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  1. Not sure if I should put this here, but the Pan Pacific is offering rooms with summer dates starting at $189 through some kind of summer promotion. Here's the link if anyone wants to check it out. Pan Pacific
  2. I don't know, you're probably right. I just find it annoying that Hotwire can do it. What's the difference? You can't even get a flight on Priceline out of Canada, even if you're NOT naming your own price.
  3. Sorry if this was posted somewhere before. Does anyone else get annoyed that you can't get flight from Priceline unless they originate in the States? I've always wanted to bid on flights coming out of Canada but they never let you do that. Did they used to? You can get flights on Hotwire, but I would like to try bidding on them to see if they would be cheaper. Are all the Priceline sites like this? Do you have to originate from Europe on the European site? If so, I think that stinks. They're losing out on potential business by limiting that. I wonder if they have a bunch of e-mails complaining about it, if they would start offering it. :)
  4. I'm bumping this after seeing the recent 4* Vancouver wins in and around my dates of travel. If anyone spots anything PLEASE let me know. Right now I have a one bedroom suite booked at the Delta. I had the Westin, but the Delta had a sale for $25 a night less. If you spot anything for 4* that's less than this, PLEASE let me know! THANKS! :)
  5. I'm curious too, because I'm looking for a 4* hotel for June 7-10. I can't believe I missed this! *sigh*
  6. I wish I would have seen this earlier. I need a 4* for Vancouver June 7-10 and I've been bidding up to $150 with no luck. I just tried after reading all these threads about you guys winning the Hyatt and nothing :)
  7. GAH! I wish I would have seen this a couple days ago. I just tried bidding up to $150 for my days of June 7-10 and got nothing! :)
  8. Agreed, I'll be keeping the suite for now unless I see some super bargain
  9. The Pan Pacific looks really nice on the website, but I think it would just be for a regular room. I'm not sure that a $2 difference would be worth giving up a one bedroom suite for, even if it is 5* vs 4*. The thing I worry about it booking that and then having it come down even more. Like I said, it started at $315 and went down to $193 so who knows. I did call and ask about a gov't rate, but that's $210 for a regular room. The amenities listed on Hotwire are: 5-star hotel in Downtown Vancouver West Fitness, Pool, Restaurant, Business Centre, High Speed Internet, and Spa 4 out of 5 rating on trip advisor
  10. HOTWIRE is now listing a 5* hotel that looks to be a match for the Pan Pacific for $193 a night. It was originally $315 when I first started looking. Do you think it would be a good move to take this hotel for $193 instead of the 4* Westin for $195 a night. We do have a suite at the Westin, but I don't know what kind of rooms they have at the Pan Pacific. It seems to get decent ratings. Would you recommend doing this, or waiting still?
  11. Ok I just discovered this feature but I'm noticing that they don't post wins or something. I've checked tons of popular cities you'd think people would be bidding on (NYC, LA, etc) including a number of others and I've not gotten any bid results. I checked last night and all day today and nothing. How often do they post these supposed wins?
  12. I'm not sure if anyone has posted this before, but I thought I would let you know since I just stumbled upon this. Apparently, if you sign up for Priceline Rewards (eg, Pricebreakers) or have made a past flight, hotel or car purchase, you have access to Priceline Rewards. This includes coupons, special deals, and a list of recent winning Name You Own Price bids! You can click on whatever country you want and it will list States, Cities, etc. Then click on those to see if there have been any recent bid wins. It says it will even tell you dates, areas, and star levels, etc. I thought that was pretty cool, another cheat we could use! Again, don't know if everyone already knew this or not, but I found it too cool not to pass on. Sadly, when I looked for my destination there hadn't been any winning bids, but I'll be checking frequently as they're posted daily. :)
  13. Alright, will do. Interestingly, I just went back to HOTWIRE to check and this hotel has dropped to $192 now. Not a significant drop, but interesting since I check earlier and it had dropped before to $196.
  14. Ok Hotwire has a 4* hotel for these dates on for $196. I would like to keep watching this price, but I'm having trouble identifying it. It doesn't seem to match anything on the list. Maybe someone else has a better idea? Here are the details. 4* Downtown Entertainment District $196 for Jun 7-10, Regular retail $240 Fitness, Restaurant and High Speed Internet 6.4 miles from airport Any ideas?
