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  1. Bid up to $76 on PRICELINE for 2.5* to no avail so decided to take the HOTWIRE deal. Thought this was the Rodd Royalty but was wrong. Savings is about $5/night over the advance purchase rate on Hotels.com or Expedia.com by the time you figure in taxes and fees. A penny saved is a penny earned though. Amenities shown were: Free Breakfast, Free Internet, Pet friendly, Indoor pool(s), Pool(s) and then High Speed Internet if you click on see all amenities.
  2. Two rebid zones for 3* level in the Toronto area (TO - East and TO - West). Tried $47, $49 and $50 sealed the deal. Priceline Express Deals was showing the Delta in Markham for $61 (pretty obvious since they had the name "Delta" in the room types!) and Hotwire had something similar which after taxes and fees was $2 different from the Express Deal with the SPRING 5% promo code. While I probably would have rather gotten the Delta, I took a chance, saved $10 and got the Courtyard.
  3. Not a bad deal considering this is for Dayton Hamvention weekend, probably the biggest event the area sees all year and it's only a month away. Plus it has excellent reviews on TripAdvisor. Amenities shown were: Fitness Center, Business Center, Laundry Facilities (self-service), High-Speed Internet Access
  4. Was expecting the Marriott given all the recent wins in this zone and kind of hoped for it given Tripadvisor's #8 rating. However under closer inspection it appears that several new users with 1 review each made the same day that their accounts were created gave the property 4 and 5 stars with a couple sentences of text. Looks like self promotion to me. I reported it but I guess TripAdvisor disagrees. Anyway, we were very pleased with the Renaissance. Our complaints were very minimal. The check-in was a bit disorganized at first as it seemed one person was running between the three podiums/desks at check in and trying to assist everyone at once. The maid parked her cleanup cart right in front of our door when we left one day. On the plus side, there was a pool and a hot tub. Didn't see mention of the pool on the website. There was a sauna but it didn't seem to be working correctly. The room was very spacious with a fridge and microwave, two flat screen HDTV's (with analog signals), a two line phone, king bed and a sofa bed. There was wireless internet but it was pay. The hotel is a few minutes off of I-77 but not terribly difficult to get to. Not really within walking distance of anything, though. Free parking so if you have a car you can be in downtown in 10 minutes if the traffic is favourable. Compare that with the $18/day parking at the downtown hotels this is a very good value.
  5. Tried the 3* North zone after it became evident the Sheraton wasn't going to be had for cheap (bids rejected up to $40 and Starhot rate NOT available!) so I tried $25, $27. $29 and $31 was the taker. Used your PRICELINE link as always
  6. Used Savings Barn link Over a couple of days with NMA + MLG selected and using Midway as a rebid zone for 4*, I bid: $60, $65, $67, $70, $73 $73 was the winner. Millennium Park, Loop & Grant Park Area 151 East Wacker Drive Chicago, Illinois 60601 312-565-1234 Your Offer Price Per Room, Per Night: $73.00 Subtotal: $146.00 Taxes & Service Fees: $30.77 Total Charges*: $176.77 Hyatt.com rate taxes in: $332.35 Saved $155.58 Visiting Chicago for the weekend thanks to megabus.com practically giving us 2 round trip bus passes for a total of 50 cents!
  7. Used Savings Barn Link Bid at 3* level $37 first, then used rebid zones @ 39, 41, 43 and then $45 was the winning bid. Took about 10 minutes for Priceline to accept the $45 bid. Priceline taxes in: $57.05 Hyatt.com taxes in: $97.01 A little over 40% savings, not bad!
  8. Amenities listed as: Airport Shuttle Complimentary Breakfast Fitness Center Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Business Center Laundry Facilities Booked this one on the phone at 5AM from the Days Inn Hotwire had us in the night before. This hotel was great. They let me check in 8 hours early, let us have continental breakfast that day and the next even though we were only booked for the night (they allow 5 guests total into their continental breakfast!), our room had inside access although some were accessed from the outside. There aren't any elevators but there's only 2 floors so it's not bad. Situated right off of 22 at the 512 interchange, very convenient to both Allentown and Bethlehem. Would stay here again.
  9. Route 22 & 309 Exit 33 Pennsylvania Turnpike Allentown, Pennsylvania 18104 Amenities were listed as: Complimentary Breakfast Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Laundry Facilities Spa Services Booked on 10/24, there was only this and a 3* for $159 available on Hotwire. Tried Priceline up to $72 for 2* and no luck. First they can't check us in because they say Hotwire's credit card declines so it took them forever to get that straightened out. Also upon checking out, the agent said in front of a lot of people that my card declined and I needed to pay up. Again needed to get a manager to straighten it out. Compared to the rooms, this was very minor. This hotel's rooms were in an absolutely deplorable condition. Bugs, sewage leaking from the ceiling into the shower, snot on the walls, dirty sheets, busted door jam (SWAT team entry perhaps?), avoid at all costs! Tractor trailers were parked all over and left running overnight making it impossible to sleep if the room wasn't bad enough on its own. We called Hotwire at 5AM to plead for them to cancel our next nights stay and rebook us somewhere else. Luckily Hotwire rebooked our last night in the 2.5* Best Western which at that point was listed for $52, and the BW let us check in 8 hours early!
