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  1. If you are driving, and have no need to go downtown, etc., I would highly recommend staying in the Toronto North-Vaughan zone. Toronto traffic is bananas these days and this zone provides much easier and quicker access to the Rexall Centre for the most part (basically up and down Jane Street). If you will be using public transit, the Toronto North-North York zone is better for TTC access to the York University campus.
  2. Rate is a bit higher than usual, because of the Mutek Festival centered at the Place des Arts, but this was the best choice in the area (5 minute walk to the festival). Easily identified from the amenities listed on the BetterBidding Hotwire list for Montreal East, which matched exactly (the Spa and children's activities differentiate it from the Hyatt). Winning bid was $164 Canadian, which BetterBidding has converted to USD (now that I know to use that feature :D ). Free Internet Pet Friendly Indoor Pool(s) Fitness center Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Business Center Internet Access Spa Services Children' activities Accessible path of travel In-room accessibility Accessible bathroom Accessible parking
  3. After several days of checking both Hot.wire and Priceline.Express Deals, and bidding in several zones on Price.line, I finally won this hotel. Wasn't looking for anything fancy this time, but I was slightly disappointed when I won the Ramada. I was expecting the Radisson if I won in this zone, but that's the chance you take -- you never know when a new hotel will be added! Reviews are mixed, but with free parking in downtown L.A., one can't complain too much! OOPS -- wrong hotel in the title. I actually won the Ramada Los Angeles/Downtown West, but can't figure out how to change the title of my original post!
  4. Yes, it does list "in-room accessibility" as well. Didn't realize that was considered an amenity -- should be standard in any half-way decent hotel in 2015! Good deal indeed -- best rate listed anywhere else, including the hotel website, started at $325 CND, so saved over $300, plus tax, on four nights! Note my win is $247 Canadian, which is about $204 American these days (unfortunately for us Canucks)!
  5. Only 4* hotel in this zone, so I was 99.9% sure it was the hotel I wanted! With the help of the BetterBidding Hot.wire list, I was able to match the amenities as well! Free Breakfast Free Internet Fitness Center Restaurant(s) Business Center Internet Access
  6. Sorry, you are correct. I mixed up the PRICELINE and HOTWIRE lists, both of which I saw before making my decision! The PRICELINE EXPRESS amenities did not include Smoke-free, just the other three. It was the "Pets Allowed" which led me to the Westin guess! It also had an 8.0 guest rating and was a "Guest Favorite".
  7. Got this using Priceline's "Express Deals". Amenities matched those associated with the Westin on Hotwire, so I took a chance and my hunch proved correct. Actual amount listed was $113, which became $108 with Priceline's Fall 5% off deal! Similar hotel was offered on Hotwire for $134, which I suspect was also the Westin! Amenities: Pets Allowed, Smoke Free Rooms, Fitness Center, Business Center Started everything with BetterBidding's PRICELINE and HOTWIRE links, of course!
  8. Tried bidding up to $85, using both free re-bid zones, and had no luck. Then took a look at the PRICELINE Express Deals and noticed the hotel I was hoping to get for only an extra $1, so I took it! (I am actually surprised I didn't get a counter-offer around $80!) There are only 3 possibilities in Newmarket, and only one of those fit the amenity list, so I was pretty confident of the outcome. Same hotel (most likely) was $99 on HOTWIRE, and $118 CAA rate direct with the hotel, so a decent deal. Amenities were: free breakfast, free wifi, free parking, business centre, fitness centre and swimming pool. Started everything off with the BetterBidding HOTWIRE and PRICELINE links, as always!
  9. Won on the first bid! Guess I should have started lower . Never stayed here but have read mixed reviews -- great location but "tired" rooms... . Will find out next week!!
  10. Started bidding at $75. Offered a free re-bid at $88. Declined and used a free re-bid zone (West Jersey City, which only had a 2* max), split the difference ($6) and won the Hilton. CAA/AAA rate is $123, so a good deal. Was hoping for the Marriott at EWR, as we have a 6am flight, but the Hilton is less than a mile on the free 24-hour shuttle, so I'm happy! Used the BetterBidding PRICELINE link above, as alwas!
  11. First bid was $55, offered a free rebid at $67. Passed on the offer, added a free rebid zone (Bellevue) and won on my next bid of $59. Advance purchase rate on the Hyatt site is $142, so a great deal, even though there are renovations going on daily after 10 am (I'll be up and long gone by then!) Started everything by using the BetterBidding PRICELINE link, of course!
  12. Sorry, not used to dealing with amenities and PRICELINE . They were, to the best of my memory: Pool(s) Pets Allowed Restaurant Business Centre Fitness Centre Bed Choice (that one I'm sure of...)
  13. Used the PRICELINE "Express Deals" feature, as the offer included a bed choice and we absolutely needed two beds this trip. Was hoping for the Sheraton as it's a five minute to the Bell Centre, but the Omni is a great hotel too and still only about a fifteen minute walk. Best rate on the Omni site was $143, so a decent savings. Started everything with the BetterBidding PRICELINE link as always!
