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  1. Amenities:

    Free Internet

    Indoor pool(s)

    Smoke Free Rooms

    Fitness Center



    Business Center

    High-Speed Internet Access

    Accessible for the blind

    Accessible for the deaf

    Accessible path of travel

    In-room accessibility

    Accessible bathroom

    Handicapped parking

    $118 with taxes, etc.

    I note this hotel is not listed on the forums' Hotwire Hotel list. But is the only 4* in North Vancouver so was simple to identify.

  2. Yes - have tried adding both North Scottsdale and Tempe.

    We're up to the following now:

    Scotstdale Resort $110

    Re-bid add 4* $110

    Re-bid add 3.5* $95

    Re-bid add Tempe $88

    Re-bid add 3* $70

    Re-bid add North Scottsdale $70

    Had thought prices may be lower in Tempe and N. Scottsdale, but apparently not. Will keep increasing those bids and hopefully get something. Any other suggestions?

  3. Visiting grandma in Scottsdale, and need to stay nearby (in this zone). Would of course love a resort or 4*, but fine with any of the 3*.

    Have gone three days re-trying requests after 24 hrs, and most recently rejected at the following:

    Resort $96

    re-bid add 4* $96

    re-bid add 3.5* $81

    re-bid add 3* $81

    Linked through the PRICELINE link from here.

    Wondering how how things may go. Willing to spend around $90 for a 3*, or just over $100 for higher stars; but it must be spring break or something as prices are higher than what has been posted on the board for this area.


  4. Total price, including taxes/fees and 8 days of the insurance, was $865.

    Tried bidding yesterday, bid $86: rejected.

    Added 4*, bid $89 rejected.

    Tried again 24hr later with starting bid of $89 for Resort and got it first try.

    Anyone know if the insurance actually works if you need to change plans for legit reasons (e.g. illness)? We're bringing our toddler, and are somewhat worried about having to cancel so figured the $5/day is cheap enough -but I worry you get what you pay for!

  5. Update: Tried again with the following:

    All bids for 4*, May 15-18

    Bid $84 Pike Place

    Rebid w/ Space Needle $95

    Rebid w/ Lake Union $101

    Rebid w/ Bothell $116

    Rebid w/ University $121

    Still nothing. Are we crazy to think that we'll get a deal? Also, forgot to mention that we're trying for 2 rooms.

    Haven't booked any travel there, we're driving in from Vancouver so if we don't get accommodation we can cancel the trip.

    Used the PRICELINE link from this site.

  6. Want to stay in a nice place in Seattle (4*) over our (Canadian) long weekend in a few weeks.

    Just bid the following, rebidding each time with a new area and price, but quit after it got above what we'd like to pay ($85 or so).

    All bids for 4*, May 15-18

    Bid $66 Pike Place

    Rebid w/ Space Needle $74

    Rebid w/ Lake Union $78

    Rebid w/ Bothell $84

    Any tips for prices around this time? A few other posters on the forum seem to have got 4* in may for $75-85...

  7. Seattle (Downtown or close) - 3* or up; Aug7-10, 4 adults

    New to Priceline, and looking forward to using it. Great forum here it looks like, so will definitely be linking through from here.

    Looking for a few tips:

    2 Beds:

    There are 4 of us that would like to share a room, so any thoughts on the best way to get 2 beds? We've actually also got a 7-month old baby, but he sleeps in our bed so we don't need anything extra (crib, etc...).


    Looks like Hotwire doesn't have much below $200. We'd like to stay around $150/night if we could. Minimum 3*. Preferred areas would be (in order): Downtown, Lake Union, University.

    What are our chances? Asking for too much for too little?

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