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  1. Won on my first try but had to wait 15 minutes to find out the result of my offer. First time that's ever happened on PL for me. Pleased with the win! I clicked through the BB site PRICELINE links first, as always.
  2. Tried to bid @ $87 per night, wasn't successful and I really wanted the Darcy. Amenities listed were: pet friendly, smoke-free rooms, bed choice and fitness facility. I clicked through the BB link and used the coupon for an additional 5% off. Total for three nights was $369.78. I'm super excited about this upcoming stay!🤗
  3. I picked the 3.5* Boutique, Smoke-Free, Fitness and HS Internet and it was the Ameritania. Total was $596.83. I would have been happy with this hotel or the Belvedere (which HW stated that the last person won) and am looking forward to our trip. Thanks for the awesome help!
  4. Found this listed on HOTWIRE. I used the BiddingHelper.com link and this came up: Boutique hotel, Smoke-free rooms, Fitness center, Internet access The last person got the Belvedere, but it isn't listed as a boutique hotel.
  5. My husband never gets involved. My friend, however... Consider this request closed. Guess she'd like to stay nearer to Times Square. Thanks for the help. I will be submitting a question in the Hotwire forum shortly.
  6. I have been using B.B. for years and am confident that the HOTWIRE option is also tryp. This is ideal but I’m not sure my friend will share a bed. The price is amazing as well. Do you recommend actually bidding (I’ve found less success with this method in the last couple of years) or using hw/PRICELINE EXPRESS options? thanks for all of your help!
  7. I figured it was the Watson. Two people who don't want to share a bed. And I'm looking at around 185 before taxes. Thanks for your help!
  8. Looked in the list of hotels on BB and didn't see a 3.5* hotel for this area. Going on a girl's trip for my first time and want to stay near theater district. Gets 7+ for reviews. Price is for two double beds Amenities listed are: Business Center Restaurant Fitness Center No Smoking Rooms/Facilities
  9. Chobo2 I've been bidding for about four days. I'm a bit of a snob when it comes to hotel stays, but that is all due to the vast knowledge at betterbidding. When I was searching I knew that I wanted free parking and breakfast. I had bid as high as $77 for a 3.5* with zero success, so I knew that by being promised at least an 8+ rating for a 3* and also getting parking and breakfast there wouldnt be that big of a difference. Good luck with your quest!
  10. I've been trying for days to bid 3.5* in the area using re-bid strategies. With no luck, I (on a whim) went down a tick, bid $57 and won immediately. Super happy with this win. Now to book my downtown Portland stay for the following two days... And I did begin my bidding on betterbidding, as always. :)
  11. Started at $69 and worked with my free rebid zones and $2 increments until I hit the accepted bid of $91. I used the betterbidding PRICELINE link portal, of course.
  12. My dates are for July 28-31 for one room. I've been offered via Priceline.Express 3.5* with no amenities listed (?!) for $128 per night in Gaslamp Quarter South/convention center. Perhaps the Hilton? Thanks!! Clicked the links so I'm ready for your awesomeness!! :)
  13. Started at $89 and gradually made my way up to $98 for the win. I used coupon code SUMMER at checkout for an additional 5% off and I the BB PRICELINE link to begin my purchase. :)
  14. I knew I'd forgotten to do something. Here you are: Free Internet Smoke Free Rooms Restaurant(s) Business Center High-Speed Internet Access Accessible for the blind Accessible path of travel In-room accessibility Accessible bathroom Handicapped parking Roll-in shower
  15. Having stayed at this hotel before, I was pleased to win this one. I added two imaginary children in order to score two beds. :lol: I also, as always, used the PRICELINE and HOTWIRE links on betterbidding.com.
  16. Studied the threads (as always) and won on PRICELINE my first try. Should've started with $47. B) I was willing to pay $60/night via HOTWIRE link, but this was a great win!!
  17. Started at $85 and kept using the rebid zones until I won. We are attending two baseball games and this was the exact hotel I wanted to stay in while visiting SD!!! BTW, was offered this hotel (I believe) on Priceline's Express Deals page for $111. I, as always, used the PRICELINE links via BB. :D
  18. Very little information on BB regarding Surprise wins. I thought I would get the Residence Inn but am happy with Windmill Suites at $51 per night.
  19. Started at $53 and used free re-bid zones until I was accepted at $57. HW had this at $61, so I'm pleased with my efforts. Of course I used the PRICELINE links to search and to purchase!!
  20. I'm seeing the same hotel listed for June 29-July 1 @ $62 per night. 80% recommended. I used the HOTWIRE links to search. Any idea which hotel this could be? I'm thinking Sheraton based on smoke-free rooms available.
  21. Amenities listed: Shuttle, Fitness, Pool, Restaurant, Business Center, High Speed Internet, Tennis I've been trying to win this hotel on Priceline for the last three weeks. Lowest price via Doubletree's website was $91 for their bed and breakfast rate. Clicked the HOTWIRE link (through BB link, of course) and saw it for $74. Clicked to book, forgot my password, retrieved it and by the time I logged into Hotwire, it had gone down $1! :)
  22. Searched via HOTWIRE link (of course!) and found the following: June 19-22 $43 per night 3* LV Strip-South Area hotel Casino Excercise Pool Restaurants Golf (nearby) Tennis (nearby) Spa It looks like Bill's, but they don't have a pool, right? Thanks!
  23. Have tried for two days to book a 4* in the downtown Portland area for an upcoming reunion. Bid up to $92 with rebidding options and multiple browers without winning. Checked prices for 3.5* (lowest being $119) and bid $62. Won immediately! :) Room Cost (avg. per room, per night): $62.00 (USD) Number of Rooms: 1 Number of Nights: 3 Room Subtotal: $186.00 (USD) Taxes and Fees: $33.43 (USD) Total Room Cost: $219.43 (USD)
  24. Read previous posts and started at $41. Rejected but prompted to add $12 to bid and resubmit. Hotwire had bumped up their price from $59 to $79 so I felt that $53 was a reasonable price to pay. Of course, used Savingsbarn link.
  25. 3* Laguna/Irvine Spectrum=Holiday Inn Mission Viejo 4/2-4/5 $62 per night fitness, restaurant, pool, laundry Halfway between major attractions, am thrilled with this purchase!
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