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  1. We just returned from a 7 night stay at the Washington Court Hotel. $125/night, booked in February. They mentioned "You booked through Priceline," but did not seem negative about it -- more to say it was already paid for and a credit card would just be needed for incidentals. Our room was on the 9th floor with a "view" of the inner atrium -- not a problem for us as we were only there in the evenings and didn't open the drapes much. The room and bathroom were nice and large. The bed was quite comfortable and we slept quite well. I'll post photo's. It is an easy two block walk to Union Station and felt safe day and night (of course my husband is a photographer who talks to a lot of folks and made a new friend of the homeless man we passed daily on our route). The bar was welcoming and we got in the habit of stopping in for a nightcap at the end of the day. Tipping the bartender well at the beginning led to generous pours later in the week. We had one dinner at the bar which was good (chicken) and two breakfasts which were standard over-priced hotel breakfasts. There is a Starbucks across the street, but also "Billy Goat Tavern" (http://www.billygoattavern.com/home.html). Great place for a breakfast egg sandwich and coffee. Good burgers, fries, and beer at night (but sometimes they are closed for private parties in the evenings). Affordable and friendly. We would definitely stay here again.
  2. $396! for that week. We originally thought we could get a 4* for ~100 but after looking at every 'discount' site I could find I realized that this summer looks to be expensive. There is a NYT article mentioned in the "Run of the House' section on this board that says rates are going to be high.
  3. This is listed as a 3* in the Convention Center - Capitol Hill Area. Booked through SavingsBarn. It took 3 days to get this. Following the fantastic advice on this board ->> We wanted a 4* in the Whitehouse area so we started there @$85. Added Springfield @ $90, then Crystal City at $95 (neither have 4* hotels). Went back and did about the same thing but added Convention Center Capitol Hill and went to $100. We decided to add 3* rather than change our location so I had to wait a day as Crystal City has 3*. Looked at every discount site we could find and decided we needed to increase our budget (!) Went through the same process today without Crystal City, included Convention Center and 3*. Success at $125 at the Washington Court Hotel. Thanks for this board! (sorry I didn't get the post title correct -- I can't seem to correct it)
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