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  1. $ 5 bidding increments scored a 4* in downtown Seattle. Some of the reviews kept me from going the 3* route on Priceline - and no attractive 3.5* options were available on Hotwire. I think this turned out great. Thanks for your help, thereuare - and good luck to everyone else!

    This completes my search for accomodations for a Memorial Day Weekend train trip from Portland, OR to Vancouver, BC. Now to start filling in the rest of the blanks =o)

    I'd like to check out the new additions to the Seattle Library and Art Museum. Does anyone know of a good play or show the evenening of the 29th? Thereuare - I'll certainly check out your happy hour suggestion!



  2. Continued down the same path;

    $95 added Airport (was offered a chance to rebid without changes for add'll $22, and refused)

    $100 adding Bothell for a victory

    4* Seattle Sheraton Hotel for the 27th.

    I never really felt Hotwire was offering a 4* for less than $100. Also realized I couldn't turn back to a 3* without waiting the 72 hours, as I'd already bid on other zones containing 3* hotels. Now - I'm still looking for the 29th in Seattle. Keep ya'all posted!



  3. Seeing Venetian on Orbitz for 229.50, and also on Hotwire (based on amenities) for $256. Thinking this is a wonderful opportunity for a DD guarantee? But is $203/nite still too much to pay, assuming a successful DD refund?

    Paul :)



  4. Thereuare,

    You suggest the Mirage 4.5* @ $124, which is excellent value - THANKS! Before I go ahead and book the Mirage (which ironically by definition is something illusory and unattainable), would like to open discussion on the DD price guarantee that Hotwire offers.

    Hotwire is posting a 4.5* for $136/nite. Logic says this is MGM (115: 140/90 on Orbitz) or Caesars (155: 110/200 on Orbitz).

    Hotwire is posting a 4* for $124/nite. Logic says this is TI (104: 109/99 on Orbitz) or NYNY (120: 130/111 on Orbitz). [i think I read that someone actually got the TI and a nice discount recently?]

    Would there be a preferred strategy here with respect to the Double the Difference price guarantee that Hotwire offers? Do the hotwire prices sort of "give away" wich hotel is behind the price (ie; Caesar & NYNY wich are less favorable discounts). Anything here eye catching? Seems only the TI at $104 is any real money saver - but you seem to give that one the thumbs down for some reason. Why? Is the Mirage the place to be?

    ALSO: is all hope lost for everyone's favorite - the V ?


    Paul :)

  5. Greetings Bidders!

    Wanted to create this opportunity to discuss bidding for these midweek dates [5* +/- Las Vegas Strip May 18 - May 20]. So far lady luck has played no role in providing deluxe accommodations for next-to-nothing prices ..... but hand me the dice one more time, cause I'm feelin' lucky!

    Here's my story - sad as it may be - I've got my free airfare and off-strip 1* hotel for two, courtesy of one of those timeshare seminars. So now it's time to build a better vacation, starting with the room. I'm staying midweek, which works in my favor - but there's a Geriatrics Convention (2,750) at the Venetian on all of these particular days. My 5* bidding attempts have been upwards of $135/nite. The odds are not in my favor.... gasp!

    Bally's site is offering $109/$99 for those days (not their rock bottom $69). And I'm sure other fine casinos are in that same price range. I believe that Priceline was offering the Venetian for $249 as a second chance, and other similarly ranked hot-spots for just as much.

    But before buckling under pressure, and accepting my losses - I wanted to reach out to the masses and see what you-all are finding out there in the desert for these dates.

    note: Seen 'O' and 'Mystere' before. Planning to take in "O" or "Zumanity" this time, but seems only the nosebleed seats are available at this late date (for 'O'). Other show suggestions warmly welcomed. Wish Seinfeld or Elton were in town these dates! Would love to stay at the Bellagio, Venetian, Mirage, Treasure Island, etc... In the past, I've stayed at the Flamingo, and the Excalibur. Both OK - but really looking to find something better.

    also: this forum is divided between priceline and hotwire - since my bidding has been on priceline, i've opened this post here - but would like to have information for both.

    Thanks, all!

    Paul :)

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