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  1. TravelFish - Welcome to BetterBidding! A few things to help you decide. 1. Priceline zones for the strip is North and South. The "Central Strip" is a HOTWIRE zone. I guess you just mixed up the zones. 2. Hotters is a 3* in the South zone and TheHotel at Mandaly Bay is a 5* in the South zone. Technicaly can you get an upgrade when bidding at a 4* to a 5* in the South zone (or any zone or * level). I can't say how likley this is for LV. 3. Tropicana has never been reported as a Priceline win. But looking at the current Priceline map for the South zone is this the zone for the Tropicana. But hotels, ratings and zones change all the time at Priceline and HOTWIRE. So I guess you're stuck with the North Strip if using Priceline. But the end of North zone if bidding 3* is a step from Bally's location. Reported 4* and 5* are in favor for this zone. Look at the priceline map and decide. Just post if you have further questions. Henrik. PS. Please use boards support page when booking directly or doing a back-up.
  2. vin1215, Is it the area (Universal or Main Gate) or the price at the hotel the biggest issue for you? 3* Disney Main Gate - Champions Gate. Is a match for the Holiday Inn Maingate East. 3* Universal. Can't get a clean match for this but an educated guess would be the Clarion Universal. An option would be the Holiday Inn Universal but not likley with a rate at $36. This rate is common for the Clarion and the hotel is a "regular" for this zone. 3.5* Disney Main Gate - Champions Gate. I belive you have left out some amenities for this hotel. Do a new search, do you see the Resort and tennis icons also? Henrik.
  3. kinikanik - Welcome to BetterBidding! Can you please post your date(s) for your stay. Henrik.
  4. kajuntraveller, I can't answer your question about the location. My best advice is that you look at the Priceline and HOTWIRE zone maps to start with. Maybe some other member can assist you with best zone location for your needs. Many times can you get better prices at Priceline. But some travelers like the option to see the amenities for the hotels at HOTWIRE before they book it. And the board will try to help you ID the hotel. Do a search for your date at priceline and HOTWIRE to get a clue about current prices. Henrik.
  5. ECM100 - Welcome to BetterBidding! I found this post about Mont Tremblant. also take a look at HOTWIRE for you stay. Please post your dates if you need any help from the board. Henrik.
  6. torgeron77 - Welcome to BetterBidding! You will find some information about the Pricelines zones in the post NYC Zones Start with looking at that. Then post back what zones you're comfortable with staying in, your nightly budget and dates for your stay. Just post if you have any additional questions. Henrik.
  7. CruzinRob - Welcome to Betterbidding! Please post the amenities for the HOTWIRE hotels you need an ID at. Henrik.
  8. Kevin_M, best rate at the Harbor Beach Marriott Resort is $519/night. I don't think $300 will cut it here. This resort is allways expensive and hard to get. We have only seen reported wins when time are slow in Fort Lauderdale. Westin in Hollywood shows sold out for your dates. The Crown Plaza Resort in Hollywood can be booked for $215. Please use boards Crown Plaza link found in the support page. Where do you have a back-up?? Is a resort your only option? Henrik.
  9. Sent you a new one. if you don't get post here. Henrik.
  10. smargarita, best rate at Marriott Harbor Beach is $429 pre paid, and next level is $489. Yes, $175 now feels very low :) This resort is not only hard to get it's allways expensive also. What is your maximum budget/night and what areas in Fort Lauderdale are you OK with? Henrik.
  11. Priceline star level change. Las Vegas (Strip North) 3* Sahara is now rated 2.5* (VP 4/16-19-08)
  12. scrub - Welcome to BetterBidding. Please post your date(s) for you stay and the amenities for the hotels you need an ID at. Henrik
  13. eptraveller, there is a match for the Radisson Celebration. Please use this HOTWIRE link if you decide to go for this. Have fun! Henrik.
  14. ncalcara - Welcome to BetterBidding! There is a match for the Holiday Inn SunSpree Resort. The hotel WWW should have info about the resort fee. But it's no "big" money. If you decide to book the hotel so please use this HOTWIRE link Have fun with Mickey! Henrik.
  15. smargarita - Welcome to BetterBidding! The Hyatt indicates sold out for your dates. Is there any reason to why you want to stay in this part of Fort Lauderdale? It's a pretty good walk from the beach and restaurants at the A1A strip. I don't think your bid at $175 is ridiculously low. But I belive that it takes more for a resort with the current prices. Would you consider a 3* hotel by the beach as an option for your stay? Henrik.
  16. shylita, I doubt $100 will cut it for the "regular" 4* with current rates. You dates indicate wednesday-friday stay. But you're talking about a weekend stay in your post? Is it a holiday in the USA? Henrik.
