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  1. siilis, sorry, but I'm not getting this! In your previous post are you talking about MS in NY. Have you gotten a hotel allready in Secaucus? Or do you need help with ID for this 3* in Secaucus?? 1. If you already have gotten the Hotel so please post the name. 2. If you need help with ID so please post the amenities for the hotel in Secaucus. 3. If this stay is for the same dates as NY post so please keep all post in the same thread. Or close the NY post by telling the board what you ended up doing.
  2. calgal81 - Welcome to BetterBidding and congratulation!! Please read this link to start with: I've Never Used Priceline or Hotwire Like JETStender said. The board needs to know what zones you're willing to stay in. Star level at hotel and your nightly budget. Start with posting the required info. Henrik.
  3. craezie, A few things. 1. Please post your dates for the stay. 2. Don't use zones for your re-bidding if you're not a comfortable staying in them. You never know what prices the hotels have. 3. Your stay is end of Feb. No need to increase your bids with $10. Go slow in $5 steps and save your money if you don't know the prices in the zone. Time is on your side. 4. Please post the hotels within your budget you need ID help with. Or you want to go priceline first? 5. I think you're looking at approx $100 (give or take) for a 3* and around $70 for a 2.5* Henrik.
  4. daveritchey - Welcome to BetterBidding! Please read this link about when to bid: Priceline Bidding also post the zones you're comfortable to stay in. Henrik.
  5. Jack Thomas - Welcome To BetterBidding! Edinburgh got 3 zones when using Priceline. Where do you want to stay? And what * level are you ok with? Henrik.
  6. c669885, You're bidding under 50% at listed price and that is not realistic for the current rates. My guess would be around $90-$100 for the 1* and try around $125 for the resort. also take a look at HOTWIRE for your stay. Just post if you need any help. Henrik.
  7. Double_Downon11, can you please post your date(s) for your stay. Henrik
  8. Used the boards HOTWIRE link to book this hotel 3* Holiday Inn London - Regent's Park CARBURTON STREET London, W1W 5EE Amenities: Restaurant, Business Rack rate: $202 Sorry for the late post, but this confirms the boards listed amenities. This was a last second booking so I had no time to use priceline due to few zones to use. This hotel is listed in the Bloomsbury - Marble Arch zone. But it's right on the border to the Regents Park zone. It's 5 minute walk to the subway. The hotel is 3 stops from Paddington. I can only say that 3* for this hotel is an understatement, it's easy a HOTWIRE 4*. I will return in a heartbeat! Henrik.
  9. Started bidding with priceline savingsbarn.com link Resort Westin Diplomat Resort And Spa Hollywood 3555 South Ocean Drive Hollywood Beach, Florida 33019 Got it for $135 missed at $130. HOTWIRE price $156, rack rate $400. Please note! Ft Lauderdale is in heavy demand end of april. There is a boat show, the Charlestone ocean race, many cruises are leaving etc. Priceline and HOTWIRE has close to nothing to offer for this period. Nearly all beach places are sold out. If you need to be there so book now. Henrik.
  10. bente, no problem, the board can help you plan your stay. But your dates have to be firm and have your nightly maximum budget ready before we start. Your stay is 6+ months in the future and the hotel inventory will change many times. What you see at HOTWIRE in January might not be there in February and many times will the prices change. Are you ready to lock-in your hotel resarvations 6+ months in advance? Bought is bought at HOTWIRE and no changes can be done. A few things. 1. Orlando is not that "big". The difference in staying at LBV/DW zone and Universal/Sea World is many times only a few exits. Driving is very easy in Orlando and the attractions is pretty close to each other. I would say that it's better to stay at one hotel in a central location for your needs during the Orlando stay. 2. What other parts of Florida do you have in mind? 3. I will PM you some good links with information about Orlando and your Disney needs. It's very hard to advise when I know nothing about what you would like to do or see. There is many things to do, e.g. you can go to St.Petersburg and go on a pirate cruise for a few hours, there is Busch Gardens in Tampa with lots of animals and great roller coasters etc. And you should really do a Disney character breafast with your children. 4. This board is about hotel advice/help/ID etc so you can PM when it comes to attractions and touris things if you don't find what you're looking for with the links I will PM you. Think everything over and get back. Henrik.
  11. ladnick - Welcome to BetterBidding 1. You need to post your max budget for a 4* VS 5* 2. Post the zones your willing to stay in. 3. Are you ok with the 4* Westin, not right on the strip even if zone says central strip location?? Just post if you need any further help. Good luck! Henrik.
  12. Hello JNR. This is not going to happen in Universal/Sea World or DWV zone. I'm looking at the prices for your date and something is going on. Your only chance within your budget (per today) is a 3* in both zones. Is your minimum level 4* or you just trying to hit a fancy hotel?? A very nice place close to the Bob Carr Performing Arts Ctr is the 3* Crown Plaza Resort, $112 for your date. Please use boards Crown Plaza link, found under Travel Links support page, if you decide to go for that hotel. Just post if you need any further help. Good luck! Henrik.
  13. ilovetravel, a few things. 1. You would like a suite, so don't think about the cheaper value Disney hotels like All Star Sports, Pop Century etc. Rooms are small comapring to a suite. But this is what your budget allows when it comes to Disney hotels. 2. You will not get the Swan or Dolphin within your budget. And your best bet is to go with HOTWIRE to get them at all. The Swan and Dolphin are Hilton hotels with a great location. 3. The Doubletree Lake Buena Vista does show vacancy for you dates. Best rate I found is $123/night. Can you stretch your budget or cut down one night? Please use boards Doubletree support link if you decide to book directly with Doubletree. Link is found at support page. Henrik.
