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  1. Using the PRICELINE link on this site I was able to book a studio suite with 2 queen beds for the price listed below with the amenities also listed below. Looks like a good deal to me. Price Breakdown Subtotal: $125.00 Taxes & Fess: $28.97 BB Coupon: -$15.00 Total: $138.97 Hotel website: $169.99 Savings: $31.02 Amenities: Free Wifi Free Parking Free Breakfast Fridge/Microwave
  2. Hey all I just planned a spur of the moment trip with my mom to Las Vegas for her birthday next week. When I go by myself I often using public transit, but this time decided to rent a car, as we are staying west of the strip at the Palace Station. In any event after checking multiple sites I settled on a $18/day rate through Hotwire. I got a midsize car with National. Below are the details. Hotwire: $17.69 x 3 days : $53.07 Total with taxes/fees: $106.65 National website: $99.17 x 3 days: $297.51 Total with taxes/fees: $408.66 While I was hoping to rent my car through Hertz, as I like their Gold Rewards program and ease of picking up my car, I could stomach the rates they were offering. In addition I also checked on rental locations near the hotel, but most were not open on Sunday (would use the free hotel shuttle and pick up the car the next day). In any event I do like the rate offered through Hotwire and like that is not with one of the cheaper/cut rate rental firms.
  3. Hey all, I was able to get the Four Points by Sheraton $61 + an additional 10% off for a total of $71.87with taxes/fees by using the link on this great website for thiscoming Sunday. This price is cheaper than the regular rate without tax of $79 at other websites. Below is a list of the amenities supplied by Priceline. Casino Restaurant Fitness Center Handicapped Rooms/Facilities I am pleased to get this hotel at this rate, as they were building this property when I was in Deadwood last year at this time.
  4. I had a few days from work, so I decided to make an impromptu trip to Colorado (I live in Wyoming). I am spending one night in Black Hawk, while the first night will be spent in Broomfield. I was able to get to a nice rate for the hotel listed below. 2.5* Comfort Suites Broomfield base rate: $130.00 tax/fees: $28.37 total: $158.37 This look like a nice hotel at a great price, as the Choice Hotels website wants over $180 + taxes and fees.
  5. For the past few days I have been doing some research for a room in downtown Denver for the first part of next month, as I am going to a couple of Colorado Rockies games. After using the links (HOTWIRE, PRICELINE, and so on) on this site to check room rates for June 1-3 I opted to book the Home2 Suites by Hilton Denver Downtown Hotel via Expedia. I was able to get this hotel for the following rate. nightly rate : 100.29 taxes/fees: 31.59 total: 232.17 The Hilton website has the hotel listed at $153 a night, so I am very happy with my deal.
  6. Hi all I am posting this deal on behalf of a friend. I helped him to get the following hotel using the PRICELINE link on this site. New York New York for October 25-30. Daily room rate: $31.00 Total with taxes and fees: $376.80 (after $25 coupon code I had). This is best deal I have seen on this hotel that I have stayed at in the past. The MGM Resorts website wanted $43 a night and and Priceline was showing a non-express rate for $31, but he could not use the coupon. I tried to get them to stay at the Vdara where I am at for these days, but he is on a very tight budget. In all I think he got a great deal on a nice hotel.
  7. I am posting another follow-up, as I found an even better room rate via the PRICELINE link on this site. I was to get the same type of room at the same hotel for less. Below is my new room rate information. Daily rate: $55.97 Total with taxes and fees: $607.30 vs $665.65 Just telling anyone that pays to shop around, especially after you have booked a refundable room rate.
  8. I forget to post this along with my hotel deal for my upcoming Las Vegas trip. Well in any event I used the discounted Delta gift cards I bought at Raise to buy an airline ticket for this trip. I was to book my ticket for $185.20 (really $154.01 considering I did not pay full price for the gift cards). This fare is very good considering that my local hometown airport is often pricey, due to the lack of competition. In past I have seen airfares for closer to $300 or $400 roundtrip, so I am happy with my purchase. I also was able sell the remaining portion on the gift card to a friend, so I ended up with nothing to lose. On a side note I very excited, as I get to fly through the new Salt Lake City airport. Also, all of the gates will now have a jet bridge and I will get to avoid the bus to/from my plane for my Casper flight.
  9. Just posting a follow-up about my room rate. Unless I book a nonrefundable reservation I continue to check room the hotel I have booked and other that I might be interested in. In any event I did this for the Vdara and the daily room rate when up to an average of 118.73 / night. While still being on the fence about taking a trip I am glad that I recognized the great rate and booked it when I did.
  10. Hey all I am hoping that we will be back sort of normal this coming October, as I have some time off in October and found both a great airfare and a great hotel rate for a trip to Las Vegas. In any event I was able to get a room at Vdara Hotel & Spa for just $72 a night. Below is the following rate information from my booking at the MGM Resorts website for my trip to Las Vegas on October 25 - October 30, 2020. Daily room rate: $72.42 / night Taes: $44.68 Ressort Fee: $255.11 Total: $665.65 On side the MGM Resorts website shows room rates from $112 even on the page listing actual room categories and rates, so I wonder if my rate is a mistake. Also would note that I paid a small refundable deposit to make my reservation. I checked a number of other sites including Priceline and Hotwire using the links at this site and can't find anything this good. With the deal I got I just hoping that everything is back some sort of normal.
