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  1. Well I was tired of waiting and afraid that the price would only go up so I booked this hotel for $69. It did turn out to be Ballys which is fine for me. Location is good and rooms are larger. I did use the HOTWIRE link from this site. Thank you for all your help.
  2. When I clicked on All Amenities it did add Spa Services to the list.
  3. Thanks for the reply. Went back to look and the price has come down to $69. That's a good sign. The amenities are Casino, Fitness, Pool, Restaurant, Business center, High Speed internet, Golf nearby, and Tennis nearby.
  4. I have been watching this hotel possibility for a week now. The price has gone up. Should I wait awhile or should I jump at it.
  5. I found the amenities on my account. Fittness Restaurant Business Center High Speed Internet Access Tennis nearby
  6. I dont remember all the amenities exactly but it did have a restaurant, bar, business center, wifi, 24 hr service, concierge.
  7. I used HOTWIRE for a 4 star hotel in MTE for $139 and scored the Intercontinental The Barclay for this past Sat. night. It was on 48th St. between Park and Lex. I was very happy with this hotel. The room was not the largest but it had two double beds and was very comfortable. I would definately do this again. It is a non smoking hotel.
  8. It was rated at 3 stars. The amenities were Resort, Near Beach, Fittness, Pool, Restaurant, Business, Laundry, Internet Access, Tennis.
  9. I have been checking Hotwire every day for a post cruise stay for less than $100. I saw a Resort, Near Beach and I jumped on it. I was pretty sure it was going to be this hotel and I was right.
  10. I would book this hotel in a heartbeat but I checked out their web site and the whole property is non smoking and we both smoke.
  11. I thank you for your reply. I did look this hotel up and it looks pretty nice to be just 2.5 stars. Dont you think?
  12. Need a post cruise room in Fort Lauderdale for 3/29 to 3/31. I saw a 2.5 star beach front hotel for $89. It has pool, resturant and business center. Any ideas what hotel this is? How bad could it be if it's on the beach, right?
  13. How big was the room? Did you have a nice view? Did the windows open?
  14. I just went back to Hotwire for the same date in MTE and the "Best Value" was $156. I assume it is the same hotel but I do not know.
  15. Yes I tried Priceline several times. I bid up to $115 for MTW, MTE, UM-CPS 4* and 3*. I was trying to get the Park Central. That is going for less than $100 lately. I was rejected in all my bids. Then I went to Hotwire and saw MTE 4* for $116. Didnt bite right away. The next day I saw it again for $111 and I jumped on it. It turned out to be the Grand Hyatt which I thought it was. The reviews on this hotel have been very good lately. If you go back to last year the reviews are not so good. I think the renovations had alot to do with this. In any event, I am very happy with my purchase.
  16. I just got the 4* Grand Hyatt for $111 for March 5th. This seems like a better price than Priceline was offering for 4* properties. I am surprised myself. I have been trying for a while now.
  17. I would like a 4* room in Mid Town on March 5th. Is it too early to start bidding. I did bid up to $105 but was rejected. I know I have lots of time left.
  18. The Club Quarters is a small hotel on 45th between 5th and 6th. It is in a great location. It is a very clean and well kept hotel. The staff was great when I asked for a different room. The Loby was comfortable and pretty. The only downside is the size of the rooms. They were very small. There was one double bed so we asked for and received a rollaway cot. The bathroom was small but adaquate with all the amenities. The shower had good hot water. I got this room for $100 so I think I did alright. Oh yeah, one thing that I loved was that the windows opened so we could get fresh air. That is very important to me.
  19. I am not sure if this hotel is MTW or MTS. The address is 40 W 45th St. between 5th and 6th Ave.
  20. I just called the hotel to request two beds. They said they could give me two twin beds or a roll-a-way cot. I hear the rooms are very small.
  21. Has anyone heard of this hotel? I started at $85 for a *4 in MTW. Went up in $5 increments to $100. Then I added *3 and was accepted at Club Quarters. I think I should have lowered my bid.
  22. I started off with 4* $95 MTW and was rejected. Added MTE MTS at $111 and dropped to 3*, still rejected.
  23. I didnt realize it at the time, but Oct. 11th and 12th is the Colubus Day weekend. I guess that makes it more difficult too, right?
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