  15. Actually I meant that it was more than I was hoping to pay. One bedroom suites aren't last on my list, that's for sure. I was just hoping to keep it under $175 a night.
  16. Thanks. I did reserve a backup at the Westin. They had the lower priced double bed rooms sold out, so I had to settle for a one bedroom corner suite, with a kitchenette and a queen sofa bed in the living room. It was $195 and is 100% refundable right up until that day. I'll keep trying PRICELINE to see if I can get a better deal.
  17. :) I tried bidding up to $160 to no avail. I'll try again in a few days and see what happens. I still have awhile to get a room and I can always book directly through the Westin for backup with the gov't rate. Any other suggestions/tips?
  18. Thanks a bunch. I'll get ahold of my friend and we'll try your strategy. I'll make sure to use the links you provided and if we win, I'll post it on here. If we don't, I'll also post that as well. Thanks again. :)
  19. Yes I am aware of the double occupancy issue. I think we may be ok with one king bed, but I know a lot of the hotels have sofa beds as well in some rooms. Additionally, I am sure I can contact the hotel after bidding to request two beds if it is a hotel that offers rooms like that. I've done that before, and while I know it's subject to availability, I've usually been accomodated. Again I would like to stay downtown. I'd probably want to keep it lower than the $170 that I could get off the Westin site at my gov't rate. Any suggestions you have would be appreciated. I am aware of how to do the rebidding by zones, from past experiences with this board, so I thank you for teaching me that as well. I just wasn't sure what to start at, and if it's normally a pricey time of year. I think there is a jazz festival in June in Vancouver, but I believe that's later in the month.
  20. Hi everyone, I am looking for advice/suggestions on bidding for a 4* or higher hotel for Jun 7-10 for two people, and possibly a third. Ideally, we would like to have two beds because of the third person that may join us for a night. Does anyone have an idea of what a starting bid should be for early June? Does anyone local have any tips of where to stay and where to avoid, or if this is usually an expensive time of year for hotel stays? We'd like to stay downtown if possible for ease of walking,etc to shopping. I am a gov't worker and can get special rates to certain hotels, but I thought maybe bidding might get me a bit better of a deal. The Westin usually gives us rates of $170 per night, does anyone think I could get better by bidding? I was thinking of starting maybe at $100 a night since most of the downtown hotels at a 4* level I saw on other sites are at least $220 a night up to $350 for this timeframe. Does that seem reasonable, or should I start higher or lower from anyone's past experiences? any help would be great. Thanks!
  21. :) OMG thank you for this AMAZING feature!! You rule!!!
  22. Really? ok. It also says free room upgrade to large Deluxe suite. I thought it might be ok since it stretches into Sept a bit and it's probably refundable if you need. When I went in Aug last time, we booked the Waldorf Astoria for $289 a night, so I thought this was ok but I don't really know that much about pricing during the seasons. Just for research sake I looked at Quickbook and typed in some of the dates. The superier rooms were going for about $60-80 more a night than this rate, even in the summer.
  23. I found this deal on Travelzoo.ca for anyone interested. On your next trip to New York City, don't settle for a small hotel room at a high price. Instead, stay at the upscale Millennium Broadway Hotel -- located in the heart of Times Square -- for only $213 (US$199) per night. This includes a FREE upgrade to an oversized Superior guestroom! The $213 (US$199) per night special is valid: June 28-July 7 July 13-15, 22, 27, 29 August 3, 5, 10, 12, 17-19, 25-31 September 2-3 For $266 (US$249) per night, you can also stay: July 11-12, 20-21, 26, 28, 31 August 2, 20-21, 24 September 1, 4 Call the hotel directly at 1-800-622-5569 and mention promotion code ZOO. Book by July 7.
  24. Thanks again!!! I appreciate your help a lot. I'm so glad I found this board. :) I got the hotel for about half price anyway, which was great. This was my first ever Pricelink buy, and it went fairly smooth and painless thanks to your advice. I will definitely recommend this site to people, and use it again for trips.