  11. I just found an online site that offers gift cards of all sorts at discounted prices. Just bought 2 $200 Delta Airlines gift cards for $84 a piece at raise.com after a 10% first purchase discount and another discount of 7.5% of the cards value.
  12. I did use the PRICELINE links to search for my rates. Also just checked my credit card statement and United only charged me $178 for my ticket to get to DCA from CPR. That is a lot less than the $608 I just found on their website 2 minutes ago and is cheaper than the $367 I found from Denver. I would say that I got a good deal.
  13. Hey all I have looking been for several weeks at airfares, hotels, and hotel + air packages for a trip to Washington, D.C. this coming May and nothing really stood out, as an exceptional deal. Have been looking everywhere including, but limited to United.com, Expedia, and Priceline. Well today I decided to search the usual sites and found that the airfare had gone up by $100 or $150 depending on the flight and almost felt a little defeated. That being said I have learned to never give up and did a search at Priceline where I found a nice deal for a hotel + air package that is less then the price of the hotel by itself. Below are the details of the package I booked. Moxy by Marriott Washington, DC Downtown with airfare on United from CPR to DCA via DEN on 05/06/2020-05/11/2020 for $1365.85. While looking at Priceline I made sure that I was not selecting a Basic Economy Fare, as unlike some sites they do not offer the option upgrade to regular economy. After checking a few other travel sites I noticed that package price at over $2000. I then did a search for rates on this hotel and found many for over $1400 for my entire stay, which is more than the package I purchased. I feel that I got a great deal on what appears to be a unique hotel and I am very happy with purchase. On a side note Priceline does not offer an option for selecting a seat and I also did not notice any place to including my frequent flyer number. Despite this I was able to pull up this reservation at United.com and select my seats, as well as add my frequent flyer number (this makes it easier to pull this reservation later). Also used part of the package savings to pay for Economy Plus seat for the flights from DEN-DCA and DCA-DEN.
  14. Hey all, I just had a friend that booked the Hampton Inn and Suites. I checked the going rate at hilton.com and it $180, so he got a good deal. Only thing is that he booked a room with 1 bed, instead of 2 like he needu, so he is going to see if the property with checking him into a 2 bed room, even at an extra charge. The amenities for this hotel are as follows. Free Breakfast Free Internet Pet Friendly Indoor Pool Outdoor Pool Non-Smoking Gym Handicap Accessible Seems like a good deal to me, as I just booked the Hampton Inn & Suites Denver - Speer Boulevardufor money, despite the parking fee at his hotel. I did, however, want to check-out the functionally of the Hilton app for checking-in and selecting my room.u
  15. Hi all I started my search for a hotel here using the Hotwire and PRICELINE links. For starters, I thought I had a good deal with Priceline for a 4* hotel @ $111 but had some problems with their website so I moved onto HOTWIRE. In any event, I ended up with the Hilton Denver City Center. Hotwire price summary vs. Hilton.com Hotwire: Room: $228.00 ($114.00 per night x 2 nights x 1 room) Taxes & fees: $63.92 Trip total: $291.92 Trip total per night: $145.96 Hilton: Room: $556 ($283 per night x 2 nights x 1 room) So as you can see even before figuring the taxes on the Hilton.com rate I am better off with Hotwire rate. Finally, the amenities for this hotel are, as follows: Free internet, Indoor pool(s), Smoke-free rooms, Fitness center, Pool(s), Restaurant(s), Business center, Internet access, Golf nearby Accessible path of travel, In-room accessibility, Accessible bathroom, Roll-in shower
  16. Hey all I just helped a friend get a great rate on a room at the Hyatt Place Washington DC/National Mall using the HOTWIRE link on this site. Total cost for this hotel stay was $959.17 @ Hotwire vs. $1299.51 @ Hyatt.com. Amenities for this hotel are as follows: Free internet Boutique hotel Business center Fitness center Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Smoke-free rooms This looks like a good deal to me.
