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  1. A pricey time in NYC! Luckily, I've got a back up - a friend's couch near Gramercy Park, but it doesn't have all the comfort of a hotel :) I think the city hotels might just be priced a bit over my budget for this trip - but will give a try at Jersey City - I've won there in the past and got a great property. Otherwise, will fall back on the couch option. Thanks very much for your help - it's much appreciated!
  2. Well, it was a good try - but no success. Suggestions? Try again tomorrow and raise initial offer another 10 or 15? Or do you think I'd have better luck changing to 3* or 3.5*? Thanks!
  3. Duh - too late at night , or early in the morning when I read that. :) I'll give this a try, but think I may up my max to $200 if it seems a little 'under' what might work - would I just add $10 to each of the bids on the strategy? Thanks again - and I'll be sure to have a cup of coffee before I start.
  4. Yes, all those zone are acceptable - as is Chelsea. Thanks.
  5. Hi - I'm looking for suggestions on a strategy for NYC 9/24-29 - ideally for a 4* with a max of $190 plus fees. Any zone is fine, but would like to avoid CPS as I understand you could get a tiny room @ 6 Columbus Circle . Thanks very much!
  6. It was late when I posted this! :) My dates are 4/23-4/25 and the winning rate was $150 per night.
  7. This seems to really be a tough nut to crack in Manhattan date wise. I split with 4 nights in Jersey City (also through the BB PRICELINE link), but wanted to spend at least the last 2 nights in Manhattan at a 4* in either MTE, ESB, Chelsea, Times Sq or Hells Kitchen. Started bidding at $120 for ESB and was, not surprisingly, rejected. Continued to add zones and free rebids in $5 increments and ended up with the NY W Hotel on Lexington Avenue. Great location for what we wanted. I know that the place can seem a little trendy, but we are pleased - and will try to live up to the trendiness :) Used the BetterBidding PRICELINE link.
  8. This would appear to be a tough time for bargain rates in the NYC area (4/19-23). Wanted to stay in one of the 4* Jersey City properties - since they're so easy to commute to NYC via PATH. Started bidding at $95 for Jersey City and was rejected. Added Elizabeth and raised to $100 - rejected. Added Secaucus and raised to $110 - rejected. Added West Orange, raised to $115 - rejected. Added Short Hills, raised to $120 - rejected. Added Meadowlands, raised to $125 - rejected. Added Newark Airport, raised to $130 - BINGO! Got the Westin Jersey City. I've stayed at this property before and really enjoyed it so am pleased. And used your PRICELINE link to bid. Thanks!
  9. Was looking for 3* near the airport from 4/14-19. First bid $60 and won the Crowne Plaza, which is perfect location - and am pleased with the price. :)
  10. It was a good effort, but proved problematical. I found, as a backup, a special deal at a 4* near Marble Arch which fits perfectly into my location needs. Next time, hopefully I'll get advance notice to really go after it early enough on PL to grab it. Thanks again for your help!
  11. Well, I tried the complete strategy to a T, but no luck. How might I revise it to give it another go? Should I add Chelsea/Knightsbridge and Westminster and up the ante? Thanks again - really appreciate your assistance.
  12. I'm in the process of working through this now - no luck with the 5* as you suspected. Working on 4* now and I got a Priceline "We're Still Working on Your Reqeust" message - is that a regular thing?
  13. Yes, would prefer to try for Mayfair/Soho and Marble Arch first and give a shot at 5* and if rejected give a go at 4* - and if that fails then try Westminster and Chelsea zones. Thanks.
  14. Hi I'm planning a trip on relatively short notice to London arriving on January 31 and departing on February 4. Area is a bit more important than star rating, but in the best of all possible worlds, I'd like to give a try for either a 5* or 4* in Zone 1 (Bloomsbury/Marble Arch) or Zone 7 (Mayfair/Soho) and possibly Zone 2 (Chelsea/Knightsbridge) or Zone 12 (Westminster). Again dreaming for the best of all possible worlds, I'd like to spend a max of around $150 per night plus fees. Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks very much - love this site!
  15. Looking for hotel near Hartford Airport on 1/17. Started bid at $55 and was accepted at Courtyard by Marriott/Hartford-Windsor. :)
  16. Thank you! You were right - I actually started at $105 for ME, rejected - added zones and increased my bid and won the Kitano for $129 per night. I used to live in the neighborhood and always liked the look of the place from the outside, so I was pleased. BUT, I was even more pleased when I went to their website and saw that the cheapest room they were offering for those same dates was $304 per night! Very happy camper - thanks for your help. :) P.S. I used your PRICELINE link.
  17. Ideally, I'd like the $150 to be all-in. And if you think I might do OK starting around $105 and working up from there, I'd be very happy to give that a try :)
  18. Hi, I'm planning a visit to NYC arriving 1/12 and departing 1/16. Would prefer 4* or 3 1/2* and ideally stay in MTE, ESB, Chelsea, Downtown, Times Square or CPS. Have a max of $150/night - do you think that is do-able or should I lower stars? Would you be able to suggest a strategy? Thanks!
  19. Well after all of this, as fate would have it, the reason for my trip had become non existent! :) So now I don't have to go - or split the stay. However, I want to thank everyone for their incredibly helpful advice and suggestions - and now I feel a little bit more confident when it comes to using PRICELINE in the future. It's been a great learning experience. Thanks again!
  20. Well, I can see how people can get hooked on Priceline - it can be almost hypnotic if it doesn't drive you nuts :) I went through everthing - actually starting my intial bid out a bit higher and worked my way up to $180 (I also added Westminster zone in the process, since I more or less got the hang of how to do it). No success though, but at $180 it declined and offered: If you are willing to raise your price by $35 to $207 per room, per night, you can try the same request again right now. I figure I've still got some time, so will give it a go again tomorrow starting a bit higher. If that doesn't work, I'm game to try splitting. Would you suggest one and four as a possibility or two and three? Thanks again for everyone's help and suggestions . I had stayed clear of Regents Park area as I thought it might be too far from where I need to be for most of the time I'm there - but I'll take a closer look at the tube system - maybe it'll be an option.
  21. Think maybe I'll forgo the 5* and concentrate on the 4*. Would like to keep it under $200, but am not tied to $175. Thanks again.
  22. First the good news: I finally understand the re-bid strategy! :) Never once got the duplicate request message! The not so good (but not unexpected) news: my bids were all rejected up to the $175 offer (the little box at the bottom of the page claimed the median price for a 5* was $392). I figure I'll try again tomorrow with the 4* strategy that you offered earlier - but do you think I should increase my initial bid to something that might stand a better chance of acceptance? Or do you thik I might try the 5* again just upping another $10 or so? I realize, of course, that this is next to impossible to predict, so just asking for a 'guesstimation.' Thanks again everyone - truly appreciate your help! Could also probably add Nottinghill/Bayswater and Westminster.
  23. Right you are - I messed up the rebid zone strategy. Think I've got it now though after re-reading the link - at least I hope I do - and will try it again tonight. Thanks again!
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