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  1. Thanks - I'll give it a try when the 24 hour period is up. IF that doesn't work, I'll go back to the 4*, but increase my initial bid - say to something like $125? But imagine I'd have to wait another 24 hours for that. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks again - this is a great and very helpful website!
  2. On further thought - would you be able to provide a 5* strategy too (obviously increasing bid price)? Or would that block out my 4* options for 24 hours? Thanks.
  3. I'm going to wait another 24 hours and give it a try again. Started again today with the strategy from above, which worked ok up until the 3rd go round, when I got the duplicate submission reply again. :) I must have not followed it to the letter. At this point though, I imagine I should increase my initial bid as time is getting a bit shorter? Thanks again!
  4. I started with Bloomsbury/Marble Arch and bid $90. Rejected. Added Mayfair/Soho and increased bid to $100. Rejected. Closed browser, used PRICELINE link, (and maybe this was the problem), chose Mayfair/Soho and bid $100 (should have been $90). Was rejected with the note it was a duplicate. I can try again tonight from the first and see what happens - what do you suggest? Thanks!
  5. Thanks for the help. However, when I followed the first two suggestions, both were rejected, so I closed the browser and clicked on your PRICELINE link, raising the bid and changing the first location as directed. After entering all the credit card info, etc. I got the following message: ================ We were not able to process this request since our records indicate you have already made a request for this same trip. Your credit card has not been charged for Request Number xxx-xxx-xxxx-xx. We'd be happy to try your request again if you can do any one of the following: Change your dates of stay Select a different hotel quality star level Add more areas in which you'd be willing to stay If you can change any of these items, you can also name a new price. If you are unable to change your request as indicated above, you will need to wait at least 24 hours from the time you made your original offer to try again. To try your request again, change one or more items with a check. Can you select additional areas where you can stay? Bloomsbury - Marble Arch Details Chelsea - Knightsbridge Details Finsbury and Islington Details Hammersmith Details Kensington - Earl's Court Details London Docklands Details Mayfair - Soho Details Notting Hill - Bayswater Details Regents Park - Baker Street Details The City and London Bridge Details Wembley Details Westminster Details Select All Zones Click here to see a Map of the London, England area. Can you select additional star levels? Can you change your check-in or check-out dates? ======================== Any suggestions on what I did wrong? Still have plenty of time, so not panicking yet :) Thanks again - love this site.
  6. Would prefer the least expensive 4* or greater - and think I'll hold off on Nottinghill and Westminster - at least for now. :)
  7. Hi! Could you please help with a Priceline strategy for a forthcoming trip to London? I'm arriving on 9/22 and leaving 9/27. Would prefer a 4* or 5* in Marble Arch/Bloomsbury, Mayfair/Soho or Chelsea/Knightsbridge. Could also add Nottinghill/Bayswater or Westminster if need be. Would max out at $175 per night, but of course always looking for something less expensive :-) Thanks very much!
  8. :) Problem solved in an unexpected manner - a friend who lives in NY offered me her apartment as she was going to be out of town then (about as good a price as one could ever hope) - but truly appreciate your help!
  9. Looking for 3* near Albany airport 7/10-12. Bid $55 Airport area - rejected, but was offered a 'special' rebid' at $75, which I declined. Added SUNY/Thurway, increased bid to $64, rejected. Added Latham increased bid to $69 and won Residence Inn Albany Airport. Suits our needs perfectly. And I like the kitchen facilities in the RIs. As always, used the Betterbidding PRICELINE link. :)
  10. They must be giving away something in NY those days - but not hotel rooms! :) Thanks for your excellent strategy, which unfortunatley while followed to a T, resulted in no success. I think I'll book that NJ Sheraton as a back up and try again tomorrow. Always wanted to take that ferry across the Hudson anyway :)
  11. Thanks - I'll give it a shot and see what happens and will report back. BTW - do you know what hotels are included in HK? It seems to be a new zone since the last time I tried a NYC bid and the only one I know of over there is The Ink - the new Kimpton property which I'm guessing is 4*.
  12. I'll take a chance at 3* and see what happens. If not, can always fall back on New Jersey (no offense intended to any NJ readers!) Thanks.
  13. I'd like to keep it around $180 max (those pesky fees add up :) ) Maybe I'd be better off going to 3*?
  14. Hi - I know it's an insanely busy and expensive time in NYC. Any suggestions for a reasonable stategy? I'm happy anywhere below 72nd Street down to the Battery with 4* - or even a good 3.5*. I had one unsuccessful attempt earlier this week using all my rebids going up to $160 with no luck. Would I be better off trying to split? Any ideas? Thanks! P.S. We always us the betterbidding.com links :)
  15. Got this on my first bid using the BetterBidding PRICELINE link! 4* Downtown Minneapolis arrive 11/27 for 1 night Bid $50 and got the Hyatt Regency. It's the hotel I actually wanted :)
  16. Thanks - now I know about counter-offers. In this case, since it was only $14, I'm fine with it. If they had asked for a lot more (e.g.. $50) I would not have done it. Learn a bit more about bidding every day!
  17. I wanted a hotel adjacent to Newark Airport arriving on 7/28 evening, but didn't want to end up staying in downtown Newark (which is an option when you bid for Zone 1 - since they seem to include downtown Newark in the same zone as the airport). So I bid for Elizabeth (which is a short distance from the airport and most of the properties have free shuttle service to/from EWR) My bid: 3 * Newark (Elizabeth) - bid $50 (I know, a bit low) and was REJECTED (and not surprised) However, then something happened that I had never seen - the PRICELINE screen offered me a "special opportunity" - they said that they don't "normally" do this, but IF I could increase my bid by at least $14, they would re-submit it WITHOUT my having to change or add zones or star level. So, feeling I really didn't have much to lose as the trip was still a couple of weeks off, I took their offer and bid: 3* Newark (Elizabeth) - bid $64 and bid was accepted at Marriott Residence Inn, with free shuttle. Very nice! :) I don't know how often they offer this "special opportunity", but it sure worked out fine for me. I used the PRICELINE link on BetterBidding.com
  18. It took me a couple of tries, but eventually it worked out fine and I got the new Doubletree Chelsea Hotel. First bid: $85 - Chelsea Area REJECTED Second bid: $90 - added Empire State Building Area REJECTED Third bid: $95 - added Downtown, SoHo, Financial ACCEPTED. :) I used the BetterBidding PRICELINE link.
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