  10. Asked for a free upgrade when I checked in but they said that this was a bad time since demand was so high and availability so low, however when I went to go pick a car, all the Economy cars were gone so ended up with a free "upgrade" to Compact and got the Saturn Ion. Everything was quick and painless except upon returning the car they wanted to charge me for 2 gallons of gas at $7/gallon + TAX because the needle was just under but still touching the full line. That Ion's gas gauge was like a wine glass turned upside down. Customer service credited me back rather quickly though.
  11. Ended up getting a smoking room with two double beds. When checking in, the employee asked me for my name. It seemed they had been expecting me. He asked, "You booked on Priceline, correct?" I wasn't expecting this. I told him yes. They had priceline hand-written all over everything, the bill, even the paper holder for the room keys. He also said something to the effect of, "I don't know how to put this tactfully, but you booked on priceline for a heavily discounted rate. As such, you end up with rooms we couldn't sell otherwise, so you will be in a smoking double queen room." They took my credit card for incidentals and when I signed the form, the price I payed on priceline was actually on the invoice! I'd never seen this before. The guy acted like I was taking money out of his own pockets personally. It seems they treat their priceline guests as second rate citizens. I arrived at 7pm and left around 6 the next morning and at check out I saw he charged 2 days worth of parking in the garage across the street, for a total of $14! I didn't even park in their garage as the meters 2 blocks away from the garage (in front of the YMCA) are free after 6 and before 8. They refunded the parking but it didn't seem they were too happy about it. I didn't let any of it get me down. I was too happy I saved over $100 and didn't have to stay at the Travelodge. :)
  12. Immediately after I won, I checked the Hilton site and there was a room available at that time. IIRC, it almost $100 more than what I paid through Priceline. I'm very pleased with the amount I paid .. and I get a world class property for that price, not somewhere I'd fear for my life like some of the 1 to 2* hotels in Ft Wayne :)
  13. Used Savingsbarn.com link Tried $33 yesterday, no avail. $37 today snagged it. Might be $7 to park but reading all the Tripadvisor reviews of all the other hotels in the $30-$50 price range made me VERY happy I got the Hilton for the same price!
  14. Been trying for a week! Tried $20 today and it refused but said I can try again if I increased the price. Tried $21 and it took. Not a huge discount but it's still cheaper than Payless and from a more reputable company (National). Will try to get a free upgrade but not to eager to. With today's gas prices, it saves having a fuel efficient car!
  15. Thanks! Yes, the 27th is definitely the problem. PL said I could try to extend that rate 2 days so I tried it and I was countered for just the weekend, the 27th through the 29th for $322/night! $120/night is 67% of the website rate, and 67% of the website rate for the 26th and 27th = $160.22/night so maybe that'd be a better ballpark to bid in? Just guessing :)
  16. Coming from a place where it takes 15 minutes to get to anywhere, I don't think it'll be that big of a deal ;-) Besides, we might want to take part of a day and check out Hoover Dam. I booked the Golden Nugget for the weekend using your link based on your advice. Thank you so much for the help!
  17. Would rather not budge too much on price. Location I can budge on being that I'll have a rental car. I can't really find much on parking. Is it free to park at the hotels? If I stay somewhere off the strip, is there public parking on strip? If so, is it cheap or free? Or would a shuttle be a better option? I could also budge on star level provided it was a lower star level because it didn't have 10 pools or a spa or a concierge, something like that, not because it's a dive. I've read a lot of good things about the Golden Nugget and $70 for a weekend night is a good deal I think. If it's not too difficult to get to where the action is from there, I'll probably book it.
  18. So I snagged the Venetian for Wednesday and Thursday but of course the price of everything skyrockets over the weekend so we need a place to stay for Friday and Saturday night (Check in July 27- Checkout July 29/2007). Just a little quick background -- We're on a mini-honeymoon and have somewhere in the southern hemisphere in mind for the big honeymoon but since it's winter there now it'll have to wait until December. Having just got married we do want to go somewhere and Vegas seemed like a great place to go. I'd like to stick around $100/night or less so whatever anyone can recommend would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  19. Used Savingsbarn.com link. Tried $100, was counteroffered with $130. Tried $110, $115 then finally $120 snagged it after changing zones.
  20. Won at $65 for July 3-July 4/07 (booked on July 2nd) Used savingsbarn.com link Room was originally with a twin bed and receptionist gave a free upgrade to a room with a king bed without even asking. Room has a great view of the city from the 7th floor. Concierge had many coupons for comped drinks and the sort for local restaurants. Self park was $16. Valet will let you go in and out as often as you wish where the self park you must pay again if you leave. A credit card was required for incidentals. Was charged a room tax of about $5 which apparently wasn't included in the priceline price... An excellent hotel in an excellent city for a bargain basement price!
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