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  1. Hi friends! No car, we'll be using public transportation... I'd rather stay in the city, girls weekend you know....but that extra money will cover a lot of drinks. I was hoping to keep it around 200/night, but I see that not really possible. Can the resident Chicago expert tell me how the public transporation is if we want to enjoy some night life in town? (Later on, maybe you can give me some suggestions!) Are we better off with the train or a cab? If we choose to stay in the burbs, are there some hotels that are closer to the train stations? Thanks for all your help! (Thereuare, you were a huge help with our trip to NYC last month!) Kim
  2. We have a reservation at the Fairmont from the 16th - 18th (HR meetings), then want the weekend for some sightseeing. The Fairmont (on the phone) says they're booked (plus, it was paid for through work, now we're on our own) I know theres a big restaurant convention going on, and prices are sky high! Any suggestions? Thanks! Kim
  3. Hi Folks! So, I ended up with the Doubletree for $101. I haven't seen as many good things about that one, so I hope its nice! The Hyatt had such beautiful pictures..... Anyway, here's what I did... First I bid 70, Jersey City 3* rejected... Increase to 80 and added Elizabeth rejected... Started over bid 90, Jersey City 3* rejected... Increased to 101 and added Elizabeth won! I had tried staying in NYC using the tips from here, bid upto 155 on 3* with no luck. Thanks for all your help, thereuare....you're a gem! Kim.... of course, I did all this through Savingsbarn.com!
  4. Okay, ready to bite the bullet.... So, I start with Jersey City, and if I have to rebid, I use Elizabeth? Is that right? What if thats not accepted? Also, what would be my best way of getting from JFK to the Hyatt? Thanks! Kim
  5. So, being the risk taker that I am, I'd like to bid on priceline and try and get the better deal. So, whats the chances that I'll end up with something other than the Hyatt?
  6. So, I checked out the reviews of the Hyatt...it looks amazing! How do I go about getting that for less than $100/night? The PATHS train looks to be very convenient also. Does it run 24/7? If we chose to fly, will it be easy to get from JFK to the Hyatt? If we drive, what would be the best parking solution? On the other hand, what do you think would be our best bet and price if we wanted to stay in the city? I really can't thank you enough for being so helpful! Kim
  7. To save money, and to have 2 bathrooms, I think I can deal with that possibility. On a side note...if you lived 5 1/2 hours away by car, but a 1 hour direct flight, going for only 2 nights, which would you do? Flights are $100. Thanks...you're awesome! Kim
  8. Whats the worst thing that can happen in that instance? Will we be able to get a roll away for our 15 y/o? I think we did that once a few years ago when we got the Waldorf. Is that still available on priceline? Thanks! Kim
  9. I was hoping to stay in the 250/night range if possible. Cheaper would be even better! We will be doing some sight seeing also, so in a good location for that too. Thanks for your help! Kim
  10. Hello helpful group of people! There are 5 of us (2 couples and 1 teenager) staying in NYC for the auto show located at the Jacob Javits Convention Center 11th ave between 34 & 39 Streets April 6 - 8. Was wondering if I should bid on 2 rooms, or would I be better off staying at the suites places I've seen you recommend. Any tips would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! Kim
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