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  1. ProfessorBargain, maybe they don't have any PL inventory for the moment.... If you go for the Sheraton Princess so please use the boards support Expedia link Please keep the board posted. Good luck! Henrik.
  2. controlyar, best rate for the Intercontinental is $242 for your dates. The OP best rate was $205. So I would try again. But there could be several things that got an impact of your stay. One of them might be the holiday. About HOTWIRE The only 4* I see for your dates is $169. And that is match for Sofitel so that would be a good guess. But please post the amenities for the 4* at $120 (or so) so we're talking about the same hotel. And please start a new topic for the HOTWIRE 3* since it's diffrent dates .also please post the amenities for that hotel. PS. Everything is computer based Henrik.
  3. ProfessorBargain - Welcome to BetterBidding! Best rack rate for Hyatt is $288/night for your dates. Hilton got $269 for the best rate. HOTWIRE got clean match for what I belive is Hilton Hawaiian Village for $229/night in Waikiki Beach Area. Bidding at low $100 don't cut it for a 4*. You have 3 weeks to go, if you really want a 4*, try up to $175 and see what happens or you have reached your max? If you have reached your max change to 3* or keep trying closer to your dates if you're comfortable with that. Have you secured a back-up hotel that you could live with? Just post if you need any further help or have any questions Henrik.
  4. shadowdriver, rates are date sensitive. You can't look at an old reported win and expext to get the same rate 3 months after. There is a big difference on weekdays, holidays, weekends, number of nights, winter and summer etc. A good thing to do is to look at the boards reported hotels. Check the rack rates for your stay and get a "feeling" what you should bid. If you see a rate at a hotels $275/night for one of your hotels. You now know that the old reported win at $60 is nothing to go on. also looking at the HOTWIRE rates for the city you bid at. HOTWIRE rates also give you a clue on what level you should bid at. Getting rejected all the time is frustrating. But knowing the "level" on what to bid helps. also when you become a frequent bidder and find your way to "collect" information is the bidding part more easy. Good luck! Henrik.
  5. shadowdriver, the Doubletree has been reported to the board with this set of amenities. I did search the vacation part of HOTWIRE to find it but without luck. If you decide to go for this so please use this HOTWIRE link. Good luck! Henrik. Feel free to delete :)
  6. EdCris, you should really do your homework on this before you use Priceline or HOTWIRE to rent a car. Since you're a non US citizen is the optional insurance very expensive to buy at the airport sometimes. I live in Sweden and allways book my cars with a Swedish agent for Hertz, Avis etc. Doing that gives me a far better price inc. the insurance. Many US citizens creditcards covers the insurance but this is not the case for non US creditcards. Check the rental rates with a local agent inc. LDW etc and then compare the price. Henrik.
  7. carlosr, can you please post your date(s) for the stay. Henrik.
  8. My friends are going to some horse race at Medowlands Sports Complex East Rutherford, NJ, 7/30-8/7. I need help to determ what PL zone and HOTWIRE zone would be the best to stay in. They want to be close to the track since this is a everyday event. But there should be some decent restaurants/pubs etc in the area. My thought is, would they be better staying in New Jersey? They want to spend max $200/night at a 4* or 3* if no go at a 4*. Looking at New Jersey/Meadowlands and found no 4*. Thanx in advance! Henrik.
  9. JNettiSpagetti - Welcome to BetterBidding! I did a search for your dates, since it's your birthday and everything :) I think you're close to hit around $110 for a 4*. I would keep trying another week if you're comfortable with that. A good thing to do is book a cancellable backup that you can live with, this will take the preasure out of bidding. I also think it's to early to go for a 3*. if you decide to start bidding for a 3*, start with $75 Are you ok with your re-bid zones? If not, please read this Priceline Re-Bidding Explained HOTWIRE got a 3.5* for $109 if this is an option? Please use this HOTWIRE link if you decide to go that route. Feel free to ask if you need any further help. Good luck! Henrik.
  10. son of pezcore, can you please post your date(s) for your stay. Henrik.
  11. axemen - Welcome to BetterBidding! 3.5* is a match for Hilton Dorval Airport. 4* is a match for Loews Le Concorde. But please note that the Hilton downtown has been reported to the board with the same amenities as the Loews hotel. So it could be either. Above hotels is a match for the amenities so that would be a good guess. If you decide to go for any of the hotels so please use the boards HOTWIRE link. Good luck! Henrik.
  12. greerx4, there is a match for Holiday Inn Beachwood. So that would be a good guess. Please use this HOTWIRE link if you decide to go for the hotel. Good luck! Henrik.