  14. Decided to go right to San Francisco from L.A. for the off-night on my trip. Tried the PRICELINE "Extend Your Trip" feature from my previous PRICELINE WIN at the Hyatt without success. They offered me a room for $321, Hyatt BAR was $349, so I decided to take a chance and bid instead. Unfortunately, got the Hilton this time, which means a hotel change, but it beats paying the Hyatt rate, and the Hilton looks great too! Won with 2 rebids ($125, $135, win at $141). Started everything as usual with the BetterBidding PRICELINE link, of course!
  15. TravelZoo currently has details of a $99 special at the Sofia. Click here for all the information. There are some black-out dates, but hopefully you can make it work.
  16. Finally got my San Diego hotel(s)!! Found out that there's a San Diego Half-Marathon happening on the 19th with 8000 runners, which is probably why I've been having trouble getting a good rate on a 4* in the downtown area for all 3 nights. After finding an amazing TRAVEL ZOO deal at the Sheraton Hotel and Marina for Friday the 17th ($99 :D ), I decided I wanted to get out of town to avoid the runners :lol: , and thought up the coast might be nice for the rest of the weekend. No luck with several rebids for a 4*, going up to $131, but got the Marriott on the first try at the 3.5* level. Maybe I should have started a bit lower! The hotel gets decent reviews, and the advance purchase rate for my dates is $152, so I'm happy! One more hotel to go for my off-day between LA and SF, and the trip is complete!! Started everything with the BetterBidding PRICELINE link, as always!
  17. After several days of unsuccessful bidding in LA proper, concentrating on the zones around Beverly Hills and Hollywood, I decided to try the area just north. Unfortunately, the Burbank zone has been split up, so the BetterBidding PRICELINE HOTEL LIST was not quite as helpful as usual. This win is in the new "Burbank - Glendale" zone. "Universal City" is now a zone of it's own, as is "North Hollywood - Studio City" (which by the way is a good free rebid zone for the area, as it has nothing above 2.5* at the moment). Started my 3* bidding at $95 after unsuccessful attempts at 4* up to $120, and 3.5* up to $115, and won with 3 rebids. Have stayed in this hotel before, and it's quite decent, and has free parking to boot! Best advance purchase rate for my dates is $162, so a bit of a deal. That's LA and SF down, just San Diego to go, which I will post in a new topic if and when I ever win something!! Began all my searches with the BetterBidding PRICELINE link above, as always!!
  18. Saw all the other nice Hyatt wins today and thought I'd join in the fun. Took three free rebids starting at $85 (+$5 bonus cash). Was given a counter offer of $118 right away, so I knew I was close. Final win was $101 + $5 bonus cash for $106 total. Current advance purchase rate on Hyatt.com is $237, so I'm happy. Also trying for San Diego and Hollywood. Will start new posts when and if I ever win! Began everything with the BetterBidding PRICELINE link as always! BTW, for others with Bonus Cash, I was able to use mine by signing in AFTER I clicked the BetterBidding PRICELINE link!
  19. The first weekend in August is a holiday weeked in Ontario, and is also Caribana weekend, so demand for rental cars (and hotels) is probably very high. Hence the high rates. Hope you get lucky, and enjoy Toronto!
  20. HOTWIRE's 4* offering in this zone was $96, and by the amenities shown, I was 99% sure it was the Westin. So I started my PRICELINE bidding at $60, and it took five rebids (increasing $5 each time) to get a win! Luckily Columbus has lots of rebid zones at the 4* level!! As expected, it too was the Westin. Very happy! Started everything with the BetterBidding HOTWIRE and PRICELINE links, of course!
  21. Checked HOTWIRE first, and the 3* offering in this zone was $76. So I started my PRICELINE bidding at $50, rejected, added a rebid zone and won with my second bid. Was actually expecting the Doubletree, as it was the only 3* listed for this zone. However, I'm very happy with the Holiday Inn (free full buffet breakfast is a bonus!) Used the BetterBidding HOTWIRE / PRICELINE links to start, of course!
  22. This is also MUTEK weekend, an extremely large Electronic music festival, centred around the Hyatt/Place des Arts area, so vacancies may be quite low.
  23. Well, used PRICELINE and unfortunately got "unlucky" this time out, if you can call getting an amazing Westin for $100 unlucky! I much prefer the Hyatt in Montreal location-wise, so I'll just have to suffer with the heavenly bed :lol: and the 9 minute walk to the Place des Arts! Started my search with the BetterBidding PRICELINE link, of course!
  24. Not many choices in Windsor! Got the Hilton first bid, which is what I expected. Reviews are generally ok, most say it's a bit "tired". Maybe for the BAR ($145), but a Hilton for $65 is probably going to be at least acceptable! (crossing my fingers ) Used the BetterBidding PRICELINE link, as always!
  25. I never did win the third night on PRICELINE and used my back-up reservation. During one of my last rounds of bidding, I was offered a free rebid of $111 on an $80 offer, but didn't accept, as anything over $100 stood a chance of being the Westin. It's a great hotel but I needed to remain at the Hyatt this time out. I made a counter-offer of $96, splitting the difference, but that was rejected. Oh well, can't win 'em all! Used the BetterBidding PRICELINE for all my last minute attempts too!
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