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  1. Going to chicago on 11/1 - 11/3 for a conference trying to book with HOTWIRE or PRICELINE and stay at the Hyatt Regency chicago. How can I tell which is the Hyatt on HOTWIRE? And if I go the PRICELINE route, what would be the best way to secure the Hyatt if even possible. The current price per night is $239.
  2. Well that was way too easy .... Bid $55 Loop Rejected Bid $60 rebid zone - Accepted Hyatt Regency Chicago ... now need to tap into network to see if someone knows someone for an upgrade.... Great savings AGAIN thanks to the folks here.... Thanks for your, help, patience and understanding.
  3. All your points are well understood and good ones. I would like to proceed with both the loop and NMA. I think the garage might be closer to the loop area if so, then I'd start with the loop. If not really that much further as you indicate (walk from one to the other) then I'll start with NMA. Thanks again for your guidance.
  4. OK so change of strategy. For such a short stay we think the condo and potentially cooking is far too much trouble and the cost does not necessarily off set the price for meals. So we are now interested in staying at a hotel that is reasonably priced and comfortable. Last year, your suggestions landed us at the Westin in Seattle for a reasonable price. So I want to try to get the most out of our dollar with a min 4* at no more than $120. Hopefully, a pool/ jacuzzi could be expected. My plan is to try and park at the Millennium Park Garage - ( http://www.millenniumgarages.com/garages/millennium-park ) $24 for 12 - 24 hrs. I did look at Hotwire and found what Aaron thought to be the Intercontinental for $116. I do realize the issue of 3 in my party .. willing to roll the dice here. I did like the Chicago Avenue hotel, but realize we can't pick and choose here. Our interest is downtown Mag Mile or North Michigan Avenue from what I've read. So how would you suggest I bid? Hope all info is included here for you to help me. Is there a way to identify all hotels in each zone? When I click it seems to just show a sample.
  5. Thx for looking so is hotwire a straight booking. Do you still get as good a discount. I am really grateful for your help. Will look again tomorrow. Have family visitng and the pc is tabu while they are around. Is this one you would recommend. I see now with HOTWIRE you don't know where you are actually booking until later... this seems like a better option than the Steps to Everything condo .. and you are prob right... cleaning fees were likely wrapped up in add fees. Sorry for all the replies.
  6. Thx yes this board has helped me with my vacation plans. I will try the HOTWIRE option you indicate and see what I come up with and go report back...
  7. Thank you all for your responses .. I went to book but Expedia has a $60 additional fee per night or 30% which sounds really high... ?? Is that normal ... what looks appealing ends up at $191 per night which is very deceiving....
  8. Thanks for all you do for us budget minded travellers. We are from STL and have decided to save for a big vacation next year so a quick road trip is in order. I found a condo on vrbo which looks very appealing, but the price of $169 plus $75 cleaning fee ends up being on the high side for this trip... rather eat. I stumbled on the board with that Chicago avebue hotel that looked appealing as well. FACTS Driving. Party includes wife, 16 year old son (going on 21) and me. Wife needs accessible building. Want a nice hotel (not convention like Hyatt Regency or Marriott) with a pleasant view and some character. Budget is probably tops $125 ish (a little wiggle if you talk me into something). Only been there once (stayed at a friends house while they were gone - stained their goose down with red wine ummm not an option this time) and I guess we'd want to stay downtown. Your guidance on where to bid would be genuinely appreciated.
  9. It has been a number fo years since I've been in SFO. My wife and 16 year old son (his first time) are going the week of 7/25 - 8/1 or 2. We will likely not be there for the whole time as we may fly in to San Jose and take a spin around Monterry, look for a vacancy sign to stay there for a night before we head to the city. We will be in the area I presume for at least 4 days and wondered if ya'll would suggest we try to stay downtown or somewhere further like say Sausalito or a quaint location away from the heart of the city. Last year when we went to Seattle you advised us to stay downtown when I was looking at cheaper hotels in Bellevue... and boy did you get it right. We had a great time thanks to your advice. I would feel comfortable staying within around $150 per night. Hope to throw Napa in as well as a day trip, Alcatraz, Lombard, and what ever else we research. Have not booked airfare yet so trying to firm things up. Given what we intend to do we will have a car. My wife needs a scooter for long walks so its not always easy to transport. I appreciate your time and guidance
  10. Seems as though Priceline will not work for me this time. I have secured a rate at Budget (Bellevue) for the 8 days for $308.38.. factor the $30 cab ride there and 338. At $32 on priceline name ur own price with fees comes to $399. Budget allows airport drop off with no additional fees so I think thats the best I'll be able to find. Thank you both for your time and guidance. I feel much better about using Priceline and have learned much in the process.
  11. Is it possible to bid for cars at off airport locations? Keeps defaulting me back to Seatac .. just want to make sure.
