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  1. Last minute trip to NYC 1/17-19 - used your PRICELINE link. I wanted to stay in the ESB area at a 4* and started my bidding at $80. Was rejected, but offered an opportunity to bid $120, which I declined. Added rebid zones and when I got to $90, won the Affinia Shelburne which is very close to where I need to be. I've read good things about this hotel (and walked by it many times when I used to live in the area) so am looking forward to it.
  2. Was looking for 3* in the Chesapeake Greenbrier area for arrival on 15 January and departure on 17 January. Used your PRICELINE link and started my bid at $40, with no success. Upped bid by $5 increments adding rebid zones and won the Aloft Chesapeake for $55 per night. I've stayed there before and like it so am pleased with this deal.
  3. Started bidding at $50 for 4* Downtown/Pike Place. Rejected and added rebid zones in $5 increments. Won Vintage Park at $70. I've always liked Kimpton properties and am looking forward to this stay. I used your PRICELINE link.
  4. First bid using your PRICELINE link for 4* Loop arriving 10/14 and deaparting 10/15 - bid $85 and won the Hyatt Regency. The website lists the least expensive room for that date at $259, so am pleased. :)
  5. Success! I waited 24 hours and decided to rebid the same strategy (skipping CPS for now, thinking I could add it later). No luck with first two scenarios, but when opened third PRICELINE window - using your link - (including TS and the other zones) at first bid of $143, was rejected but offered a win if I was willing to increase bid to $168. I declined and continued to rebid. At $148, I won the Waldorf-Astoria! I've never stayed there but have walked through their beautiful lobby on more than one occasion. And it's close to Ess A Bagel. Very happy camper here! Thanks again.
  6. Alas, no luck. But I could almost taste it! ;) The website is saying average rate is $288 for those zones and dates, so I'd hope I'm getting close. I could add CPS and give it a shot - would I have to wait 24 hours or just adjust the above strategy? Thanks!
  7. Hi - I'm headed back to the Big Apple again for a few days arriving 8/15 and departing 8/18. I checked a few OTA sites and see the rates don't seem to be as crazy high as they were when I was there last month. Do you think I might reasonably expect to get a 4* in MTE, ESB, Chelsea, HK, MTW, Downtown, Soho/Tribeca, or TS for $160 or less? If so, would you be able to offer a strategy? I figure if it doesn't work, I'll still have time to either add other zone(s) or increase bid. Thanks very much - this is a great and very helpful site!
  8. My earlier try for a 4* on 7/10-12 didn't work out (see other post) so used friend's couch. Have to go out to Long Island for one night and back into NYC for one night 7/13. Used the exact strategy that you kindly offered for the other stay, but as I saw rates were running a bit lower, I lowered the initial bid to $95 (cheeky of me, I know). After a few refusals, won the Hotel Indigo Chelsea for $115. I've never seen it, but the location is perfect. I of course used your PRICELINE link. Thanks for your help P.S. I notice that on your hotel list, the Indigo is listed as a 3.5*, but they apparenlty are now 4*.
  9. Sorry to report the couch wins this time. Bid up as directed using your links, but no success. Will try again as I have another short trip coming up. Thanks for your help though - much appreciated!
  10. No problem - Would be happy to stay in Chelsea, Downtown/Financial, ESB, Hell's Kitchen, MTE, MTW, Tribeca, Times Square or CPS. If can't get it, would consider raising bid and adding UWS. I have an emergency back up of a friend's couch, but would prefer a hotel :) Thanks for the help!
  11. A quick trip to NYC just came up and could use some help with a bidding strategy. Ideally, would like a 4* in any Manhattan zone EXCEPT upper west side arriving 7/10 and departing 7/12 In the best of all possible worlds, would love to keep it to $150 plus fees per night, but might be able to boost it a bit. Thanks for your help!
  12. What an incredibly busy time in NYC! But perseverence - and flexibility on my part - paid off. I just need to soak my fingers in warm water to recover from all the typing! Long story short - I upped my bid substantially after reviewing the going rates for hotels and I am staying the first two nights on the aforementioned friend's couch. Ended up with the Intercontinental Barclay for 5/19-23 at a rate of $265 per night. I like this hotel and just stayed there in December. Used your links to the PRICELINE site. Thanks for all your excellent advice. I'm happy with this. :D
  13. Thanks. I've still got a little time and will give it a shot. I've got a back up of a friend's couch for the first two nights if I get desperate!