  14. ilovetravel, the Doubletree Lake Buena Vista is rare at Priceline. I wouldn't count on it. The problem is that there are some "regular" 3* hotels that load lower rates at Priceline. But it shows from time to time at HOTWIRE. Same goes for the Swan and Dolphin. But there are many other hotels that got transportation to the parks also. You are saying "kids", you know that you can end up with only a king or queen bed when using Priceline. Now, Orlando is a family destination but the chance is there. But if you want a suite is HOTWIRE the way to go. Henrik.
  15. bente, there might be some options for this stay. There is also a 3* hotel at HOTWIRE in Lake Buena Vista - Downtown Disney. zone at $62/night (look for the Resort and Kitchenette icons). This is a match for the Holiday Inn Sunspree Resort. Looks like a nice place for children with good reviews. I think it's going to get tough to get something from the "Resort level" with in your max budget. This is a very busy time in orlando. And many times do you have an additional resort fee around $15/night at the resort level. Is Lake Buena Vista/Downtown Disney the only zone you want to stay in? Just post in you need any further help. Henrik.
  16. It's not that bad. The hotel just don't bother about details. Ask for an upgrade when you arrive. They usally charge $10/night most of the times to move you from the "Priceline wing". Yes, they charge a resort fee but the busses to the parks are included in the fee. Have fun with Mickey! Henrik.
  17. kinkid - Welcome to BetterBidding! The Hyatt site shows sold out for your dates! Do you have a back-up? Alternate plans? Good luck! Henrik.
  18. Not the Universal hotel. I can't speak for the Convention Center. Call the hotel and ask. Henrik.
  19. fawaz, the Marriott Grand Lakes is rare at priceline. And hardley seen at HOTWIRE. The Hilton is like said no Marriott Grand Lakes and not a fancy resort. But great value at $60. No parking or resort fee and a nice location with a 5 minute walk to Downtown Disney. Henrik.
  20. Sandy208. Welcome To BetterBidding! The 3-star hotel in SeaWorld - I-drive South Area is a match for Hyatt Place Convention Center. The 3-star hotel in Universal Orlando - I-drive North Area is a match for Hyatt Place Universal. Do you want to stay in the Universal area and spend some more money? There is a 3.5* hotel at $59. This is a match for the Crown Plaza. This is a very nice hotel. There is nothing wrong with the Hyatt Place Universal. I just stayed there recently and it's good value for the money. Please use this HOTWIRE link if you decide to book any of the hotels. Just post if you need any further help in diffrent zones. There are some great deals out there when you're going. Have fun! Henrik.
  21. Laura, Please keep all posts in the same thread since it's the same date. A good guess for this place would be the Extended Stay America Fort Lauderdale. If you decide to book the hotel so please use this HOTWIRE link. Henrik.
  22. Laura, The Sheraton In Dania is $159 for your date and it's a pre-cruise date. The $55 wins is no reference for your date. why don't try your max bid and see whats happen. A $80 hit will be tough for your date at 3* airport. Take a look at the prices for 2.5* and 3* listed hotels for downtown to get a feeling what you're bidding against Good luck! Henrik.
  23. This is the info I have so far. It looks like there are "two parts" of this conference (NAB Show). I guess this is a radio/TV + releated conference. Conferences: April 11-17 Exhibits: April 14-17 (Convention Center) Las Vegas Hilton April 14-16 I have not found any info for April 11-13 activity. I found the Show Housing Office for hotel resarvations. There is 30 hotels on the list, all the PL 4*(+) are there and a few PL 3* (PL 3* are expensive at the moment comparing to 4*) The deadline for all cancellations and changes made with the Show Housing Office is March 7. But I don't find the last date for show rates resarvations. I will mail the office and ask. But maybe March 7 also is the deadline for special rates. I know about the location for Orleans and Gold Coast. But I'm ok with that. I have been to LV before but it was 10+ years ago. The diffrence in price (per today) for the strip will more than well cover the few rides with taxi. And I have a rental since we arrive to LAX and we will leave to Florida from LAX. Correct dates are Check-In 4/15 - Check-Out 4/21. Thanx for the help! Henrik.
  24. Happy to say that I used boards Delta link for 2 overseas ticket. It's not often the US sites are cheaper for me. Please remember to use boards support page links for all your travel needs! Henrik.
  25. Well, it's me and GF + 140.000 vistors :) for a major event when I'm there. Some friends to us are getting married in LV 4/17. We decided to go and make combo and go to Florida after the wedding. and I started some investigations for the dates in LV. I found out that there is a major event (140.000 vistors expected) and prices are high for 4*/5*. 1. I don't care about any fancy place (we will only be there a few days). I'm fine with 3* Orleans or Gold Coast. Rack rates are around $70-$80/night when using boards support links. 2. Our friends need 4 rooms and are looking at Luxour, Excalibur or similar. Avarage rate comes to aprox $170/night staying seven days when using boards links. Qusestion. Is it worth taking the time to find out if any block resarvations are made and the dealines for the diffrent hotels?? I understand that this is a big event. But I don't now how big or what the effects will be at the opaque side since I don't know the town so well. Will the town be booked solid due to many visitors? I understand that this is hard to answer or predict. But I'm hoping some "regular" knows about effects from big events. I told my friends that we could do backup's and go last second bidding. But I'm afried they will be disappointed and I need 4 rooms at same place for 7 days. And splitting the stay is not an option. Thanx in advance! Henrik.
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