  12. OK now that I am staying DT SEA.. I am cutting my car rental to 5 days.. 7/22 - 7/27. Save on rental and parking. :) Here are today's bids: $26 Rejected $28 Rejected $30 Rejected Maybe Colfax knows what he's talking about .. LOL .. just kidding .. Thanks
  13. Yes, I agree you gave me great advice .. to think a few days prior I had bid $135 for a 2.5* !! The Westin charges $38 per night for parking however, I have already contacted a lot 1 bolck away "U-Park" that only charges $11.00. Also found out that I might be able to take a cab to rent the car, avoid the airport fees and return car at the airport w/o a drop off fee. Thought I'd share. Thanks again. (Bellvue-Budget guy told me it would be a way to avoid charges)
  14. I must admit Tile you did hit the nail on the head, my head was spinning. But I am glad you stuck with me... 4* DT $100 Rejected $110 Rejected $120 Rejected $125 ACCEPTED Westin Seattle Thank you, I did not think it was possible... I am happy with my purchase and it would not have been possible w/o your guidance.
  15. So given the information I collected before bidding does it change the strategy? I was preparing to bid and thought DT might be a futile effort. but we never got to the strategy. I apologize for not articulating my problem in detail. Once again, I appreciate all your time...
  16. Houston we may have a problem .. just tried booking (called) at Sheraton and Westin... Sheraton did not have anythin but a King on their club floor (max 2 ppl) and the WESTIN quoted $370... thoughts with this new info ... ?
  17. Just placed first bid for rental car... $18 for a midsize. It was rejected. I have poked around priceline to figure out how soon I can re-bid...? But have not found the answer. On another site I read 7 days... Thanks.
  18. OK so at the risk of getting stuck in at not so nice hotel and at the prices this is heading, lets try DT. Is $150 even a remote possibility for 4* DT? and not to throw another monkey wrench, but would switching to Seattle 7/22 - 7/26 and then heading to Portland make a difference?
  19. OK I feel I need to bid on something soon otherwise I'll end up sleeping in my car... LOL Your comparison does make sense 2** vs 4** for what could be a small difference. I think the split is out even considering the savings as I have been voted out. That said a new priority has emerged.. space.. size of room that is so our current thought is to now bid for a 3* in the Bellvue area although I am concerned getting stuck at the Coast Bellevue Hotel which seems oddly priced at $146 .. not the best reviews on Tripadvisor.. I have over analyzed and feel it now might even be risky to go for 3* in Bellvue. So what do you recommend for DT... my wife plans to bid from work and I will do the same so a suggested stretegy for DT considering re-bid s would be great... needless to say I won't be a last minute shopper in a tight market. But then again as mentioned elsewhere hotels may release inventory as the day draws near ... My wife did find the Courtyard in Kirkland for $149 which she is saying we should just book and get it over with ... if she only knew... Gracias
  20. Have not tried lower rating for the area. As for spliting if that means moving on a just 4 day saty may not be favored by the other members of family. Waiting to re bid. Have done Union and Everett with 2.5** ..
  21. Yes, 7/26 - 7/30. I am not opposed to DT except for the $20-30 parking fee which pushes me to $150. That said I think I'd at this point want to do Redmond, but do not see that as a zone in the 10 listed. So what would be the strategy for Redmond? Actually, if you think that I could find a public lot for a reasonable amount then DT is back on ???? I don't mind walking... or running like a valet ..lol
  22. Thx.. will check Redmond out as well ... on the current bidding, should I now add Downtown 3* and go for $130 + ... ???
  23. Tried $125 (2.5**) Lake Union - Rejected Tried $135 (2.5**) adding Everett - Rejected
  24. Thank you both ... yes our airline tickest are purchased (American) and we are good to go there... actually to your point of th whole picture - that is precisely where I should have started as we did save by flying in and out of Seattle but created a new set of issues in doing so. I will call around to see if there are any rental companies that do not charge a drop off. Assumed all did so never checked. I will not need a car in PDX that is correct sis said they have a loaner for us. Even thought of asking her to pick us up, but figure $80 in gas would not make sense. The some of the reasons for keeping the car is Boeing/ St. Michelle winery and getting my wife as close to the places we are going. Not knowing the terrain and accesiblilty with a scooter we may find it a bit challenging. Dates for bid are 7/26 - 7/30 that is correct. Lake Union seems to make the most sense.. 3* or 2.5 * which is what I think they have max I think would still be $130. Silver Cloud I just called has 199 no view 2 qn or 219 2 qn with view. She said they had plenty of rooms. the Silver Cloud University has 2 q at 159 or suite 189 (AAA discount). They have 15rms left at $159 and 8 at $189. Free parking too. I have not had time to call Residence Inn or Marriott and thinking I just can't afford DT at 3* ... getting nervous for procrastinating as much as I have ....
  25. Thx for your patience... when bidding for a car, do I use a link on this board? Checking rates I see up to $80 in addtl fees when picking up at airport... the offsite rate runs $100 cheaper (Bellevue) less cab ride to get there .. so my question ... would you suggest I just shoot for low rate bid at airport right now at 32.18 per day plus the addt'l airport fees of $63 ....
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