  17. Megg33k, some info about the Orlando hotels. Rates are high for your dates. I don't know what's going on in Orlando. I know that your dates are same as Orlando Health & Fitness Show. But I don't know how big this is. Best rate for the JW Marriott Grand Lakes is $339/night. And the JW is very rare at Priceline and you never see this hotel at HOTWIRE. Boards GTA Hotels sometimes got nice deals for JW and Ritz Carlton. But if your max is $120 is this unlikley with current rates. The Swan and Dolphin are also rare at Priceline. Have not been reported for a very long time. But things can change fast at Priceline. Hilton is not that bad. But it's the lesser resort in Orlando. Most of the times you see Hilton at Priceline wins is when the rack rate is $120 and under. But dont take this for granted. Rates for the "regular" resorts like Gaylord Palms and Omni is around $300. Hilton is currentley the best priced resort for your dates. The reported 4* in Universal/SW zone is better hotels. You should not overlook the 4* in Universal/SW zone. Both the Peabody (gotta love the ducks!) and Renaissance are great hotels. The pool area at Renaissance is so nice. And this star level is your best chance with the current prices. I did a search at HOTWIRE for your dates but there is nothing for the moment. And I also would take the reviews with a grain of salt, especially the TA ones. Good luck! Henrik.
  18. Used BB's HOTWIRE link for this stay Crowne Plaza Hotel Melbourne-Oceanfront 3.5* 2605 N. Hwy. A1A Melbourne, Florida 32903 Amenities: Beachfront, Shuttle, Restaurant, Pool, Fitness, Hi-Speed Internet, Business, (Don't show landry like boards list) Best rate at CP is $170. This weekend is graduation weekend in Orlando. Avoid the Disney parks if you're traveling this dates. Universal/IOA is closed to the public. Henrik.
  19. moonrises - Welcome to betterbidding! Well, all your questions are very important. Maybe we have some member that got the knowledge about this. But I really think you should speak to an airline company. I'm pretty sure they have all the answers you need. About best deals for tickets. Look at the boards Support/Travel Links support page. You will find plenty of search options there. I hope everythings works out for you and your friend. Henrik.
  20. sag42 - Welcome to BetterBidding! Prices you see at HOTWIRE are firm and are based on demand for the areas hotel. Most of the times can you get better prices at priceline. But some travelers like the option to see the amenities for the hotels before they book it. And in many cases is the board helping out with ID of the hotel. You need to post your date(s) for your stay. also post your nighly budget for a 4* so the board can have a look. Henrik.
  21. WaltPA, you have things mixed up here. The 3* rooms you're talking about is the club Floor rooms. There is atleast $50 difference to standard rooms and club floor at this hotel. And it's unlikley that you get the club floor at this hotel. You can be lucky to get upgraded when it's slow times at a hotel or if you have a member chard for the chain you stay at. Many hotels got standard rooms and executive/club floor/De luxe rooms etc. Priceline rooms are allways the standard rooms. It's up to the hotel to upgrade you when you arrive. And it was a stupid comet the clerk gave you at C/I Yes, you bid at a 3* room and you got it. You did not bid at the best rooms at the hotel. I do feel sorry for you that you're unhappy. But I have to say that this hotel is a solid 3* comparing to many other 3* hotels in Orlando. Sure, you made a rookie misstake, but we all have done that. But you saved $30/night :) Feel free to come back to the board when it's time for your next stay. And the board will try to help you to get the best deal. Cheers! Henrik.
  22. clinpharmd04 - Welcome to BetterBidding! Can you please post the amenities for the HOTWIRE hotels you need an ID at Henrik.
  23. esj - Welcome to Betterbidding! If you go back to HOTWIRE and click at the link "See hotel details" do you see any more amenities? Do you see a "smoke free" icon also?? Henrik.
  24. garuda, I stayed at the Holiday Inn London - Regent's Park 3 weeks ago. I paid $84 last second booking at HOTWIRE. I can only say that is the best hotel I have stayed at in London for this amount of money. So I would say $64 is a bargin for this hotel. You have less then 5 minutes to the subway. 3 stops from Paddington that is a great area for pubs and restaurants. You're very close to Kings Cross also. The area is like blindman said not so lively, but you're close to everything. I have not stayed at the Holiday Inn Kensington Forum. But it was reported as a Priceline win the other day. The strange thing is that Priceline grade this hotel 4* and it's "only" 3.5* at HOTWIRE. Please use boards HOTWIRE link if you decide to book this way. But let the board know what you decide to do. Have a nice trip! Henrik.
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