  13. vitasoy1437 , I'm sorry! I red your topic like your date was 7/4. I live overseas, and we write the dates backwards comparing to USA. I must had a balckout :) Good luck, Henrik
  14. vitasoy1437 - Welcome to betterbidding! Take it easy here! Rates are not that high yet for you date. We are talking one night (7/4)? No need for a 3* if your budget is $130. I looked at HOTWIRE for your stay and found a 4* at $109 at Central Strip. There is a clean match for Caesars Palace. But Alladin and Paris has also been reported with theese/simular amenities. There is several options at HOTWIRE so take a look there. If you decide to go with HW so please use the boards HOTWIRE link. But I saw a 5* at $223, likley the Venetian. So I checked the rates and best rate is $199 at hotels site. If you want to gamble for any 5*, try Priceline for $125-$141 at 5*. Or your max is $130? If it is, try up untill your max. also, please read this about Re-bidding: http://www.betterbidding.com/show.php/showtopic/16 And have a look at top of the hotel list for Nevada. Just ask if you need any further help. Good luck! Henrik.
  15. girlncalifornia - Welcome to BetterBidding! Please read this about when to bid: When to Bid on Priceline Don't take for granted that you can score an extra night for the same rate. There could be a "rate change" for the day after/before your date. also check the board for reported wins around your date in the zone(s) you want to stay in. Have you looked at HOTWIRE for your stay? Just post if you need any further help. Good luck. Henrik.
  16. evert - Welcome to BetterBidding! can you please list the amenities for the hotel at HOTWIRE. Henrik.
  17. kimn, could you please confirm the amenities. You have listed, Business Center Restaurants Business Center Hi-Speed Internet Access Should they be? Fitness Center Restaurants Business Center Hi-Speed Internet Access Henrik.
  18. newtravel - Welcome to BetterBidding! Here is some usefull reading for you: When to bid on priceline July 1st is a holiday in Canada. This is the first you look up if you're planing a holiday that includes Priceline or HOTWIRE. Since rates are higher in many cases. HOTWIRE got a 4* for $164, 3.5* $139, 3* $132, 2.5* $109. So it looks like your bidding don't cut it comparing with HOTWIRE rates. Half of the HOTWIRE rates don't do it. Please post if you have any additional questions. Good luck! Henrik.
  19. rv2843, I have to say that I think you made the correct desicion. In Japan hotels often got what they call "semi double rooms" It's a single room with 2 single beds. Maybe it's the same in Hong Kong. No hit if you're traveling with 2 kids. I looked at HOTWIRE for you but they don't serve Hong Kong. But I don't think it would be a bigger problem finding a nice hotel for decent money in Hong Kong. Please remember that the board got plenty of affiliate links found under support/travel links. Just post if you need any further help. Good luck! Henrik.
  20. hammondmail, the amenities is a match for Gaylord Opryland Resort & Conference Center, so that would be a good guess. Please use this HOTWIRE link if you decide to go for this hotel. Good luck and keep the board informed. Henrik.
  21. Started with using the savingsbarn.com link for Priceline. No love from Priceline 5* (Minato-ku - Shinagawa-ku) no hit at $101 4* (Shinjuku-ku - Ikebukuro) no hit at $91 Rack rates are low for reported places. $150/5* - $130/4* Henrik.
  22. Oboy, cool idea! One thing you can do to save money is to look up the diffrent car rental companies. I know some have "free ride" deals. That is to bring back "one way" rental cars to it's original location. You move the car for the company for free but you get a car without paying. I know Hertz have this program, but I'm sure there's others. Have fun! Henrik.
  23. rv2843, Priceline only guarantee a room for two adults. So it's your call... I think there is a big difference between North America and Asia. I can only speak for Japan but I found it much moore difficult to "deal". And reading old posts about asking for upgrades etc, it seems like some hotels are "set in stone" when it comes to PL rooms. Just like some USA hotels. I'm pretty sure you can get a hotel with a king and they will demand that you pay extra for a room that takes 4 people (if they have any). And if you question that will they only refer to PL rules. I also belive that the outcome is depending on what rating you bid at. But how "likley" you will succeed is impossible to say. Good luck and keep the board informed. Henrik.
  24. jennylen50, You're looking at 30 min+ driving from the airport to the parks with good conditions. The airport zone is no fun to stay in. There are so many places to stay at in Orlando so you can have more fun staying closer to the parks, resturants and shopping. I will help you look at HOTWIRE if you post the dates and the zone(s) you're willing to stay in. How big is your party? Henrik.
  25. John Smithy - Welcome to BetterBidding! if you're asking for help with a strategy so please post the zones you're willing to stay in, * rating for the hotel and max bid. Good luck! Henrik.
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