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  1. The dates are September 1st through 8th. Something comparable to the hotels listed above, the Luxor for instance. As far as a price, I would be satisfied with something under $75 per night. My prior visit to Las Vegas was last March and I got Planet Hollywood for about $70. Different time of year, of course.
  2. I plan to visit Las Vegas in the first week of September. My previous visits have generally been in mid-October or March and I have stayed at Planet Hollywood, Ballys, Paris, and Luxor among others. I prefer staying Central Strip but that is not a requirement nor do I have a preference between HOTWIRE and PRICELINE. My question: Are prices generally favorable to the consumer seven months in advance or should I wait until a more advantageous time? I'm wondering if there has been prior experiences in this matter as I plan on spending a week, rather than a shorter vacation, so the nightly rate is a consideration. Thanks in advance.
  3. I entered $69/night and it was accepted on the first try. HOTWIRE had fluctuating prices in the 90s for the same dates at a 3.5* hotel. I decided to give PRICELINE a try and it worked.
  4. Perhaps this post belongs elsewhere but this hotel is no longer a Hoilday Inn and is not affiliated with the brand. It is currently called the Sunrise Beach Inn and is undergoing a renovation. Seems like the hotel will be going upscale over the next few months and may seek another name change. Fort Lauderdale Beach is booming with large hotels along A1A -- Trump, St. Regis, W, Hilton to name a few -- which are currently under construction or recently opened. I assume this hotel, located on A1A and Sunrise Boulevard, will be in the same category. During my recent stay, there were very few, minimal in fact, guests at the property and the staff was limited but cordial. All in all an enjoyable stay.
  5. Oops. I goofed. Mods, can you edit the title? The area is North Michigan Avenue - Water Tower - Gold Coast as listed in previous threads. The price is $95 per night. I had NMA-RNA from an attempt on Priceline and wrote that in my notes. Everything else is correct.
  6. Listed as a customer favorite. Icons listed represent: fitness center, restaurant, business center and hi-speed internet access. Seems like a good deal for my annual Chicago trip. Listed at $209 on Westin's site. Address is 909 NMA.
  7. That is the proper hotel. BTW: A 2* on Hotwire was around $90 and a 3* on Hotwire was $120 for those dates.
  8. Dates: May 14-21, 2007. I hope this helps for those attempting to bid for Fort Lauderdale Beach. My second to last bid was $75 for a 3-star and it was promptly rejected. I did try to include a 2 1/2* property for that price but was instructed none exist for the Beach area. I lowered the price to $73 and to include a 2* and it was accepted. I don't have the specifics but I tried bidding in the high $60s for a 3* and those got rejected a few days ago; maybe three of four tries. I decided to include a 2* after seeing the Holiday Inn listed on BetterBidding. I have stayed at that property a few times and enjoy the location so I took the chance that the 2* was as listed. Maybe this is an unorthodox approach for Priceline but I am happy.
  9. I apologize for the error. More than likely, I inadvertently listed kitchenette and laundry when I should have posted it as business center and internet access. I did purchase the Sheraton Yankee Trader via Hotwire for the dates listed (November 29-December 6, 2006) at the rate of $92. I think the proper hotel features should be: Near Beach, Fitness Center, Pool(s), Restaurant(s), Business Center, High-speed Internet Access. If the mods want to pull this thread so not to cause further confusion, please do so. Apologies sent.
  10. The hotel I purchased is the Sheraton Yankee Trader Hotel. I have stayed at this hotel previously, excellent location.
  11. Priceline accepted my initial bid of $62 for two nights February 10-12, 2007. Seems like a terrific deal especially since Expedia's prices average to $164 for those nights same as the Sheraton's site.
  12. It is a risk I'd rather not take. I am traveling with an elderly relative so that is something I would rather avoid. Thanks for the suggestion.
  13. My guess is that instead of splitting the Strip into North and South, Hotwire has altered their designations into North, Center and South. So that would change some of the properties. Just a guess.
  14. 3 stars and it is listed as a "Best Value." I stayed at Bally's in November and enjoy the location but would like a different hotel. That is the reason why I am hesitant.
  15. I don't recall seeing the term "Center Strip" on prior visits to Hotwire. I checked for April 25-May 2 and "Center Strip" was listed among other locales like "North Strip" and "South Strip." There is one hotel listed at $72 with icons for casino, fitness, pool, restaurant, business, internet and spa. Anyone have any opinions? Aladdin? Flamingo? Thanks.
  16. It is listed as $92 for late November/early December. Features: Near Beach Fitness Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Laundry Kitchenette Amenities: Near Beach, Fitness Center, Pool(s), Restaurant(s), Business Center, High-speed Internet Access.
  17. Bid 1: 3* was rejected at $90. Bid 2: 2.5* was accepted at $90. I have stayed at the Tremont a few times over the last five years using Hotwire. IIRC, previous stays were about $75 or so. I also tried Hotwire multiple times over the last couple of weeks, their prices were high for the properties listed and it looked like the Tremont was not available. I attempted Priceline and got the rate of $90/night. It is a fair price considering the Venetian Night Festival is that weekend and Chicago has its usual abundance of summertime events. Superb location, average hotel.
  18. Staying June 26-29. Millennium Hotel: restaurant, pool, fitness center, internet, business center/laundry. $39/night. Also listed as Best Value/Customer Favorite.
  19. An update: I decided to try Priceline and I put in $55 for a 3-star hotel in the Beach Area -- same dates as listed in a prior post (11/29/-12/6). First time I have ever used Priceline. It was accepted. And....it turned out to be the Holiday Inn on Fort Lauderdale Beach -- the same one that Hotwire canceled (at $54/night).
  20. Back in September, I got the Holiday Inn on Fort Lauderdale Beach (AIA/Sunrise) for about $54/night (Nov. 28-Dec. 6) through a Hotwire purchase. After Hurricane Wilma hit, I got a message from Hotwire October 28th saying my reservation was canceled by the Holiday Inn due to the effects of the storm and that the hotel was not going to re-open until December 1. Then, I checked the Holiday Inn web site the next day and a note stated the hotel would re-open November 7. Assuming that is accurate, I called Hotwire to see if they would reactivate my original purchase since the hotel seemed like it would be open for the dates of my original purchase. A Hotwire rep told me they could not do that but to check their web site for other properties. At the risk of sounding selfish, by comparison to the damage of the storm this is trivial, does anyone have thoughts on this? Should Hotwire have reinstated my original purchase since the hotel is reopening November 7 and not December 1?
  21. It is listed as a 3 star resort, near beach, restaurant, pool, fitness center, high speed internet access, tennis nearby, business center. $97/night from 11/29/05-12/06/05.
  22. I booked a 3* hotel on Hotwire for late November/early December at $54 night. It is the Holiday Inn on Fort Lauderdale Beach -- with features listed as: near beach, food, pool, fitness center, business center. I stayed there at a similar time in 2004 and the main problem, as some have stated, is noise. Paper thin walls allow an intrusion of noise from adjacent rooms and the location, on a busy intersection, is the beneficiary of obnoxious street sounds. Otherwise, the view is excellent and Primanti's Pizza is right there. :)
  23. I have stayed at the Tremont using Hotwire in the past. Basic hotel but the location is phenomenal. I got it for $73/night for 7 nights (7/28-8/4). It was as much as $94/night by slightly altering the selected dates (for instance 7/28-8/2). Amenities: Boutique hotel - restaurant - fitness center is what is listed. Other major travel sites had rates around $107 for The Tremont with escalated rates of $134 for the weekend because of Chicago's annual Venetian Nite festival (fireworks, boat parade, etc.).
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