  17. Hey We needed to book an extra room for the last night of our upcoming Chicago trip at the end of this month. We previously were able to book the Hotel Chicago through HOTWIRE and I was hoping to get a room at the same property. I checked the hotel website and found a great rate for less than a $100, but also decided to check HOTWIRE using the link at this site. In any event I found what I thought to be the same hotel for about the same price, as the hotel's prepaid rate, except the Hotwire rate included taxes. Well in the end I was able get this same hotel for a great price. Amenities Boutique hotel Business center Fitness center internet access Restaurant(s) Smoke-free rooms Accessibility Accessible for visually impaired Accessible path of travel In-room accessibility
  18. I very happy with my win, as I have previously stayed at this hotel for training with my employer. I almost booked it a few days ago on Priceline for $77 via their "Members Only Deals," but am glad I waited until today as the Priceline Express rate was better and I saved even more with the 5% off priceline discount using the PRICELINE link on this site. Also just checked Doubletree.com and their best rate was $149. Below are the amenities for this hotel Free Internet Free Parking Bed Choice Business Center Fitness Center Non Smoking Pets Allowed Swimming Pool
  19. Hey guys I posting another great Priceline hotel deal, as we had a slight hick-up with a previous deal Hotwire deal I recently posted here. I made the reservation in my step-dad's name and his travel plans have changed, such that he won't be there to check-in. I contacted the hotel to see if they would/could change the name on the reservation and was told no, as they don't have access to the reservation, as it was not made through them. Then I contacted Hotwire for help and they told me, no go as well and said the hotel is only one that can change the name. I did not tell my step-dad, as he paid and am sure with his dementia he will not remember this. After finding this out I did some research on Hotwire and Priceline to see what I could find. Well, in any event, I decided the hotel listed below, as I need to take my car to a dealer in Littleton (somewhat close to this hotel) for a 20,000-mile servicing. Denver Marriott Tech Center @ $70 for room + $21.98 (tax/fee) = $91.98 total vs. Marriott.com @ $153 for room + $24.10 (tax/fee) = $177.10 total Amenities include: Free Internet (in Public Area) Pet-Friendly Indoor Pool Outdoor Pool Non-Smoking Gym Restaurant Handicap Accessible Business Center In closing, if the first hotel had been in my name I have not needed this second hotel. I am however happy with the location, as near the car dealer I need to be at and near the RTD Light Rail (I will use that to get downtown to go to a Colorado Rockies baseball game).
  20. Okay AaronJB, We decided to book 3 more nights at the Hotel Chicago. HOTWIRE did allow me to add these nights for $106 per night and thus paid about $3 less in total ($415.78) for this booking. Now I am going to contact the hotel to see if they can combine the two reservations. Thanks for your help and suggestions
  21. Thanks for your help. I have ridden the Metra Trains before. Also, there be someone that could pick us up at the train station. Just not sure what time the graduation would be over, so I will have to consider that when I think about a hotel. I am really leaning towards $107 hotel in downtown, as we are already there and won't need to pack and repack. also closer to El-trains that we will use to get from Midway and could use to get back to Midway. Also, another option is renting a car in suburbs, I don't fell comfortable driving in a weird city. Help again and I will let you i decide
  22. Yes, I am looking for a room for 05/26/05/29 for 3 adults. Also wondering if I should look at booking what I am guessing to be the same hotel (same price and same amenities), as I got for previous 3 nights. We would then have to travel back and forth for a few days (will need to look at the train schedules). Just thought it might be nicer to stay near my family there.
  23. Hey all, including AaronJB As stated in a previous win post I was able to get a good deal on a room for 3 nights in Chicago, but now need to look for a room for another 3 nights in the Wheeling area. I also thought about extending my reservation in Chicago by another night, thus only needing 2 nights more in Wheeling. When looking into this the rate went up by about $75 and I know I can do better out in Wheeling for that night, so that is out. In any event my family and I will be taking the Metra train from Union Station to Wheeling (not sure which station though) and will not have a car. That being said I am looking for something that might have a free shuttle and is close to eateries and shopping. Not really familiar with this area and wondering if I should look at sites, other than Hotwire or Priceline, so I can see the exact hotel and location and be able to map it out and see what is near by. I would take anything at or above a 2.5* rating with good guests reviews. Just really don't know where to start. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  24. I booked this hotel using the HOTWIRE link on this site after having searched a number of different sites over the past few weeks including but, not limited to Priceline, Expedia, and Marriot. Below are the details for this booking. Amenities: Boutique hotel, Smoke-free rooms, Fitness center, Restaurant(s), Business center, Internet access, Accessible for visually impaired, Accessible path of travel, In-room accessibility, Accessible bathroom, Accessible parking, Roll-in shower Rate information: Hotwire rate/tax: $418.50 Marriot.com rate + tax: $577.00 (other per night regular rates not including taxes at the hotel website were, even more than the total we paid with tax) I am happy with the hotel and the cost. May want to book another night in Chicago for 05/27/2018 (Saturday), depending on when my niece's graduation is on Sunday. Just wondering if I will get the same hotel? Now I am off to look for a hotel near Wheeling, IL (niece is graduating from Wheeling High School).
  25. Hey all I booked this room using the HOTWIRE link at this site after trying to get a good rate on a Park/Sleep/Fly package on another site. The other site wanted lots more for a different hotel with parking (more than this hotel rate + parking at a lot near DIA). Also, I have stayed here in the past and the hotel was nice. Below are details for this booking. Amenities: Free breakfast, Free Internet, Indoor pool(s), Airport shuttle, Smoke-free rooms, Fitness center, Pool(s), Business center, Self-service laundry, Internet access Total room rate/tax: $127.03 Hotel website rate: $134.10 + taxes
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