying to get the same hotel for 12/24 - 12/25 without luck
  24. Trying to get a similar offer for Hyatt Place for Dec 24 to Dec 25 2010. My bids for $50 and adding a free bid for $52 did not secure me this deal yet. Will continue to rebid twice each day until I can get this deal bwtween $50-$55. Using PRICELINE link as always. Mods any help in guiding thru the bidding process is appreciated.
  25. Yes, I will have a car but would like to avoid driving into Manhatten. Thank you so much for the recommendations about using the public transport. I am not aware of New york areas. Would it be safe to travel in public transport/bus/subway etc in this area with the family with kids?. We might be returning late from downtown and I wanted to be sure if public transport is a safe option. My decision to book elsewhere hangs around the safety issue pretty much now.
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