  14. Actually, just to make things more complex , have now had to add the one day earlier arrival date, so now it's 5/17 - 5/23 - a total of 6 nights. Changed this yesterday but forgot to make a note of it on the topic.
  15. Thanks for the clarification. I tried that but still no luck. I'll probably try again tomorrow, but I think I might give a try at a split if that doesn't work. On a 6 night stay, is there a recommended strategy, e.g., 3/3, 2/4, 4/2, 1/5 etc for splitting a stay?
  16. So just to be clear - I could take the basic template above, but add in SoHo/Tribeca and Midtown West (I'm guessing separately to increase options) but keep the dollar bids the same? And I could try that again today? I reread your helpful Rebidding Explained posts too which was helpful in explaining the rebidding concept. Thanks!
  17. Thank you for the excellent and thorough strategy! You guys really are great and I appreciate it. I used your PRICELINE link for all bids - and I'm sure it will come as no real surprise to you (or to me, for that matter) that I had no success. I'm thinking of adding Midtown West and SoHo/Tribeca as well before I try my hand at splitting - I'm still a bit apprehensive about adding CPS because of what I've heard about the size of the rooms at 6 Columbus Circle. Since I did all of this today, I think I have to wait until tomorrow to start over adding the two new zones, correct? If I decide to try splitting, I'm sure I'll have a question or two about that P.S. I noticed that they now have a Morningside Heights/Harlem zone for Manhattan, which lists a 3* property. Any idea what this might be? I'm guessing the Aloft, but I didn't see any wins there on a quick look at the calendar.
  18. Done. I always use your links - Betterbidding.com has been very good to me in the past! :D
  19. Of course I have to go to NY at one of the busiest, i.e.,expensive times of the year! I'm planning to be there from 5/18-23. I'd like to give a shot at first for 4* with a maximum budget of $200 per night plus fees. Preferred zones are ESB, MTE, Chelsea, Downtown, HK, TSQ - (skipping CPS for fear of tiny room at 6 Columbus :) ) Would you be able to offer a strategy? I've still got time so can adjust, split or expand zones later if need be. Thanks!
  20. Thanks for the excellent strategy. I used your PRICELINE link. It worked - at the very last bid Along the way, I was offered ( 3 different times) a hotel they claimed would accept me if I was willing to go to $208 per night, which I repeatedly rejected. I ended up with the Intercontinental Barclay for $180 per night - my max. But am very happy as I've actually stayed at this hotel in the past and enjoyed it very much - and the perfect location for me. Thanks again for your help.
  21. I'm planning on a trip to NYC arriving on 12/15 and departing on 12/20. Have been reviewing many of the posts and realize that the 15th is on the cusp of highest prices, but after that date looks more reasonable. Was interested in a 4* hotel ideally in MTE,ESB,CHELSEA, TSQ, HK or DT. Ideally at a max of $180 per night plus fees. Would you be able to offer a strategy? If this doesn't work, would consider Jersey City, where I've had good luck in the past. Thanks!
  22. For arrival on 11/1 and departure 11/3 First bid for 3* at $45 using your PRICELINE link and won Hyatt Place. No rebids required. Have stayed there before and enjoyed it (and paid much more too when I didn't use Priceline :) ) Very happy with the deal!
  23. Have used your link for Priceline hotel bids often and today I used your PRICELINE link and tried my first car rental bid. Bid $20 per day for a midsize two day rental at Newark airport 9/23-25 and won! Very happy with this rate :)
  24. Used your PRICELINE link and strategy (from the NY forum) and won the Westin Jersey City for $130 9/23-25. Very happy with this win as I've stayed at this property before and liked it very much. Thanks for your help!
  25. Did a slight adjustment - decided to spend the first 2 nights of the trip in Jersey City and the rest on the couch (at least for now) :) I bid using your PRICELINE link and got the Westin Jersey City 9/23-25 for $130. Very pleased and will post this on the Jersey thread. Thanks again for your help - I've stayed at this property before and liked it very much.
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