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  1. Ended up booking with Expedia on this one. Sorry guys. Got Harrah's, 3.5* at $94, $106 total for a deluxe room for 1 night (2 upgrades from the classic room) April 23, 2011 . There was a 48 hour sale. Would have liked to use HOTWIRE or PRICELINE but couldn't justify their higher prices and the uncertainty. Thanks anyway for your help Thereuare.
  2. What are the rebid zones for 4*? I know Boulder Strip is one, but not sure about the others? Henderson? Summerlin? I am now okay with Las Vegas South, even it if means I get the Westin. Thanks for your help.
  3. Thanks thereuare, I appreciate that you have to moderate the forum a certain way and I will definitely try to stick to the rules. I would prefer to stay on the strip, thus would rather avoid the Westin. I would be willing to pay equal dollars for either North or South strip.
  4. Confirmed, I booked the Stratosphere for that 1 night. It was okay for the price. Just need a place to crash since my group flew out 1 date before I did and I need to kill 1 more night in Las Vegas.
  5. Hi there, Can anyone provide some help on bidding strategy for a 4* hotel on the strip, preferably south strip (but north strip is okay too). I saw the strategy for 5* with 11 re-bid zones, but what is the approach to getting a 4*? Since it is only 1 night, albeit a Saturday (April 23), I'm looking to pay about $80-90 max. Thanks, icecanadian
  6. I couldn't identify this 4* Las Vegas Strip - South area Hotel with the following ameneties: Casino, Fitness Centre, Pool(s), Restaurant(s), Business Centre, High-Speed Internet, Golf Nearby, Tennis Nearby Many of the identified ones have a Spa feature, but this one doesn't which makes me wonder what it is. The price was $95 for 1 night on April 23, 2011. I'm looking at booking if I can determine what hotel it is. I have posted separately on the Priceline side of the forum for 4* strategies for bidding for South Strip. Obviously, I would like to get a 4* for much cheaper with the bidding if possible. Thanks in advance, icecanadian
  7. Hi there, Can anyone provide some help on bidding strategy for a 4* hotel on the strip, preferably south strip (but north strip is okay too). I saw the strategy for 5* with 11 re-bid zones, but what is the approach to getting a 4*? Since it is only 1 night, albeit a Saturday (April 23), I'm looking to pay about $80-90 max. Thanks, icecanadian
  8. I just confirmed the zone and this hotel is actually located in Regents Park - Baker Street zone.
  9. Thanks to this sites help and over 30 bids, I was finally able to get the Hilton in London. Funny thing is I bid using this strategy as posted by thereuare Priceline London Bidding as I had the same choice of zones and wanted a 4* property. Alas, I gave up at $95 (started at $75) when non of my bids were accepted. So then I downgraded and chose 3* properties using same strategy. For some reason, priceline accepted my bid for $95 and upgraded me to the 4* Hilton. Man, so hard to figure out priceline sometimes, just when you think you have it beat. Thanks a lot Oh yeah, of course I used the PRICELINE links provided.
  10. Full amenities list: resort, casino, fitness centre, swimming, restaurants, laundry facilities, golf nearby, spa services
  11. Check in Oct. 13, Check out Oct. 14. Amenities include casino, resort, fitness centre, pool, spa services, etc.
  12. Well, I really wanted to book through PRICELINE or HOTWIRE. But I found out that I could buy 500 more SPG points and have just enough to use their cash and points option to book direclty through the hotel. Evidently, both the Westin NS and Four Points Halifax is $45 + 2800 pts. This works out to about $62 with the point purchase, so more economical than PRICELINE. Thanks for your help though. I'm still putting the finishing pieces to my Maritimes trip. As hard as Halifax was to book, places like Moncton and St. John, NB have very little option and would likely command higher prices.
  13. Which one is better? Westin Nova Scotian or Four Points? I read some reviews and despite Westin having higher rates, it is a little further away from downtown. But it's supposed to have better beds though smaller rooms. If both were obtainable at the same price, which one would you go for?
  14. Man, so frustrating, up to $62 now after 8 previous bids and still no bite. I wish we were back to the days fo $46-$50 for the Westin Nova Scotian. that's actually the hotel I want and i am getting no bites. You look at the toronto wins and you still see 4* going for cheap. I'm trying to book april 23-25, would I have better luck if I split the days up and bid? Would it make financial sense? Seems like no one has any Halifax wins lately to report. Oi, getting flusttered.
  15. 3-star hotel in Halifax for $73 per night. April 23-25. Features include: Near beach Fitness centre Pool Restaurant Business centre Laundry facilities High-speed internet access
  16. I'm still trying to bid on a hotel in Halifax as well. But isn't the Marriott considered a 3* deluxe? I thought there were no 4* establishments off of PRICELINE for Halifax.
  17. Just got my bid acccepted at a 2* hotel for St. John's Newfoundland for 1 night stay on May 3. I think this is the first reporting for St. John's Nfld. I was trying from $40 with 2.5* and 2* and they finally accepted a $42 for 2*. Now if I can only get my Halifax hotels at around this price.
  18. Thanks for the reply lighthouse boy. Any reply is much appreciated. $66 is a little steep on a student budget , so I'll keep trying from $47-$55. I hope late April won't command a high price. Otherwise I'm downgrading to 2.5* or lower. Or hostels. I'm doing a big East Coast trip and the even more tricky thing is now to try and book hotel for places like St. John's NFLD, PEI and NB which really don't get a lot of reported bids. Have no idea where to start other than low since I have more than a month before I go.
  19. Need to book 2 nights in Halifax and looking at 3* hotels. Seen a lot of success in the past for bids fo $42-$46 for the Westin or Marriott. Most however were in 2007 or earlier. Anyone having success at these rates still? Given that it's for April 2008, I don't think it's a busy time nor any major event. I've already tried from $40 to $47. Think it's because it's too early and I would be more successful closer to the dates when the hotel might lower their rate expectation? going to continue bidding incrementally, just want to know if $50+ is more the new norm for these hotels. On a side note, has anyone got anything from Bedford, NS before, I know it's a free bid zone at 3*, but is that the case for 2.5* or 2*? Doesn't seem PRICELINE has any arrangements with hotels there.